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George Harrison in the snow, Friar Park - photographed by Pattie Boyd (images courtesy of Pattie’s official website)

Q: What do you think George got from meditation initially?“

Pattie Boyd: "Well, George was always a reluctant famous person, and I think when he went to India and understood a little bit about Indian philosophy and spirituality, I think he thought he might be able to find out why he was chosen to be famous. It was always confusing to him, a boy from Liverpool being able to play the guitar, suddenly, well not suddenly, but quite quickly becoming world famous. It was difficult to come to terms with that for him, and he thought there could possibly be an answer, and if it was going to be anywhere, it was going to be in the East.” - Pattie Boyd interviewed by Andy Davis and Pete Nash for the British Beatles Fan Club


A collection of six unpublished personal colour photographs (colour faded), printed October 1967 but probably taken by George and Pattie Harrison during their first trip to India in September-October 1966, including a fish-eye self-portrait of George on a beach, George with two Indian friends on a beach, two shots of Patti against a backdrop of trees, George stopping on a footpath in the mountains, and George and Patti with Ravi Shankar and friends sitting on stone steps among ancient ruins; accompanied by a document concerning the provenance

After meeting Ravi Shankar in London in June 1966, George and his wife Patti travelled to India in September 1966 so that George could study the sitar under Shankar. They stayed at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel under assumed names before travelling all over, including to Kashmir and Benares. George later said of the trip …it was the first feeling I’d ever had of being liberated from being a Beatle or a number.