Paul Thompson

prismtheturtle  asked:

(A pack of cigars is given to the Red bandit along with a letter) Dear mister Red Bandit, the four of us would like to join your crew, we would also like to help you with your current situation. The middle cigar in the pack has the key to your cell in it. -the Brigands

thompson: my jail not hospitable enough for you folks?

red bandit: eat shit, coward.


“Dear Evan Hansen”

Book by Steven Levenson; Music and Lyrics By Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Music Box Theatre, 2016

Starring Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss, Rachel Bay Jones, Jennifer Laura Thompson, Mike Faist, Michael Park, Will Roland, Kristolyn Lloyd, Michael Lee Brown, Garrett Long, Olivia Puckett, Colton Ryan, & Asa Somers

War on Everyone US release date - January 5, 2017*

from DelishSkarsgard: This hasn’t been officially confirmed, but a little bird told us the US release of the much anticipated film War on Everyone starring Alexander Skarsgård and Michael Peña will be on January 5, 2017. That’s the great news! The bad news is our source doesn’t think it will get a theatrical release, so no big screen! Mostly likely it will just go to VOD/Digital HD.