Patsy Ramsey

The Infamous Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

Who was JonBenét Ramsey?

  • JonBenét Ramsey was a six year old girl living in Boulder, Colorado when she was murdered in her home on December 26th, 1996. 
  • Her murder is one of the most widely known cases in the history of true crime because of the mystery surrounding her death. 
  • To this day, the murder of JonBenét Ramsey remains an unsolved case. 

How did JonBenét die?

  • JonBenét cause of death was determined to be asphyxiation by strangulation. Meaning that JonBenét died as a result of her brain being deprived of oxygen for a prolonged amount of time. JonBenét was strangled to death in the basement of her house.
  • Another possible cause of her death is subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage cause by a traumatic brain injury. A subarachnoid hemorrhage is a type of stroke that occurs when there is bleeding around the brain. In JonBenét’s case, it was caused by the head injuries she had, causing blood to pool within her brain. A subdural hemorrhage occurs as a result of the pressure that is left when blood is surrounding the brain. It is well debated on whether she was killed by her brain injuries or strangulation.

The main evidence:

A three page random note was found at the scene asking for $118,000 dollars in exchange for returning JonBenét Ramsey home unharmed. 

The weapon used to strangle JonBenét was an unidentified piece of string attached tied around the handle of a paintbrush found in JonBenét’s home. 

JonBenét was murdered in the room pictured above. As investigators looked around the room, they noticed a broken windowshards of glass still on the floor. A suitcase was pushed up against the wall underneath the window. John Ramsey, the father of JonBenét said that the window had been broken the summer before JonBenét’s murder and they had yet to fix it. 

  • Among JonBenét’s stomach contents, pieces of undigested pineapple were found. Pictured above is a bowl of half eaten pineapple and milk found on the table in the Ramsey house. 
  • On average, it takes approximately 30-45 minutes for fruit to be digested, meaning that JonBenét would have been killed within that time frame after eating the pineapple. 
  • Patsy Ramsey claims to have no knowledge of JonBenét eating pineapple that night. 
  • Interestingly enough, the pineapple and milk may be a clue as to premeditation of JonBenét’s murder. It is commonly thought that pineapple and milk should not be eaten together because it will be a toxic combination that results in death. This has been proven to be false, as the combination has been shown to cause only an upset stomach. Though the possibility that somebody fed JonBenét the pineapple and milk in an effort to poison her because they thought the two ingredients were a toxic combination, is a plausible theory. 

JonBenét‘s possible sexual abuse:

  • JonBenét‘s autopsy report had several pieces of evidence that point towards sexual abuse.
  • Dry blood was found on the exterior of JonBenét’s vagina and on her underwear.
  • A 1 cm hymenal abrasion found on the interior of JonBenét’s vaginal canal. Hymenal injury is very common in victims of sexual assault.
  • JonBenét exhibited hypermia along the right side of her vaginal wall. A hypermia is an excess of blood collecting in a part of the body. Hypermia is very common in victims of sexual assult as a result of being penetrated by something.

Who killed JonBenét Ramsey?

There are many theories as to who killed JonBenét below I will discuss the most compelling ones. 

Patsy Ramsey - JonBenét’s mother. 

  • Many theorists speculate that it was JonBenét’s mother was the one who killed her. 
  • The writing in the ransom note showed striking similarities when compared to Patsy’s handwriting.
  • Patsy was the one who discovered the “ransom” note and made the 911 call to the police.
  • Fibres matching those from Patsy was wearing the night of her daughter’s murder were found on the paintbrush caddy that help the broken brush that was used as an aid to strangle JonBenét.
  • The same fibres were also found in the blanket used to wrap JonBenét’s body, on the duct tape used to cover JonBenét mouth and tied into both of the knots of the string used to strangle JonBenét.
  • This theory does not explain the sexual assault JonBenét suffered the night of her murder.

John Ramsey - JonBenét’s father.

