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Send me an ask (on or off anon) and I will set you up with a member of the Bowers Gang AND write some personalized headcanons for your first date!

The ask must include:

  • A short description of your appearance
  • A short bio describing your personality and interests
  • A place you’d love to go while on a date
  • (The more specific and descriptive, the more personalized I can make your headcanons!)

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A Patrick Hockstetter imagine is coming out tomorrow!

Listen up, a 6k one, it got really out of hand, oh Jeez.

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(And let me tell you there’s a reason I’m using this gif, you’ll see)

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Patrick Hockstetter || Guilt

A/N: I say this a lot, but I mean it on this one, this was hard to try to come up with. I tried to hold true to Bower’s Gang as much as I could but I wanted to also humanize them more I guess. I hope this turned out well and everyone enjoys!

“Listen, I wouldn’t have came to you loser’s in the first place if I didn’t need the help.” Patrick’s voice was raspy, he growled out the words with his eyes hard on Bill, Stan, Richie, and Eddie, who stood in front of him while Henry, Belch, and Victor stood behind him. Patrick’s face was scratched up, his body bloodied and bruised from his narrow escape from that god damned clown. When he got back and found that you had been missing as well, something in him… broke.

When Patrick first started dating you, his violent and sinister nature eased as he began regularly taking his medication, with a little convincing from you. It took nearly six months, six long strenuous months, but he slowly warmed up to treating you and others decently. It was a lot of work for you, but despite the sexual gestures and the harsh words he would give you and others, you saw the glimmer of good in him. Patrick slowly became more affectionate and loving than just possessive and obsessive over you, he treated you more like his girlfriend than just his personal toy. He treated you like you were real, as terrifying as that was for him. He grew to love you in how own special way.

Patrick shot a glare behind him at his friends, who looked away in shame, his gaze turned back to the losers, “I would’ve thought that they would’ve kept an eye out for Y/N, but obviously not.”

“Listen, man-“ Belch was cut off with another glare from Patrick. Y/N, his girl, was taken when the others clearly should have been with her.

“Wow, what does that make you assholes if you’re asking us losers for help? Huh?” Patrick gave a warning growl, “R-Richie, n-not the t-time.” Bill stuttered out, he looked over at Patrick, despite the constant bullying Patrick and his friends did to the loser’s, Bill understood the desperation Patrick felt to find Y/N. Hoping she was alive.

“W-we’ll help.” Bill’s words cut the tension, Patrick’s eyes moved from Richie to Bill, “on-n one con-condition, st-stop the b-bullying.”

Henry scoffed, “Patrick, let’s just-“

Patrick turned on Henry, his finger pointed directly in Henry’s face, “you don’t get to speak.” Oddly enough, Henry shut his mouth in a tight line, “deal.”

“Woah-“ Richie began to speak, “shut it trashmouth.” Patrick stepped forward threateningly, “go get the other losers and let’s go.” The boys nodded and scurried off, “meet at Neibolt in an hour!” His yell was loud enough to reach the four boys riding off on their bikes, arguing over what was happening, he turned on his friends, “we aren’t upholding that deal.” Henry’s arms crossed over his chest, Patrick closed the distance between them, “oh, we are upholding it. You fuckers got us in the situation in the first fucking place. I had to fight way way out of that god damn sewer just to find out you idiots didn’t even give a damn about watching over Y/N or making sure she was ok. I was missing!” His words were becoming increasingly angrier, the last sentence he yelled aggressively in Henry’s face.

“And if you don’t hold up the deal, that’s fucking fine by me, don’t even fucking come. If she-“ his voice almost broke, he cleared his throat and kicked his chapped lips, “if she’s dead, I’ll kill you all myself.” Patrick stepped back from the boy, stomping in the direction of the Neibolt house, he could hear a scuffling behind him as the others caught up to him in silence.

The stood outside of Neibolt, waiting for the losers, well, the others to show up. They showed up after forty minutes, Patrick shot them the closest look he could give for being grateful they came, it almost looked like a pained grimace with a hint of a genuine smile. He was working on it and it did not help as an unfamiliar feeling washed over him, his stomach churned and he looked away in shame. Guilt.

“Let’s go.” Patrick marched into the house without a second thought, his head set on finding you, alive.

Patrick marched through the house, leading the ten behind him as he came across the well. The rope that he climbed out of still hanging there. He gave it a strong tug, “I’ll go down first.” He muttered as he latched onto the rope, “there is an opening about halfway down, we’ll go from there.”

One by one, they slowly climbed down the rope until they were all huddled together in an awkward silence, “this way.” The light from the loser’s flashlights surrounded Patrick as he lead the way, his lighter lit in front of his face. His eyes were darting around, clearly on edge about being back in the sewers, “you ok?” Patrick shot a glance over to Victor before he gave almost a barely noticeable nod, but no answer.

The sewers opened up, they stepped out of the pipe, their eyes immediately drawn to the mountain of… stuff. All eyes slowly trailed up to see floating kids, “t-the m-missing k-kids.” Bill whispered, his frantic eyes searching for Georgie as Patrick looked for Y/N.

“Y/N!” Patrick’s voice was loud, his tongue swept across his lips as his eyes landed on your body in the air. Your head was leaned back, your hair falling freely, your arms hung loosely at your sides, blood trickled down the side of your face as you stared blankly at the ceiling.

“She’s too high for me to reach her, someone help me get her down!” Patrick turned his rage onto the boys as Victor and Belch moved and helped Patrick up, despite the height they came to, she was still too high. His eyes landed on Richie, knowing he weighed the least, “Tozier, come here.”

Richie stood frozen, eyes wide. Patrick let out a calm huff to tone down his anger and fear, “please help me get her down.”

