Young The Giant - Silvertongue

Young the Giant’s official video for their track ‘Silvertongue’  from their upcoming album, Home of the Strange - available August 12th on Fueled By Ramen. Directed by Patrick Lawler.


Can’t believe this is two years old. Good times with some homies.

Wake up the light.

I am lips
Waiting for a tongue.

The diamond cutter
Splits the atom.

You can breathe now.

(I dabble
In elixir and physics.)

“I don’t know
What got into me.”

A trans-fission of light.

“I create the horizon
With a knife—

Split words
With a glass cutter.”

Separate breath
From lung,

Words from books;

Crystallize the quintessential.

I separate the
Conjoined twins.

Two hearts.
One brain.

You can, if
You so desire,

A word of it.

—  Patrick Lawler, “(Wake)/Epilogue”

This man. 

Marx Dancing with History Meets Marquez Dancing with Time

Marx Dancing with History Meets Marquez Dancing with Time by Patrick Lawler


I’m listening to the fire radio, and it says: Marx is watching
         a light burn in Macondo. It says: Conquerers
         are drinking the galaxies. It asks: Who can remember
         the victims?

I’m listening to the moon radio, and it says: La lah. La lah.

I’m listening to the word radio, and it says: People are
         forgetting the meaning of words. Each word says,
         “Walk through me.”

I’m listening to the gland radio, and it says: We live in a land
         of violet crimes. It says: A word is stirring on the edge
         of the universe. It says: After they burn the sky,
         they burn the windows.

I’m listening to the dream radio, and it says: This just in…

I’m listening to the weather radio, and it says: Tomorrow
         everything will be brown. It says: The next day
         everything will be intellectual. It says: The day after
         everything will suffer in blue.

I’m listening to the Nagasaki radio, and it says: Forget
         everything you ever knew.

I’m listening to the world radio, and it says: Subvert
         the apparatus of cognitive control. Subvert the
         apparatus of cognitive control. Subvert the apparatus
         of cognitive control.

I’m listening to the chromosome radio, and it says: The radio
         is thinking through you. It says: The radio is
         thinking for you.

I’m listening to the light radio, and it says: The light
         meanders slowly through the brain of a cat. It says:
         Every morning light remembers and then gradually

I’m listening to the womb radio, and it says: The mother
         grows around the child.

I’m listening to the meat radio, and it says: Red is
         throbbing outside the window. It says: We need
         to stop giving birth to mammals.

I’m listening to the brain radio, and it says: America.
         And it says: America died in 1900 something. It says:
         After they burn the people, they burn the dreams.

I’m listening to the star radio, and it says: You cannot.
         It says: You cannot burn the memories of the burning.


Check out Life on Repeat’s new video for Struggle + Sleep. Directed by Patrick Lawler.

i like these boys.  


Film / Photography: City Lights

This one is dedicated to all my friends and visitors who love the city of San Fransisco.

Shot on a Canon 1D MKIV Patrick Lawler explains

“This was my first time experimenting with the lowlight capabilities with the Canon 1DMKIV and I am super impressed! This entire film was shot in natural available light from the city at around ISO 6400. Leo Kaliski made me excellent music again!”