Paul Stratford

Ralph 124C 41+. A Romance of the Year 2660. Hugo Gernsback. Illustrated with 11 plates by Frank R. Paul. Boston: The Stratford Company, 1925. First edition. Original dust jacket.

By the year 2660, science has transformed and conquered the world, rescuing humanity from itself. Spectacular inventions from the farthest reaches of space and deep beneath the earth are available to meet every need, providing antidotes to individual troubles and social ills.

Man Punches And Pushes His Son's Head Teacher In Row Over Suspension

This is Paul Stratford, 31, from Swindon, England.

He was found guilty of common assault and sentenced to nine months in prison after an assault on the female head teacher of his son’s primary school.

Stratford’s son was suspended by Mrs McCormick, the head teacher, for poor behaviour. Stratford then went to the school with his son and punched and forcefully pushed Mrs McCormick in front of staff in the foyer of the school.

Paul Stratford CHOSE to assault Mrs McCormick and did so in front of his own son. This is teaching his son that it is acceptable behaviour for an adult male to use violence against an adult female.