Richie moved and Ben and Mike helped Richie up, holding him up to Patrick who grabbed him and lifted him to grab Y/N. Slowly, the four boys began to pull Richie, Patrick, and Y/N down with Henry catching Y/N as she fell forward.

“Is… is she breathing?” Patrick had to catch himself from his voice breaking.

Henry laid her down and Mike pressed his head against her chest, “I hear her heartbeat and she’s breathing. It’s faint, but she’s alive.” Patrick’s face strained as he fell to his knees, his hands grasped her face, “Y/N.” His gave her a light shake, “Y/N, you have to wake up.”

A bone chilling laughter echoed off the walls, it sounded like it could have came from anywhere in the room. Heads turned wildly before Beverly’s voice called, “to the right!”

All heads snapped in that direction, It stood a few feet from them, it’s eyes stared at each one in hunger, drool pooled on the concrete below him, “ah, the one that slipped away.” It’s voice growled at Patrick, who stood up defensively in front of Y/N’s body, blocking it from its view, “well, you aren’t as dumb as you seemed.” It hummed as a twisted grin rose on its face, “the loser’s and the asshole’s: what a crowd, what a meal.”

Bill caught it off guard, slamming a metal rod against the back of its head. All ten kids piled on it as that time and began their merciless beating.

“It’s not real.” Bill’s words echoed throughout and a smirk rose to Patrick’s lips, he jumped forward and tackled the clown, sending him down to the floor and he repeatedly punched the clown in the face. With a harsh shove, Patrick flew off of him and landed near Y/N, her eyes still stared blankly at the ceiling, “what the hell did Hockstetter do to it?” His head turned back to the group huddled around the frantic and panicked clown, who stared horrified at Patrick, “I don’t believe he’s real. That’s how I got away the first time.”

“What the fuck?” It was a quiet whisper, almost unheard. Simply not believing in It is all it took?

“Solipsism,” Henry’s voice was rough as he stood threateningly behind the clown so he could not escape, “he doesn’t believe anything is real… other than himself.”

Patrick gave a shrug as the losers looked at him with wide eyes, “I knew he was crazy.” Richie whispered quietly.

“You took my girl.” Patrick stood up and walked in front of the clown, “real or not, I’m going to kill you.” Patrick took his foot and kicked it into It’s face, smashing it between Patrick’s foot and the edge of the well. He repeatedly brought his foot down on him before Henry pulled him off, “Ok… It’s dead man.”

Patrick pushed his black hair out of his face and wiped his face with the back of his hand, all anger he had left disappeared when he faced Y/N once more, still unconscious. Eddie was next to her, shaking her. To Patrick, it felt like the world stopped when Eddie began doing chest compressions, “She’s not breathing! Patrick, come here!”

Patrick walked forward and fell to his knees, “what do I do?” His eyes began to water as he looked down at Y/N, “tilt her head back to open her airway, when I tell you to, pinch her nose and blow two breaths into her mouth…. now.”

Patrick did as instructed, his lips met hers and he blew two deep breaths into her, “C’mon, Y/N, c’mon.”


Patrick repeated his steps as he did before, this time after the two breadths, he placed a kiss on her lips, “Please, Y/N.” Tears began to run down his face as Patrick cried for the first time since he was a baby. The ones that were standing around, observing, looked away. Ben and Beverly had tears in their eyes.

“I got a pulse!” Mike called, Patrick did not even realize he moved over to them. Patrick wiped away a tear that fell on your cheek with his thumb, “Y/N, wake up.”

With a raspy cough, Y/N’s eyes returned back to their bright iris instead of the dull white, her eyes met Patrick’s wet ones, “Pat-“ his arms pulled her up to his chest and held her close, “you… you were… Patrick, you were missing, what the hell?!”

You pulled back and took in his bruised and scratched face, his nose was broken but reset, his lip split open. His hands came to your face, her eyes swelled with tears, “This is real, right?” You ask through a sob as you took in your surroundings, the ‘losers’ and Patrick’s friend’s stood around you. The first genuine laugh you had ever received from Patrick broke through his throat as he held you close, “I’m normally the one who asks that.” You note that whatever happened to him since you both went missing possibly changed him, he was showing emotions.

“You’re safe.” He whispered into your hair as he held you close, your eyes sending a grateful look to the others behind you. Patrick was safe and you were safe, to him, that was all that mattered.

Patrick Hockstetter: Taste like Pennies

Request  “ i need more rough patrick in my life tbh maybe where his gf is small and nervous and one day henry goes too far with teasing her and patrick gets super pissed + hot makeouts?? ?”

A/N → “stop, writing feelings into your patrick fics” you scream at me, hitting me with your frayed broom “leave the ending ambiguous!!” i'm crying on the floor. “i cant” i scream back “if i could i would but i cant”

Pairing → Patrick Hockstetter x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → typical patrick shit, violence (not towards you), patrick kind of hustling you around i guess, patrick being a greasy manchild 

You swallowed thickly as Henry Bowers rounded on you.

“’S just a question. No need to get all squirrelly. There’s no one here to worry about except me.” No. Really?

Your back was pressed against hard, red brick as he loomed over you. You had come to meet Patrick after your last class, only to find the entirety of the Bowers Gang, minus him; the person you came to see, waiting for you.

When you turned that corner, you had made eye contact with Henry, who said Patrick had asked him to take you home instead (not that you believed him for a minute), and patted his lap while looking at you with half-lidded eyes and a smirk. “Saved you a seat” he had murmured.

