Paul Ciancia


on November 1, 2013, 23 yr old Paul Ciancia entered Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport, carrying a bag filled with a semiautomatic M&P-15 rifle, five 30-round magazines, and hundreds of extra rounds of ammunition. Ciancia walked to a TSA checkpoint, took the rifle out of his bag, and opened fire, shooting TSA Officer Gerardo Hernandez in the chest at point-blank range. according to witnesses, Ciancia walked around the airport asking people if they were TSA agents, leaving them unharmed when they said they were not. Ciancia went on to non-fatally wound 3 more before being shot 4 times by LAX police. Ciancia survived his injuries.

after being apprehended, a note was found on Ciancia’s person that mentioned “fiat currency” and “NWO”, likely a reference to the New World Order conspiracy theory. on September 1, 2016, Ciancia agreed to plead guilty in exchange for what will almost definitely be a life sentence.


A blood-drenched Paul Ciancia lay stunned on the floor of LAX, critically wounded after heroic airport cops blasted him in the face to halt his deadly march Friday through Terminal 3 that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and six other people wounded.

So, um, who is the other guy being detained?

Why did reports say the shooter was wearing fatigues?  Those are light-colored jeans, a belt, and a striped dress shirt he has on.  Something weird about this.

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The Many Faces of Paul Ciancia - The Los Angeles Airport Shooting Hoax of 2013

Quoted from the video description:

“The most recent in a seemingly unending stretch of fake terrorist attacks in the US, the TSA-LAX drill-shooting has also been among the quickest to fall apart. 

This film examines the role of the Crisis Actor cast for this drama, Paul A. Ciancia. Unfortunately, the identity they selected for this young actor, is stolen from a real 52 year old man living in the USA. Who the Crisis Actor is in real life, we cannot know yet.

The silent repeal of laws against internal propaganda in the uSA (via the infamous NDAA bill), has been put to use early and often by criminals infesting our government. The result has been a tumultuous cascade of fake violence, meant to steeer public opinion. The end result, however, has been quite different. Great masses of people are instead becoming more sophisticated and aware than ever, of this sort of media chicanery.

Only a few weeks ago, an employee of the TSA was discovered planting "Bottle Bombs” in restricted areas of an airport. Now, we see that this was only a portent of greater TSA plans unfolding.“