Little did Simon know, he’d already met Pat before.


Tanlines - Invisible Ways

Elektronik müzik ve indie rockı başarılı bir şekilde birleştiren grup Tanlines, 2. stüdyo albümü Highlights’ı Mayıs ayında piyasaya sürecek. Prodüktörlüğü Patrick Ford ve Grizzly Bear grubu üyesi Chris Taylor tarafından yapılan albümden daha önce Slipping Away kaydı paylaşılmıştı. Tanlines’ın, elektronik müzikten çok indie rock havasının ağır bastığı, albümden paylaşılan en yeni şarkısı ise Invisible Ways oldu.

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I think patrick ford is a total creep. however i totally understand him as a stan. i feel like he prolly defends her hard like we do and gets a lot of shit because of it, clearly. as much of a weirdo he was i think she shouldve said more like i appreciate it and thank you. i honestly feel really bad for him.

BB i think what the stans need to understand is when you come at her in full stan mode you FREAK HER the fuck out. And then to come out BUTCHERING one of her songs, I just can’t. I feel bad for him but at the same time if you can’t sing don’t stand in front of the queen and sing. And then he stood there staring at her like that, honestly it’s reasons like this that she is so awkward and uncomfortable with fans.

And I love him as a stan don’t get me wrong. But it’s reasons like this that the poor girl is just so awkward and uncomfortable. Her facial expressions said it all.

Burson-Marsteller names Margaret Key CEO, Asia-Pacific

Burson-Marsteller names Margaret Key CEO, Asia-Pacific

Prema Sagar Named Vice Chair of the Region

Margaret Key

Prema Sagar

Burson-Marsteller, a leading global public relations and communications firm, today announced that, effective immediately, Margaret Key has been named CEO, Asia-Pacific. Prema Sagar, Principal and Founder of Genesis Burson-Marsteller, takes on the additional title of Vice Chair, Asia-Pacific. Key is based in Hong Kong, and Sagar…

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Why Ninjas are better then pirates.

Well to put it simply if ninjas and pirates were to have a fight, ninjas would win with the stealthy killing abilities. But really would you rather be a pirate. Way more fun, the pilaging and raping that occurs has to be so much better then the hard core training and discipline that being a ninja requires. So if this argument ever occurs which it will, side for ninjas to win but with the notation of pirates being way cooler.

Unicorns don’t exist!