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denbroughbill  asked:

congratulations on ur 2k+ 🎉🎊 !! for the description: i am mixed (black + white) curvy, and 5’3” with long red curly hair and i have two nose piercings !! i think i am pretty silly and i just like to go out, have fun and visit new places, but i am also opinionated and will speak up if i have to ! my perfect first date would be a concert with lots of moshing and crowd killing or maybe a parked car conversation and lots of drive thru foods (i’m also a vegetarian lmao)

I think Patrick would find your appearance SO intriguing (especially the piercings) as well as being absolutely enthralled with your personality. Being the weirdass he is, he’d definitely need a fun loving and adventurous girl to hang around. I bet one of his favorite things to do with you would be to see exactly how far he could take his jokes, seeing as you’re a silly person, but honestly kind of hoping you’d blow up on him, since he’d l o v e that opinionated side of you.

Here’s how I think your date with Patrick would go:

  • He’d find the most intense and heavy band to get concert tickets to (he wanted to test you and see if you could really hold your ground or not)
  • He’d spend most of his time watching in amusement as you tried to push past people and mosh with them (he thought it was funny to see you act tough since you were so small)
  • When he finally got his fill of watching you struggle (which took a while) he’d pick you up and put you on his shoulders so you could see the stage better
  • He’d also send you through a few rounds of crowd surfing just to be a jackass
  • He’d definitely end up getting in a fight before the concert was over, probably because some guy touched you on accident or looked at you the wrong way (he mostly just wanted to impress you)
  • After that, he’d keep you as close as he could, making sure everyone knew not to fuck with the two of you
  • On the way out of the venue he’d even steal you a shirt off the merch tables (again, wanting to impress you)
  • Once the show was over, he’d take you to one of the 24 hour diners around the block to get a late dinner
  • He’d poke fun at you for being a vegetarian, complete with waving chicken strips in your face and making a ‘MOO’ sound every time you went in for a bite of your veggie burger (I was vegan for 2 years, I feel your pain)
  • He’d keep it up until you snapped at him, which honestly just made him happier
  • “I like it when ya get mean” *wink w0nk*
  • He’d try to convince you to get down and dirty in an alley way on the walk home, but you were having none of it
  • You did let him cop a feel when he gave you a kiss goodnight though
  • Not to mention he snuck in through your window a couple minutes after he dropped you off (did you expect anything less?)

our favorite girl: bowers gang imagine

this was requested by a reader, I hope you enjoy it. I tried to make the whole gang flirt with y/n.

bowers gang x reader

(A little heavy on the reader & Henry)

word count : 1300+


I sat at the quarry with Belch, Victor, Patrick and of course Henry. They were seeing who could jump the farthest into the water but of course I decided to sit out on this one, primarily because it was dangerous as fuck. They were all in their underwear since they had forgotten their clothes and I wasn’t complaining.

“Y/n come in!!” Belch said as I watched from the top of the rock. I frowned and shook my head.

“Quit being such a pussy you brat!” Henry yelled at me and I rolled my eyes. He was always the most harsh to me out of all the guys, if he were ever to even say something somewhat nice, the guys called him soft and he would be even meaner than usual.

“Fine fuck you all.” I yelled, throwing my dress over my head , taking off my shoes and jumping in. I screamed as I jumped off of the tall rock and felt the cold water engulf over me.

“See, it wasn’t that bad!” Victor cheered and patted me on the back.

“That was terrifying.” I laughed pushed my hair out of my face to catch Henry just staring at me.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer Bowers.” I smirked at him and he turned red and gave me a nasty look.

“I-I wasn’t staring. This bitch is making up lies!” Henry yelled at the other boys trying to defend himself and they all started laughing.

“It’s okay if you admit your crush on her Henry. She’s so hot.” Victor winked at me and Henry splashed Victor, who got a mouth full of water.

“Thanks Vic.” I smiled.

“I don’t like her. You guys can have her.” Henry said with a rude tone.

I frowned internally. I would never show vulnerability around these guys, I would never hear the end of it.

“That’s a little rude,Henry.” Belch said as we awkward just stood in our underwear staring at each other.

“I don’t give a fuck.” Henry said quickly getting up out of the water.

“Y/n, I think you’re beautiful. Don’t listen to what Henry says, something crawled up his ass and died.” Patrick said and Belch and Victor agreed. I let out a big smile, I’m so glad I had 3 good friends.

“Should someone go talk to Henry?” Victor questioned looking at all of us.

“I am for one not, I don’t feel like having him pull his knife on me again.” Patrick said averting his eyes to the side.

“I’ll go talk to him.” I sighed, realizing no one else was going to.

I got out of the water, completely forgetting I was in my underwear and I turned around and saw their mouths wide open.

“Holy shit.” Belch commented looking me up and down.

I rolled my eyes and turned around, walking away, with an extra sway in my hips.

“Bro I have boner.” I overheard Victor say as I walked away… gross.

“Dude what the fuck!” Patrick shouted, slapping Victor on the back of the head.


Within ten minutes I found Henry at the top of the rock, smoking a cigarette.

As I came into his view he looked me up and down and just looked away, without saying a word.

“Are you okay?” I questioned, speaking very softly. The last thing I wanted to do was piss of Henry, because when he was mad, he was super mean.

“Of course, I’m fine.” He emphasized the word ‘fine.’

Trying to get Henry to admit how he was actually feeling was like pulling teeth.

“Okay… guess I’ll leave then.” I awkwardly stated ready to walk back down to the boys but he grabbed my wrist as I turned away.

“No….uh stay.” He mumbled scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. This whole situation was so weird. He never was shy.

“What’s up? You’re acting strange.” I stated, looking at him sympathetically.

“No I’m not. I just wanted to smoke.” He said inhaling his joint.

“That’s bullshit Henry. I’m not stupid.” I assured crossing my arms. He didn’t leave The whole crew because he desperately wanted a cigarette, that was a total lie.

“I don’t like them all over you.” He murmured not even looking at me.

“What do you mean all over me?” I was utterly confused. The guys were just flirty but they were never suffocating.

