Patron saint

“We have the Duke of Cambridge as patron of air ambulance, the Duchess as patron saint of blowouts, and Prince George as patron saint of Hamleys London, Charlotte for patron of the siesta. Harry for everything else. Perfect. The reign of King Charles. Out with the Kents and Gloucesters. Out with Anne and Tim, Andrew, and Edward and Sophie. Bring out the Fab Five. That’s our royal family. Can’t wait.” - Submitted by Anonymous


He began to rattle off techniques and his hands on training. Sio remained absolutely silent the entire time. Another gym patron swore by his workout, told Amara she’d loss all of her baby weight thanks to the apparent Patron Saint of Squats, Emmett Tyler.

“Niiiiiice, now I want you to do the other side, can you feel that burn? It’s natural baby, don’t worry we’re going to turn all that marshmallow into a rice krispie treat.” Emmett laughed.

Amara tried to hold her tongue…She failed.


Saint Valentine: Patron Saint of Lovers, Bee Keepers, The Plague, and Epilepsy!

Saint Valentine’s holy name may now be inextricably linked to pastel hearts and Hallmark cards, but he’s the patron saint of much more than love. Bee keepers, plague victims, and epilepsy sufferers also fall under his posthumous jurisdiction.

Despite being one of the most known saints, the exact identity of Saint Valentine is itself rather fuzzy. There was a priest named Valentine, as well as a bishop, who were both martyred in the third century by Claudius II after they defended Christians. The priest was beaten to death and decapitated after being imprisoned. The multiple Valentine identities somehow merged, which accounts for the whole horde of Valentine relics, including numerous skulls.

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