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Autumn Inspiration from Paul Stuart

I enjoyed flipping through the Fall 2014 catalog that came in the mail this past weekend from Paul Stuart, the venerable New York-based clothing brand. Working with the Smithsonian Institution, the company juxtaposed many of the lookbook’s shots with paintings from the National Portrait Gallery, with striking results.

Paul Stuart’s menswear best distinguishes itself from other storied American brands through its embrace of color, with the company’s catalogs assembling bold and sometimes unexpected combinations that still somehow harmonize. To be honest, in the past I’ve often found it a bit brash and over the top for my tastes.

But I really like what’s in this Fall’s catalog—and not just in the ensembles that stick to a safe blue, grey, and brown palette. And while I appreciate the green Loden coat and the brightly-accessorized tweed suit, when looking for inspiration over the next months I’ll likely return most often to the quilted jackets, textured sweaters, and colorful cords of the more casual outfits.

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Paul Stuart Custom Autumn/Winter 2012

The rustle of fallen leaves and the subtlest scent of wood smoke; dwindling days and evening’s ever-earlier descent signal a decided change of tone, a note, perhaps of magic and mystery in the air. Autumn Noir, anyone?

Now picture a dazzling assortment of fine tweeds, hearty worsteds and elegant English flannels. Add our impeccably realized tailoring, a sure and certain touch vis-à-vis color and cut and, naturally, a measure of peerless personal elegance.

And, for the sheer-and sophisticated-drama of it all, you’ll want to remember that the holidays are just around the corner…

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