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Each week, the TSA throws up a blog post informing the public of weapons confiscated by agents at checkpoints. This week, the agency said 29 firearms were confiscated in the past week alone. Just two were unloaded; nine had a round in the chamber.

The post takes on extra significance this week, as the agency lost one of its own in the line of duty, as he was shot to death at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Suspect Paul Ciancia, who is currently in custody after being wounded by police, is reported to have held anti-government views based on a statement he was carrying with him, and some witnesses suggested that the 23-year-old was only going after TSA agents.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been comfortable with the TSA, and their security policies are probably something of an overcorrection to a degree. But the TSA does have value, even if it does feel like it’s just for show 80 percent of the time, or it does feel overly invasive for what it is. Even if we don’t like their methods, we have to learn to either make peace with them or to find constructive ways to change them.

Our trust in the government has been shaken this year (google “Edward Snowden” if you don’t believe me), but there are clearly better ways to handle this than the route Ciancia appears to have chosen. It’s too bad that we have those actions as an example of what not to do. Our anger as a culture has plenty of room to simmer; there’s no need for it to boil. — Ernie @ SFB

Based on available information, Ciancia’s alleged actions amount to a textbook case of “terrorism” according to the US government’s own definitions. But for some reason neither media nor officials are describing it that way.

It is instructive to look at how the US defines “terrorism” and compare the reaction to the LAX shooting to the aftermath of last April’s Boston Marathon bombing.

While the incident received major news coverage, there has been no national panic on the scale that followed the 15 April Boston Marathon bombing.

Recall that after that attack, media and officials all rushed to declare the incident a “terrorist” attack.

President Barack Obama, after initially hesitating, described the Boston bombing as an “act of terrorism” the very next day even before the identities of the suspects were known.

With the “terrorism” panic in full force, the city of Boston was placed under an unprecedented curfew – effectively martial law – with thousands of police scouring the streets and invading people’s homes as the search for the suspects went on.

After 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured by police, Obama made astatement declaring: “We will investigate any associations that these terrorists may have had. And we’ll continue to do whatever we have to do to keep our people safe.”

He followed up with a video address to the nation, declaring that “an act of terror wounded dozens and killed three people at the Boston Marathon.”

Members of Congress demanded publicly that the surviving Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, be treated as an “enemy combatant.”

Weekend News Read 2 November 2013.

(Screencap of the 2013 World Series trophy at the finish line of the Boston Marathon via the Boston Globe)

Number of Google results for “Paul Ciancia” and “loner”: 5,210,000

Sample quotes from top hits:

Number of Google results for “Paul Ciancia” and “terrorist”: 620,000

Sample quotes from top hits (I’m including these to show that nobody actually refers to him as a terrorist):

Raise your hand if you think a non-white guy could shoot at TSA officers in an airport in an anti-government rage and still get profiled as a quiet, troubled loner instead of as a terrorist.

Oh, that’s right. That would never happen.

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The Many Faces of Paul Ciancia - The Los Angeles Airport Shooting Hoax of 2013

Quoted from the video description:

“The most recent in a seemingly unending stretch of fake terrorist attacks in the US, the TSA-LAX drill-shooting has also been among the quickest to fall apart. 

This film examines the role of the Crisis Actor cast for this drama, Paul A. Ciancia. Unfortunately, the identity they selected for this young actor, is stolen from a real 52 year old man living in the USA. Who the Crisis Actor is in real life, we cannot know yet.

The silent repeal of laws against internal propaganda in the uSA (via the infamous NDAA bill), has been put to use early and often by criminals infesting our government. The result has been a tumultuous cascade of fake violence, meant to steeer public opinion. The end result, however, has been quite different. Great masses of people are instead becoming more sophisticated and aware than ever, of this sort of media chicanery.

Only a few weeks ago, an employee of the TSA was discovered planting "Bottle Bombs” in restricted areas of an airport. Now, we see that this was only a portent of greater TSA plans unfolding.“


A blood-drenched Paul Ciancia lay stunned on the floor of LAX, critically wounded after heroic airport cops blasted him in the face to halt his deadly march Friday through Terminal 3 that left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead and six other people wounded.

So, um, who is the other guy being detained?

Why did reports say the shooter was wearing fatigues?  Those are light-colored jeans, a belt, and a striped dress shirt he has on.  Something weird about this.

Weekend News Read 3 November 2013.

He made it as far as the end of the terminal in the food court, where LAX police officers cornered the suspect around five minutes after the shooting began, and engaged him in a gunfight. Ciancia was wounded four times by gunshots and captured before being transported via ambulance to a nearby trauma hospital.[7][1]Hernandez laid wounded about 20 feet near an exit without medical attention due to the fact that police were unsure over whether or not the terminal was safe for paramedics to enter. For 33 minutes, he bled out from his gunshot wounds before being put in a wheelchair and escorted out of the terminal. He was eventually declared dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.[1]


LAX gunfire came while officers were on breaks

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An affidavit in support of a search warrant request for a smartphone believed to belong to LAX shooting suspect Paul Ciancia appears to solve one mystery of the attack…

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LOS ANGELES – The shooter who turned Los Angeles International Airport into a temporarily war zone on Friday, acted alone according to LAPD. Los Angeles police officer with guard dog. Insert: Paul Ciancia, the shooter. Photo Credit: BPress[/caption] 23 year old Paul Ciancia went on a…

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