Paul Kelly

Swans, Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman On Epic MOFO 2015 Line-Up

amandapalmer and neil-gaiman at the same dang festival? Do you understand how exciting this news is? DO YOU?!

Actually, the entire line-up is pretty mind-blowing. Get across the full list here.

It Seems Like There is Hope in the World. 

These are the current results of the Time Person of the Year polling. They have two types of polls, one where you select if you want a specific person to be Person of the Year and a head to head poll. 

The results above are promising, I would be happy if just about any of the above were the Time Person of the Year.

Here are some of the Highlights of the Head to Head poll’s. 

This one was a difficult choice for me when I voted. How do you decide between these two?

Viola Davis totally deserves to win this head to head. Being the highest paid actress does not trump being the first black woman woman to win the Best Actress in a Drama Emmy. This should not be nearly as close as it is. 

This was another hard one. Both are POC who are currently dominating traditionally white art forms. Misty Copeland is the first black ballerina accepted into American Ballet Theater. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and stars in the Broadway Show Hamilton. 

This one isn’t a tough choice by any means. Carly “We have to keep it alive to harvest its brain” Fiorina v. Cecile Richard President of Planned Parenthood. 

There could not be any head to head that epitomizes “pick the lesser of two evils” more than this.

I stand corrected. 

This gives me faith in humanity. The Supreme Court Justice that wrote the opinion that made Same-Sex marriage legal nationwide v. the bigot that tried to not do their job because of that ruling. 

Another no brainer. 

And finally,


“Patrick romanced his dreams and made them come true by landing in Paris the city of lights; and bringing his deep rooted culture to bloom there, in that city that embraced him and his joie de vivre while wearing his buttons, bows, overalls and tuxedo beyond chic, a loving spirit in the dark.” ~ Pat Cleveland

Photo by Paul Van Ravenstein