“They all want to rail you… stop trying to act like you’re oblivious. You’re constantly on Victor’s dick, kissing up to him.” He spat, then threw the bud of his cigarette into the water.

I was completely appalled. How was I constantly on Victor’s dick?

I pushed him off the rock he was leaning against. “Shut the fuck up Henry. Even if this was true…and it isn’t, why do you care?” I commented while raising my eyebrows.

“You’re my friend and it makes me uncomfortable to have all my friends trying to get with you.” He said getting in my face.

“You’re uncomfortable? That’s fucking hilarious. I love how your friends wanting ME is a problem for YOU.” I sarcastically replied gritting my teeth.

“You’re wasting my time. Stop talking to me.” Henry said looking down into my eyes. Our faces were so close.

I looked up at him and my whole 'I’m so tough’ exterior completely fell through. I felt tears prick my eyes. Quickly, I looked down and scurried away. I would never let him see me cry. Grabbing my clothes and shoes, I hastily put them on. I was going to make Belch take me home because I was not walking home alone, especially with all the children disappearing in Derry.

“Y/n…come back here.” I heard Henry calling my name.

Completely ignoring his comment I hopped down the path and found the rest of the boys.

They were playing Marco Polo…losers. Belch was Marco and Victor and Patrick were saying polo.

“Pol-oh hey y/n. What’s wrong with Henry?” Patrick inquired ruffling his wet hair.

“I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Henry. He’s a fucking bipolar, cruel human being. He thinks he is so tough and won’t open up to anyone because he is a fucking narcissistic asshole.” I spat and I heard applauding come from over my shoulder.

“Nice vocabulary.” I turned around and saw Henry standing there with his ripped jeans on, but still lacking a shirt.

I rolled my eyes. “Thanks, sorry if you couldn’t comprehend it with your small brain.” I sassily replied.

“Maybe if you were smarter you would realize I just give you shit because I have a crush on you. But I’m 'sorry if you couldn’t comprehend it with your small brain’.” Henry smirked while mimicking me.

I felt my jaw just drop as I felt like I couldn’t speak. That was not something I expected…

“You’re lying.” I mumbled, it wasn’t a snarky comment but I couldn’t come up with something better.

“Yeah y/n, that is definitely a lie.” He whispered in my ear as he walked by me grabbing my butt.

I stood there confused and heated, what just happened?

“Let’s leave it’s getting dark!” Henry yelled as the boys all turned around and got out of the water.

We all began walking back to Belch’s car as we admired the sun setting ahead of us.

“That was a fun day.” Victor stated as we walked toward the sunset.

“Yep, I love you guys.” I smiled looking at them and leaning into Henry’s side.

He looked down at me and put his arm around my waist. He was never the type to be affectionate so this was a shocker to everyone, including myself. He didn’t say anything but he had a slight red tint to his cheeks.

“We love you too.” Patrick added.

I was so lucky to have friends who cared about me so much, even if they were assholes sometimes, they were my assholes.



Bill Denbrough

Richie Tozier 

 Stanley Uris

Eddie Kaspbrak

Patrick Hockstetter

Henry Bowers

Victor Criss

Stranger Things

Mike Wheeler

Steve Harrington


John Murphy

Bellamy Blake

bowties-and-wallflowers  asked:

Dating Patrick/ Henry headcanons pretty pls😏

•Dating Henry Bowers or Patrick Hockstetter•

Dating Henry Bowers would include:

- Him always trying to impress you

- Dates in abandoned places you normally wouldn’t go to

- Him not introducing you to his dad, he wants to protect you from him

- Henry being super protective of you in general

- Him not being shy at all in the bedroom

- But getting all flustered when it comes
to cute PDA like holding hands

- Eventually he starts to like it because he can show people that you’re his

- Him having doubts about whatever he’s good enough for you

- It took him pretty long to actually ask you out, as tough as he may seem, he really likes you and was afraid to get rejected

- Being pretty shocked when he first uses a cute nickname with you

- Going on late night adventures to finde some place to get food

- Him giving you a knife as his first gift (“So you can defend yourself when I’m not around”)

- Also him showing you a few tricks how to get the upper hand in a fight (“Just in case”)

- Him always looking at you with a dreamy look on his face when your not paying attention to him

- Him resting his head on your lap when he wants your attention

- You playing with his hair a lot

- Him whispering kinky things to you when you’re in public because he loves to make you blush

- You always singing your favorite songs and him getting annoyed

- But then he gets really into it and sings along

- But god help him if someone sees him doing that

- Him having a really long list of people he wants to beat up because they “looked at you funny”

- But him trying not to get into fights when he’s around you

- Him always telling you about reckless stuff he and the guys did

- And than laughing when you tell him you worry about him

- Henry always giving you meaningful looks when you wear shorts or dresses


- “Are you trying to make me fuck you behinde the school with that outfit?”

- you casually starting to suck on his fingers when you want to turn him on fast

- You always wearing his shirt after sex and him laying topless in bed just admiring how cute you look

- Him always getting really impatient when you’re teasing him

- Henry being a huge teas himself

- Although he is into rough sex he also likes to take it slow sometimes just being sweet and whispering things into your ear

- Him getting really turned on when you scratch his back during sex

- Him also enjoying when you take control from time to time

- Him leaving bruises on your skin from grabbing you too hard

- And when you complain about it he kisses them

Dating Patrick Hockstetter would include:

- Him making you skip class all the time to hang out with you

- Him always playing with his lighter when he’s nervous

- Almost always being late to class because Patrick holds you back to make out with you in the empty hallway

- Drawing little things on his arms (like bees and plants and other things) at first he gets annoyed with you but eventually he starts to make requests for the drawings

- Him ALWAYS touching you in some way to show the rest of the world that you’re his property

- Him making sure you get home safely all the time (and always scaring you with some shit like “omg did you see that thing over there in the bushes?” “Maybe it’s Jeffrey Dahmer coming to get you? But don’t worry babe, I’ll protect you.”)