  • Another theory is that John killed his daughter.
  • The autopsy findings showed evidence that JonBenét had been sexually abused for a prolonged amount of time. Many speculate that she was abused by her father.
  • Dark fibres that matched John’s shirt were found in JonBenét’s crotch.
  • It is thought that John killed his daughter after thinking she was going to talk about her sexual abuse.
  • This theory does not explain the ransom note.

John and Patsy Ramsey - JonBenét’s parents.

  • The theory that John and Patsy were co-conspirators in the murder of their daughter.
  • John molested JonBenét the night of her murder, explaining the fibres from his shirt found in her crotch.
  • John decided to use his makeshift noose to practice erotic asphyxiation with JonBenét, accidentally strangling her to death.
  • Patsy discovered John abusing his daughter and covered up her murder because she was jealous and ashamed.
  • The broken window and suitcase were for an alternate cover-up, discarded for the ransom one.

Burke Ramsey - JonBenét’s brother.

  • This is the theory that Burke murdered his sister and his parents covered it up. 
  • Burke was jealous of the attention his sister received from pageants.
  • His fingerprints were found on the bowl of pineapple JonBenét ate shortly before she died.
  • He may have heard the myth that pineapple and milk poison a person, feeding it to JonBenét to try to kill her.
  • When he realized that she was not dying, he hit her several times with the flashlight sitting on the kitchen counter, the noise waking his parents.
  • Burke’s parents both aided in covering up JonBenét’s murder because they did not want to lose their son.
  • This theory does not explain the sexual assault.

Though there are many theories about who killed 6 year old JonBenét Ramsey, it is likely that we will never truly know who did. There are many other theories out there if you would like to do further research into the death of JonBenét Ramsey. Though the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, will likely forever remain the haunting unsolved mystery that shocked the world.


The Funeral of JonBenét Ramsey 

JonBenét’s funeral was held on December 31st, 1996. She was buried in Marietta, Georgia next to her half sister who died in a car accident in 1992.

Burke Ramsey, JonBenét’s brother, remembers the funeral and spoke about it in a recent interview. He stated “The casket was so small. Her eyes were closed, and I think one of her eyes was a little bit, like, droopy.”

He described the event as traumatising, and went on to say, “I remember my parents being really upset, I remember my dad leaning down to give her a kiss.”

