Paul Thompson


The Australian Garden (2005-2012) by Taylor Cullity Lethlean in collaboration with Paul Thompson, Edwina Kearney, Mark Stoner, Greg Clarke and Mish Eisen

Client: Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne
Engineering: Meinhardt
Cost Planning: DCWC
Soil Consultants: Robert van de Graaff
Lighting: Barry Webb and Associates
Irrigation: Irrigation Design Consultants
Water: Waterforms International
Photographed by John Gollings, Ben Wrigley, and Peter Hyatt

Location: Cranbourne, Melbourne, Australia

This garden builds on established design principles, construction practices, and community recreation patterns, while addressing contemporary environmental and cultural issues to bring a new type of garden experience to visitors.

The garden seeks to create an environment in which specific qualities of flora are highlighted in a manner that will inspire visitors to further explore Australian plants. A common theme through the garden design is the exploration and expression of the evolving relationship between the Australian people and our landscape and flora.

Water is the mediating element between these natural and human derived gardens. 

The garden highlights the tension between the natural landscape and our human impulse to steadily change it. This tension is not eliminated; rather it is the driving creative impulse for exploration, expression and interpretation of the landscape and its flora.