- Kissing his bruised nuckles after he got into a fight and telling him about your day to calm him down

- Trying to convince him to let you braid his hair but he won’t have that

- 70% of all your conversations being sarcastic remarks and witty comments

- Being the only person he doesn’t consider inferior to himself

- Patrick sometimes not knowing when he crossed a line and getting upset with himself for hurting you

- Him sometimes not understanding why your staying with him in the first place

- And you always reassuring him that you won’t leave him

- The first time you cried because of a fight he didn’t know how to handle it

- In the end he just kept holding you in his arms, not saying a word

- Him always being a bit rough with you but you don’t mind

- Him always giving you a snickers or some other shit (you’re 99% sure he stole from a gas station or something) when you’re a bit down

- You really getting into punk music because of him

- Also listening to The Cure a lot

- You reading him horror short stories when he’s not feeling well

- Kissing is really intense

- Roaming the streets at night


- There’s a lot of biting involved, lips, necks, basically everywhere

- Really rough sex

- Him getting kinky with you in public places and you always worrying that someone will catch you but he likes the thrill

- Him being dominant af

- There are only short moments when he lets you take over control

- Him always making inappropriate comments even when there’s people around

- You always being super exhausted after sex because with Patrick it’s a lot of physical effort

- Him watching you while you fall asleep in his arms

- Showering together and him getting really turned on when your makeup runs

- Him never holding back when he wants you

The Bowers Gang: Almost

Request  “The Bower’s Gang or the Losers (If you don’t feel like writing them) taking their shared S/O to a haunted house or urban exploring or trespassing or whatever? She gets hurt and they all panic and freak but it ends real sweet? Thank you!

A/N  →  weirdly paced again and i absolutely didnt proof read but i just rly wanted to get smthn out bc i havent posted in yrs!!

Pairing → The Bowers Gang x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → the 🅱️oys™

The boys were loving this.

You walked in-between all of them, making sure to subtly shepherd them in as close to you as possible. You walked with your arms folded tight, grumbling complaints all the way as you made your way down the dark, shitty hallway in this dark shitty abandoned whatever building.

You didn’t care. You just wanted to leave.

This place was awful. All metal and concrete, it was an old building some ways out of town, left uninhibited for whatever reason and left to rust itself red. You went quiet at every creak it made. Henry could see the face you were making without even turning to look at you.

Eyes wide, lips tight, jaw clenched. He smirked to himself.

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Ruby Kisses

Request:  Maybe turn the headcanons into an imagine of the reader and Patrick getting caught by her parents? Also love the concept of being Stan’s older sister! Maybe all the losers are having a sleep over at his house when the reader gets caught with him!

AN: i was gonna make a smutty version but then i got another kinda fluffy idea in my head and i ran with it. if y’all want a more Rated R version then hit me up bc i’m so down for nsfw patrick :) and this is way longer than i thought it would be wow, sorry

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Switching roles (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: Patrick always has the lead when it comes to sex but this time he wakes up to a little surprise.

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, like very NSWF, unprotected sex, swearing.

Author’s notes: I’m so happy with how this imagine came out and I really hope you like it! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language.

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Constructive criticism is always welcome

Patrick was laying on your bed, peacefully sleeping while you were doing your homework, the same he should be doing but of course he didn’t care at all.
At first he had tried to persuade you on doing things far more interesting than your literature homework such as study our own anatomies as he had said but you were as stubborn as he was sometimes and besides literature was your favorite subject.
He had growled in a defeated way when he threw his body onto your mattress but he remained silent, letting you work because as soon as you finished the true fun could begin.

Books now closed and the reading lamp off. You turned still sitting on your desk wheelchair to see your boyfriend sleeping and occupying your whole bed. A playful and lustful smirk appeared on your face as soon as the idea hit you.
Sex with Patrick was great, like really great, but there was something you always wanted to try and he had never let you, at least completely; being on control.
When you tried to take control over the situation he always made you know that it wasn’t going to happen, or maybe he’ll let you be the one calling the shots for a short while so when he was leading again he could see your pouting and frustrated face, which he happened to love.
Patrick was a heavy sleeper and you knew that so why not take advantage from it?

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protective || the bowers gang

Request : “maybe a Bowers Gang Imagine where (Y/n) is this good girl but she hangs with the guys and they’re really protective over her and always call her "Our Girl” plus I love your writing style so I’d love to see more of your work!!“

-not one of my longer imagines but to the point !! Word count : 700+


Originally posted by nicholashamilton

The Bowers gang was full of narcissistic douchebags that happened to be my best friends. They were known for bullying and tormenting other kids, but I overlooked that because they were good people deep down. There was Henry, the leader, who had major daddy issues and was super mean, but would never lay a finger on me. Then Patrick, some people thought he often came off as "Pervy” but he was just a flirt. Then there was Belch, a major softie deep down, but a tough exterior. And then Victor, in my defense he was pretty harmless but he always watched the tormenting, never participated.

I wasn’t just friends with the guys though. I had a lot of other friends too, and sometimes they didn’t like that. They cut 3rd period to go smoke behind the school so I sat with Richie, Billy, Eddie, and Stan at lunch. Of course, I never had bullied anyone.

Henry’s main targets were Mike and Billy. Belch liked to pick on Eddie and Stan. Patrick went after Ben and Richie constantly. He would always refer to Ben as ‘tits’ which was incredibly rude. Victor would occasionally tease Beverly but he would never touch her.

We were talking about who was the funniest in the group and of course Richie kept insisting that it was him. In my opinion, I thought it was Eddie and Stan seemed to agree. Bill remained silent, not wanting to upset Richie.