JonBenet Ramsey - Patsy Ramsey's 911 call
  • From
  • 911: 911 Emergency.
  • PR: (Inaudible) police.
  • 911: What's going on...
  • PR: 755 Fifteenth Street
  • 911: What is going on there ma'am?
  • PR: We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.
  • 911: Explain to me what is going on, ok?
  • PR: We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone.
  • 911: A note was left and your daughter is gone?
  • PR: Yes.
  • 911: How old is your daughter?
  • PR: She is six years old, she is blond... six years old.
  • 911: How long ago was this?
  • PR: I don't know. I just found a note and my daughter's missing.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: What?
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: No, I don't know it's there... there is a ransom note here.
  • 911: It's a ransom note?
  • PR: It says S.B.T.C. Victory... please.
  • 911: Ok, what's your name? Are you...
  • PR: Patsy Ramsey... I am the mother. Oh my God. Please.
  • 911: I'm... Ok, I'm sending an officer over, ok?
  • PR: Please.
  • 911: Do you know how long she's been gone?
  • PR: No, I don't, please, we just got up and she's not here. Oh my God Please.
  • 911: Ok.
  • PR: Please send somebody.
  • 911: I am, honey.
  • PR: Please.
  • 911: Take a deep breath for me okay?
  • PR: Hurry, hurry, hurry.
  • 911: Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy? Patsy?
  • After Patsy terminated the call the line apparently stayed open. She may not have placed the phone properly in the cradle. The 911 operator thought she heard three faint voices in the background. Audio experts enhanced the recording to see if they could make out what was being said. They thought they may have heard John Ramsey say, "We're not talking to you." Patsy Ramsey say, "What did you do" and Burke Ramsey say, "What did you find?"
  • 911: What is going on there ma'am?
  • PR: We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.
  • When the 911 operator asked Patsy Ramsey what was going o n she replied, "We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please." Notice that Patsy's plea for help lacks specifics. She does not tell the 911 operator who was kidnapped. We would expect her to say, "My daughter" or "Our daughter has been kidnapped." Most people do not want to lie and will avoid telling a lie. When people do decide to lie they will often not tell a direct lie. They will soften the lie. Saying, "My daughter has been kidnapped" may be a direct lie. Saying, "We have a kidnapping" may be a lie that lacks specifics.
  • The word "please" appears to be too polite. She does use it eight times in the 911 call. There is a chance she is not being polite but is using this word to add emphasis to the fact she needs help.
  • 911: Explain to me what is going on, ok?
  • PR: We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone.
  • At this point the 911 operator only knows there has been a kidnapping. She does not know who has been kidnapped. Therefore, she asked Patsy, "Explain to me what is going on, ok?" Patsy responded, "We have a, there's a note left and our daughter is gone." Patsy has an unfinished sentence; "We have a." It appears she was going to repeat what she told the 911 operator in her previous statement; "We have a kidnapping." However, this time she could not make that statement. Perhaps she could not lie twice.
  • She then said, "There's a note left." She referred to the three-page handwritten letter as a "note." Her use of the unique word "left" indicates she may have withheld some information. She could have avoided using this word by saying, "I found a note."
  • She finished this sentence by saying, "Our daughter is gone." Order is important. This sentence appears to be out-of-order. She first told the 911 operator about the note. Then she told her that their daughter was gone. The most important thing is that JonBenet is missing. That should have been the first thing she told the 911 operator.
  • Patsy said that their daughter was "gone." We will see how her personal dictionary plays out in regards to the word "gone."
  • This may be a truthful statement. There was a ransom note in the house and JonBenet was gone (deceased).
  • 911: How long ago was this?
  • PR: I don't know. I just found a note and my daughter's missing.
  • Some transcripts show the pronoun "I" is missing before the word "just." The missing "I" indicates a lack of commitment to the statement.
  • There are several ways you can use the word "just." The word "just" is often used to minimize things. If you walk into a restaurant by yourself, chances are the hostess will say to you, "Just one?" She is minimizing how many are in your party. When people minimize their actions using the word "just" it is an indication they may have done more than what they are telling you; "I just went to McDonalds and came home." There is a chance Patsy may be minimizing her actions that morning. However, she may also be minimizing time. By using the word "just" she is telling the 911 operator that her action of finding the ransom note was immediate.
  • She is consistent in using the word "note." However, she does change her language when she used the word "missing." Earlier she said, "Our daughter is gone." Now her daughter is "missing." Truthful people will usually use the same language. Something caused her to change her language. That something might be she is being deceptive. Then again, there may be a justification for the change in language. When she used the word "gone" she used the plural pronoun "our." When she used the word "missing" she used the singular pronoun "my." We can't read people's minds but we can recognize a change in language.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: What?
  • Answering a question with a question indicates the person was asked a sensitive question. It is often used as a stall tactic to allow the person to think about how he or she should answer the question. We do have to take into consideration that it is possible Patsy did not hear what the operator said.
  • 911: Does it say who took her?
  • PR: No, I don't know it's there... there is a ransom note here.
  • When asked if the note said who took JonBenet, Patsy said, "No, I don't know." In reality, the note said that a "foreign faction" signed by SBTC was responsible for JonBenet's disappearance. In her answer to the next question she will mention the SBTC.
  • Patsy had another change in language. She now calls it a "ransom note" and not a "note." As I look at this 911 call, I do not see a justification for the change in language. Therefore, it is an indication of deception.
  • 911: It's a ransom note?
  • PR: It says S.B.T.C. Victory... please.
  • The ransom note was signed "Victory! S.B.T.C." Patsy reverses the order and says, "S.B.T.C. Victory." If she had the ransom note in her hand while talking to the 911 operator, we would expect her to look at the ransom note and mention the signature in sequential order. If she did not have the ransom note in her hand and was relying on her memory from what she had read, that would be a reason for her to unknowingly reverse the order. It is possible she looked at the very last line in the ransom note, S.B.T.C., mentioned it and then look at the word Victory above it.
  • 911: Ok, what's your name? Are you...
  • PR: Patsy Ramsey... I am the mother. Oh my God. Please.
  • Notice that Patsy used the article "the" and not the pronoun "her." Saying, "I am her mother" makes it more personal. It shows ownership. Saying, "I am the mother" shows distance. If she knew JonBenet was dead, she may not have wanted to take ownership of a dead body.
  • 911: Do you know how long she's been gone?
  • PR: No, I don't, please, we just got up and she's not here. Oh my God Please.
  • Again she used the word "just." Is she minimizing her actions or is she minimizing time?
  • 911: Ok.
  • PR: Please send somebody.
  • The reason people call 911 is because they are seeking help either for themselves or for someone else. Most 911 calls begin with a plea for help; "I need an ambulance" or "Someone is breaking into my neighbor's send the police?" Patsy's plea for help appears towards the end of her call, "Please send somebody." She only asked for help after the 911 operator said to her, "I'm sending an officer over."
  • Towards the beginning of her 911 call, Patsy told the 911 operator, "We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please." Saying, "Hurry, please" insinuates the 911 operator should send the police to her residence. However, she does not specifically ask for the police. At the very beginning of her call, she did an inaudible statement, "(Inaudible) police." It is possible she said, "Send the police" or "I need the police."
  • There is one other odd thing with this 911 call and that is Patsy hung up the phone. The 911 operator is your lifeline. This is the person who is going to help you. They are going to send you help. They may get the word out to be on the lookout for a certain person or vehicle. You will want to stay on the phone with the 911 operator until help arrives. Once she reports the kidnapping, Patsy hangs up the phone.
I went and visited JonBenét Ramsey's resting place today

