“I’m proud of him. And he’s one of those people that doesn’t… He’s not going to be proud of himself so I’m extra proud of him, you know what I mean? Doesn’t brag about things. He just works really hard and believes himself, which is really cool. It’s a good dad for your kids.” -Kaitlin Olson about her husband Rob McElhenney

Ok, so, I was watching the promo for the next “DuckTales” episode and I couldn’t help but wonder…

… why does Gladstone’s voice sound so familiar?

And sure enough, after looking it up on IMDb, i found out that Gladstone is played by the same voice actor as….


Mr. Peanutbutter from Bojack Horseman.

How perfect. How absolutely perfect!!


“Dang Dang Dang You Know” from Off Book: the new Improvised Musical Podcast