“Ok Y/n, I am SO much funnier than Eddie.” Richie exaggerated as I explained how Eddie always made funny side comments.

“All you do is hit on me and make inappropriate sexual jokes.” I shot back at him with a laugh. Bill and Stan chuckled and Eddie agreed. Richie’s face dropped and he playfully tackled me off the lunch bench, pushing me onto the soft grass.

“What’d you just say?” Richie asked, trying to be serious but ended up failing miserably when he started laughing, losing his 'mean’ voice.

“Hey!” A guy’s voice yelled from the distance. I pushed Richie off of me when I saw Henry, Patrick, Vic, and Belch come into the picture. They were super protective and I knew they saw Richie pinning me down.

“Hi!” I popped up off the ground with a smile, brushing my shorts off.

“Were these freaks bothering our girl?” Henry questioned, gritting his teeth as he spoke. He eyed Richie up and down and grabbed him by the shirt, lifting him off the ground.

“No Henry. We were joking. Please let go of him.” I begged, not wanting my friends to start picking on the visibly smaller boy and his friends.

“Listen Tozier, lay your hands on her again and you’re fuckin’ dead. You got me?” Patrick threatened, getting in Richie’s face, pushing his head back with his hand after he was done speaking to him.

Richie nodded, falling on the ground as Henry let him go. I frowned and looked up at The Bowers Gang, who were praising each other for being assholes. I went over to help Richie up but he shook his head not to, his eyes averting over to Patrick.

I instantly got defensive over Richie to my friends, who the fuck were they to tell me who I can and can’t hang out with.

“Why’d you guys do that?” I simply asked, walking over to Patrick and Henry my arms crossed. They were way taller than me so I had to tilt my neck up to talk to them.

“The kid is a loser Y/n. And he was like sitting on you. He needs to know he can’t touch you.” Victor said in a matter-of-fact tone. I furrowed my eyebrows, completely baffled because Richie was harmless.

“He wouldn’t hurt me, you guys didn’t have to be so rude to him.” I quietly told them, considering Bill, Richie, Stan, and Eddie were still in distance. My friends glanced over at the group of young boys, writing on Eddie’s cast.

“You know we are just protecting you.” Belch softly commented, speaking up out of all the boys.

“I know.” I nodded, “But you can’t just go around scaring everyone who talks to me. Got it?” I asked, raising my eyebrow but quickly losing my serious tone as I started giggling.

“Got it.” They all said in unison as Henry put his arm around my shoulders.

“Let’s get out of here.” I suggested, walking with Henry and the rest of my boys closely behind. I liked how protective they were, even if they took it a little too far sometimes.

Henry & Patrick: Scrapes and Bruises

Request  “could I request something similar to Scrapes and Bruises but with Henry and Patrick. maybe including their first kiss (well, the first one that mattered) with their gf?”

A/N  I couldn’t think of anything to title it; so i didn’t (title it). Also i’m posting this at 6:23am w zero hrs sleep so hmu for any typos 

Pairing Henry Bowers x Reader,  Patrick Hockstetter x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → features Patrick Hockstetter and Henry Bowers, Pda & Makeouts, mentions of (parental) abuse, description of injury.


↳ Henry just sat, silently fuming. His red face wasn’t just red from the blood.  You took off your shirt, and wet it with your water bottle, then began washing his face. He would’ve objected if he could find his voice. He loved how you looked in that shirt, but he just sat on that rock with a tight jaw.

You two sat, not far into the woods, across from you, you could see where the trees end, and then the road, and then a widespread Wheatfield. You knew, following that road north, you’d arrive at your home, and if you followed it south, you’d find Henry’s. And no doubt, inside would be Henry’s drunk, angry shithead dad

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Dating Patrick Hockstetter Would Include:

· Him stealing flowers out of people’s gardens on his way to meet you before school

· Him breaking into your locker to leave notes

· Sometimes they’d be funny, sometimes they’d be sexy, sometimes they’d be sweet

· If you had a class at the other end of the school, he’d also break into your locker to meet you there with the books you needed so you could get all the way there in time

· Him kissing your neck and whispering in your ear when you were trying to study or do homework

· His disgustingly sexy smirks when you wore shorts or a dress

· Him glaring at anyone who looked at you in a way he didn’t like

· Him always having his hand on you somewhere to let others know you were his and only his

· Him getting a bit handsy in public when other guys stared at you

· Making him look you in the eyes when he was about to go into a rage or a panic

· Him not knowing how to comfort you when you’re upset

· He’ll either just hold you until you stop crying or lash out in anger at whatever caused you to be upset

· You keeping an alarm on your watch for when he needed to take his meds

· You walking to and from therapy with him for support

· Teaching him how to play with cats tHE RIGHT WAY

· Getting him books about bugs so he could look and learn without killing them

· Him flinching every time you touched him at first, then slowly melts into your touch as he gets more comfortable with you

· Him stealing snacks and little knickknacks from corner markets for your dates

· You being sarcastic and him being a jackass

· You and him going to punch Henry at the same time the first time you meet the gang and Henry said something sexist

· Henry and the gang also becoming protective over you over time, seeing you as the ‘princess’ of the gang

· You and Belch talking about Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and other metal bands while the rest of the gang did dumb guy shit

· The gang teaching you to defend yourself if you ever got into trouble without Patrick around

· Whenever he goes to hang out with the gang, you send him with lil lunches you packed for them all

· Wearing his flannels and button ups in the fall

· Watching a slasher movie every day of October

· Him lending you some of his shirts to sleep in during the hot summer months

· Him breaking into your room window at night cause he has trouble sleeping when he’s alone with his thoughts

· You reading a novel out loud so he could be distracted from his thoughts and finally sleep