It was strangely beautiful there. Very quiet and peaceful as well. Her headstone was absolutely beautiful. The flat bed part is meant to be the length of her casket so it was heartbreaking to see how SMALL that was. 

I left fresh flowers for JonBenét, the pink teddy bear, and a note for her. On Patsy’s headstone I left a single rose for her. She went through a living hell after she lost her baby girl, it only felt right that I leave her something. I hope that Beth, JonBenét, and Patsy are all resting peacefully and are together again in heaven. 

Listen👂🏻 carefully! 📣 We 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 are a group of individuals 👨🏻that represent a small foreign 🇭🇰🇮🇹🇰🇷 faction. We respect 👏🏻 your business 📝 but not the country 🇺🇸 that it serves. At this time ⏳⏰we have your daughter 💁🏻 in our possession 🔒. She is safe and unharmed 🙅🏼🔪 and if you want her to see 👀 1997 📆, you must follow 🏃🏻 our instructions to the letter 📜. Any deviation ↗️ of my instructions 📢 will result in the immediate 🕓🔜 execution 🔪🔫💀 of your daughter 👸🏼. You will also be denied ❌ her remains 💀 for proper burial ⛪️. The two gentlemen 👬 watching 👥 over your daughter 👸🏼 do not particularly like you 📉💢 so I advise you not to provoke 👈🏻👈🏻 them. Speaking 💬 to anyone about your situation, such as Police 👮🏻, F.B.I. 👱🏼, etc., will result in your daughter 🙋🏼 being beheaded💇🏼✂️. If we catch 👀🔎 you talking to a stray dog 🐕🐩, she dies. If you alert bank 💰 authorities, she dies. If the money 💸 is in any way marked or tampered with, she dies 💣.

So I finally watched Perfect Murder Perfect Town, over a year after I read the book, thanks to a fellow JBR enthusiast.  As a true lover of all things JonBenét, I was a little less than pleased with the movie.  Within seconds of the first scene I noticed inconstancies within the set of JBR’s bedroom and instantly knew that the movie was not going to be all I had hoped it would.  By the end of the movie I found myself checking other websites or doing other things to pass the time.  The movie was an okay effort in representing the crime scene, Boulder, and the emotions that were blazing through the veins of all those involved, but it would never win anything for its portrayal.  There was too much focus placed on ‘Santa’ and not enough information to back up why Patsy was a suspect, which was better explained in the book.  Overall the made for TV movie was way too long to keep anyone fully involved.  

“We talked to JonBenet about Beth. Of course, she was only an infant when Beth was killed in the automobile accident. I remember one time, holding her on my lap in an airplane, and she looked out at all of the puffy clouds out the airplane window and she said,

“Mommy? Which cloud is Beth on?”

And I explained, took that oppurtunity to explain to her about God and about Heaven and where we go when we die. And that we would all see Beth again, and that we would know where she is. So I believe Beth was there to greet JonBenet when she crossed over into Heaven.“ - Patsy Ramsey

JonBenet Ramsey

JonBenet Patricia Ramsey
Born on August 6 1990 in Atlanta Georgia, daughter of Patsy Paugh Ramsey and John Bennet Ramsey. Died on December 25 1996 in Boulder Colorado.
Here’s what her mom didn’t know; Who would’ve killed her beautiful little girl? Well, why was her handwriting found on that note? They denied denied denied. Her handwriting was identical to the writing on the ransom note. The detectives showed her the handwriting on a picture of JonBenet (written herself) and the writing that was on the note. They were absolutely identical. Not one difference between the two besides one was italicized. Patsy found the note and immediately screamed, but when the police arrived Patsy hadn’t changed her clothes from the party the night before and her makeup was still done perfectly; She hadn’t been to bed. Who in their right mind would get up at 5 in the morning and do their hair & makeup the exact same as what she wore the night before? Nobody. It was also found that Jon had wet her bed the night she was murdered. An outraged mother could’ve pushed her too hard in the bathroom when changing the young girl, causing her to fall backwards and crack her skull open. <- I’m not saying that’s what happened, but I think Patsy killed her daughter and John knew about it. The things used to kill the 6 year old were items that belonged to Patsy. The rope, the paintbrush handle, the notepad the ransom note was written on. Even after the ¾ pages were torn from the notepad, there were more than 4 pages missing from that pad; Drafts were written on this pad then torn out because of errors. The undigested pineapple in the girl’s stomach meant she ate it at least an hour before she was killed. The police found a bowl of pineapple on the kitchen counter and fingerprinted them. They found Patsy’s fingerprints on the bowl, but she denied giving it to JonBenet. She even went as far as saying she didn’t even know Jon had eaten anything at all since they arrived home from the party. But it came out later that Jon had said she was still hungry, so Patsy gave her pineapple then sent her to bed. Which is it? Because It isn’t both Pat. Did you give her the pineapple or did you not even know that Jon had eaten anything? It’s still an ‘unsolved’ mystery. And here’s another point; If my daughter was murdered, I wouldn’t constantly say that my family and the community need to move on from the tragedy that has occurred. I wouldn’t be able to sleep right; I’d be looking for the person who hurt my daughter. I don’t care how long it takes, I’m tracking you down and you’ll pay for it. They didn’t. It was “Oh she died, oh well, forget it.” They didn’t try to find her killer because they were the killers. What 6 year old goes to the doctor continuously for vaginal problems? None of them do unless they were raped and sexually assaulted over and over. In which she was. She was abused sexually at 6. Of course, what else can you expect from a beautiful young girl in revealing clothes and makeup? It’s sad, but what’s even more upsetting is the fact that they lied even about Burke. They said he was asleep, but he was awake and downstairs at 6 in the morning; The exact time she was on the phone with the 911 operators. In the interview with 11 year old Burke Ramsey, he was talking as if he had acted it out; It