· Him refusing to move if you fell asleep on him

· He’d just watch you curiously or observe your breathing patterns

· Him being a rough and dominant kisser

· Him pinning you against walls, beds, anything really to kiss you

· Him smirking in amusement every time you tried to match his height and kiss him

· Although he’d give in and lean down after a few seconds

· Him a l w a y s being the big spoon

· Him watching curiously when you did things like paint or move along to music

· You playing with his long skinny fingers

· Playing with each other’s hair

literally no one asked but here are some headcanons for Patrick sneaking into your room at night:

-he shows up unannounced all the time and theres really nothing you can do about it

-there will be periods of time when he doesnt show up at all, and you know thats when hes probably out terrorizing some poor kids with his friends

-the first time he literally thought he could just walk up to your door past midnight on a school night and convince your parents to let him in

-when that obviously failed he resorted to climbing up to your window

-his body is so lanky tho so its hard for him to fit through your window without making a ruckus 

-he’s fallen through your window and hit the carpet of your room a handful of times

-when this happens he gets really angry “that window is so fUCKING stupid i swear to GOD”

-the next time you set out a chair in front of your window to make it easier for him

-he doesnt like this

-”what the fuck is this shit, Y/N? what, you think i need a step stool?? its not my fault your window is fucked up. i can get in just fine without your help, girlie”

-the window becomes too much of a bother after a while so he looks for other ways into the house

-one night before climbing up he takes a walk around your house 

-he tries every door and window with no luck

-he seriously considers just jamming the locks on the front door, but he knows that’ll only give him a short window of time before your parents have it fixed

-this is when he thinks to look under the welcome mat for a key


-now he just waits for your parents to go to bed before letting himself in

-once you’re together he likes how nervous you get about your parents waking up

-so he talks kinda loud and ignores you when you shush him

-”you know its rude to shush people, Y/N. do i need to teach you how to be a good girl?”

-the rush of getting caught only excites him more (and you too, but you’d never admit it)

-sometimes after being out with the rest of the gang, he’s really riled up

-this is when his visits get a little rough :) but you like it when he gets rowdy

-aka him panting hard as he tells you to start undressing, hurried sloppy kisses, lots of biting, trouble unbuckling his belt, mumbled curses etc

-sometimes he bypasses the whole stripping thing altogether and instead just pulls out his switchblade and cuts up your pajamas instead

-”jesus patrick! that was my last pair of good pajama pants!”

-”shhh babe I promise i’ll get you some new ones if you’re good, but right now i really need you on the bed”

-when he’s done with you he’ll just fall asleep with you tight in his grip

-you better hope you dont have to get up in the middle of the night, because once he’s asleep theres no getting out of the web that is his limbs

-he usually wakes up in time to sneak out before your parents wake up

-he doesnt wake you up to say goodbye, but he does like to smell your hair and press his lips against your head one last time before he goes

-he thinks you’re asleep when he does this, but the action always wakes you up and you silently say your goodbyes in your head, trying not to smile

-when he goes, he always leaves something askew to mess with your parents 

-sometimes he rearranges small things in the fridge, or leaves a glass in the sink

-your parents have no clue why these things keep happening, but they have a strong suspicion that you must sleep walk

Why Him? (Patrick Hockstetter x reader) (smut)

Summary: You’re the girlfriend of Henry Bowers, leader of the Bower’s but, what you don’t know is that Patrick is infatuated with you and absolutely hates the thought of you and Henry together

Warning: smut (of course aha), Oral sex(female receiving), Jealous!Patrick, Blood, knife play (but not really)

A/N: I thought I’d try something new and go into different things, so let me know who I should include for my imagines/one-shots! :)

Originally posted by nicholashamilton

It was everything about you that made him fall head over heals, the way your (Y/H/C) hair would somehow flow perfectly in the wind as you rode in the Trans Am with the gang, the way you smile and laugh at the most simple things, the way his name would slip off your tongue like a soft coo, made for only him to hear. But what he didn’t like was the way you looked at Henry, the way you stayed close to him at all times, the way you’d laugh at all of his jokes and most importantly.. the way you kissed him. Those should be his kisses…not Henry’s.

You were walking down the hallway, heading to your 4th period class, when you came across the Bower’s gang, the biggest bullies in school. You smile to yourself and trot over to, walking over to the very handsome leader.

“Hey babe!” You giggle, pecking his lips, he smirks at the gesture and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

“Hey baby” He smiles softly, as you rest your head on his chest.

You close your eyes as you feel a pair of eyes on your back, you knew who’s eyes they were, you knew the feeling all too well, you slowly open your eyes and look over to see Patrick, staring dead at you, with a distant look in his eyes, a look of longing, you faintly smile and look away and back up at Henry.

“Let’s skip” you whine playfully, causing a smile to instantly show up on his face.

“Whatever you say princess” he says in a sarcastic tone as he said ‘princess’ before grabbing your hand and heading out the front door with you and the rest of the gang.


Throughout the whole night spent with the boys you felt Patrick’s eye’s on you, piercing through you, causing your blood to run cold with each glance you made resulting in eye contact.

Why was he staring?

You stepped out of the shower, having washed off the events of earlier from your body, going to the quarry and going to the pond and swimming.

Softly humming a tune you’re interrupted by a knock on your front door, you quickly wrap the towel around your body and rush to the door, Henry was usually the only one to visit you at this time of night so you weren’t really worried about being in a towel, you open the door and your eyes widen to see it’s Patrick, standing right in front of you, hair a mess, eyes bloodshot.

Was he crying? Hockstetter never cries!

“Everything alright Hockstetter?” You ask, moving out of the way to let him in. He hesitates at first but then walks in.

“Can we go upstairs?” He asks softly, looking at the ground.