was scripted. What eleven year old boy speaks the way he did in that interview? He didn’t seem upset, he was very plain and emotionless. He said things like “ i do not recall ” <- His dad said that in an interview over 45 times, so if you try to tell me that Burke wasn’t scripted, you’re lying. Back to when they were comparing the writing samples; Who doesn’t know what their own handwriting looks like? That’s a bit ridiculous if you ask me. Also, who doesn’t know their wife’s handwriting? If you watch any of the interviews that Patsy was in after Jon’s death, her body language and the way she spoke was emotionless and like she had something to hide from everyone. John looked down over 100 times during a very short interview, like he was reading something or like he wanted to say something but couldn’t find the courage to do so. Burke had gotten a train track for Christmas. Part of the train track was down in the basement where Jon was found. The two sides of the track match the two spots on Jon’s neck. ALSO; It took John all of 10 minutes to 'find’ his daughter’s body in the basement. He knew where to look. He KNEW Jon was down there. And you’d think if you found your daughter’s body in the basement, you wouldn’t pick it up and carry it upstairs, you’d call them down to prevent tampering with the scene and evidence. Another thing that happened was when it was first announced, they said the police were NOT there when John carried JonBenet’s body upstairs. Later it came out that the police WERE there and they sent John and another person to search the house and they found her. Which one is true? Because once again, both of those stories can NOT be true. There’s so much proof that Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet, but they never ever arrested the bitch for murder. Why not? So the hell what if she had stage 4 cancer? Arrest her and charge her for her actions. It doesn’t matter how much time someone has left. That’s like saying someone who shot up a school was set free because they were gonna die in a week anyways. That doesn’t make sense does it? Not exactly. I’m just saying that the proof that Patsy killed our JonBenet is incredible. She’s guilty. Dead or not, she killed her daughter and took the guilt to her grave. I cannot believe how sick this family truly is. I’m going to link some documentaries and also some movies (maybe just one movie.) But this is it for this post. I will post more about JonBenet in the future, but as of right now I’m done. I am going to go through this and fix my errors in spelling and such, but right now I’m just a bit busy. I’m going to keep adding onto this as long I have information on it. I get that this case is 19, almost 20 years old, but there’s no excuse as to why it is still unsolved. The evidence is incredible and obvious. I find this case very interesting, which is why I chose to post this. Yes, I realize how many mistakes I’ve made, but I honestly could care less. I think you guys get the point of what I’m saying and I hope you find this case just as interesting as I do and I’m actually quite excited to write more about this. I hope you look forward to my opinions and facts on other things. :) No, this isn’t the only thing I have opinions and thoughts about, I have strong opinions on many other things in cases similar and whatnot. ONCE AGAIN; I apologize for any and ALL mistakes I’ve made, I’m trying to fix them and I promise they’ll be fixed as soon as possible. What do you think about this?

Links of what I’m watching/ What I’ve watched:
– I’m adding more links as well as fixing my errors. Please work with me. It’s 8 pm and I live in a house full of people, so I’m disturbed while watching these items and trying to type this out. That’s WHY there are so many mistakes. I can’t get through more than 15 minutes of a video without someone coming in. Let alone three sentences. Bare with me, and I promise I’ll give out better content, evidence, clues, links and more. –


South Park portrayal of suspected killers  -“Butters’ Very Own Episode”

In the episode, Butters survives a murder attempt by his own mother after discovering his father’s homosexual dalliances. Meanwhile, Butters’ parents join John and Patsy Ramsey, Gary Condit, and O. J. Simpson in lying to the press about who murdered Butters. 

At the time of the episode, public opinion held that Gary Condit had probably killed Chandra Levy and the Ramseys had probably killed their daughter JonBenet. However, someone else was later convicted for the murder of Chandra Levy and Condit was exonerated. The Ramsey family were also deemed innocent by the district attorney in the case. In a 2011 interview, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stated that they regretted how Condit and the Ramseys were portrayed in the episode.