“Y-Yeah um.. sure” you managed to stutter out, why are you so nervous about having him in your room? It’s just Patrick!

You two silently make your way to your room and you motion for him to sit on the bed, you start searching around your room for clothes to wear.

“I-I can’t stop thinking about you (Y/N) no matter what I do, y-you’re always there! Your smile, your laugh! The way you kiss him!! Fuck the way you kiss him” You freeze in your tracks at the words coming out of his mouth, you tense up as you hear him rise from your bed and make his way over to you, “The way he touches you, looks at you.. the way you touch him, look at him” he says softly in your ear, running his hand softly down your shoulder, down your arm and intertwines your hands.

He kisses softly down your neck to your shoulder, causing goosebumps to spread through your body.

“P-Patrick we can’t, I-Im with Henry..a-ah” your breath hitches as he undoes the towel and let’s it fall softly to the floor, allowing the cold air to engulf your body, causing your nipples to harden almost immediately. A whimper leaving your lips, body shivering slightly.

“Why him (Y/N)? Because he’s the leader? Because he’s not… Crazy?” His free hand that isn’t in yours slowly makes it’s way down your chest, stopping and resting on your stomach.

“Y-you’re not crazy Patrick”

“Oh but I am my little dove, crazy about you” his hand travels lower and rests on your hip, “But you still have answered my question babe… Why him?” His hand tightens around your hip, you take your free and put it over his, on your hip, “I-I don’t know” you say barely above a whisper. He let’s go of you and turns you around, he backs you against the wall and presses his body against yours, you look up at him, his blue-ish green eyes piercing through yours, he leans down and connects your lips softly, you weren’t hesitant in the slightest about kissing back, your lips move in sync as if they were made for one another, you moan softly as your hands make their way to the side of his face, rubbing your thumbs softly against his cheek. Henry never kissed you like this, it was always rough with him, always about him but Patrick was being gentle…which is rare with him. Your lips separate and his lips connect to your neck, leaving soft wet kisses down your neck, and down your chest to your lower region. “P-Patrick” you whine with want, you hated to admit it but you needed him, not Henry, not anyone else…him.

“Shhhh baby, I’ll take good care of you, by the time I’m done with you.. you won’t need him anymore” he states, lifting up your leg up over his shoulder and kissing the inside of your thigh, you bite you lip and arch you back of off the cold wall and wrap your fingers into his long black locks. He moans softly at the act and lips your fold softly, “Fuck, you taste so sweet baby” he purrs, licking again, “Mm, please b-babe, d-don’t tease me” you stutter out as he works his tongue over your clit, slowly moving in circular motions, your fingers tighten around his hair and you gently pull upward to signal him to come up but he doesn’t, he slides his tongue into you and explores your walls, deep inside of you, your fingers tighten around his hair as you writhe against him, your feel your body jerk suddenly as his tongue hits a specific spot of your body, sending sparks through you, you feel the knot in your stomach tighten greatly. “P-Patrick I’m gonna–” “Let go baby, cum for me” he mumbles against you, sending vibrations through you, his tongue exits you and you let out a whine but that whine soon fades as his mouth attacks your clit, sucking and licking. You let out a strained cry as you practically scream his name, releasing all over him.

“Good girl” he purrs lapping your juices and standing back up, you softly kiss his neck as you remove his button up, and start to undo his belt and unbutton his jeans, you smirk against his skin as you hear soft low moans escape from him as your kisses turn into sucking. You soon pull away and take his tank top off, as he starts to work his pants and underwear off. There he stands, naked in front of you. You whimper at the thought of him inside of you, making you his, he was definitely bigger than Henry, not that he was small but he certainly wasn’t as big as Patrick. He sees you eyeing him and smirks, taking your leg and wrapping it around his waist, positioning himself at your entrance, his lips hover against yours, almost taking your breath away “You ready baby?” He asks softly, sincerely. You silently let out a yes and his lips lock against yours, as he slowly slides into you. Your lips separate as your mouth opens slightly letting out a shaky breath, he smiles and starts to thrust in and out of you, slowly but forcefully, you look up at him and rest your hand on his cheek. “Say it baby…say you’re mine” he grunts out between thrusts. “I-Im yours Patrick, only yours” you moan out, the feeling of his body against yours was pure bliss, his thrusts get harder and he grabs your hand, reaching into his shirt you had thrown on your dresser, he pulls out his switch blade, panic goes through you but it soon subsides when his lips collide with yours, you soon feel a sharp pain in your right hand and you wince against the kiss not daring to pull away, he slowly pulls away and cuts his left palm diagonally from his pointer finger to the end of his hand. The sight didn’t make you feel nauseated it disgusted, the sight made you curious.

With his thrusts still rhythmic and hard, he puts his cut hand into yours, as if to create a blood bond between the two of you, the feeling made adrenaline rush through you.

“I love you (Y/N) so fucking much” he breaths out, lifting you up.

You wrap both legs around his waist and kiss him passionately, “I love you too Patrick” you coo, letting Henry slip your mind completely.

He brings you to the bed and lays you down, his speed increases and his thrusts harder, making your bed shake and creak “F-Fuck, O-oh my, Baby right there!” You cry out, reaching your hands up to the sides of his face and yanking him into a kiss, you feel the knot in your stomach become unbearable, “You like that, huh? Who do you belong to?” He grunts, going harder, he moves down to your neck and starts sucking and biting. “Y-You! S-Shit! I belong to you!” You scream, “I’m gonna cum!” You grunt but it sounds more like a whine, This wasn’t any sort rough to you, to you this was passion. Henry never did anything like this, he would more of fuck you, cum and stop, whether you came or not. But this, this was cloud 9, this was addictive.

“Cum for me my love, I-Im coming too” he mumbled against your neck, “Let me feel you around me baby, show me how much you love me” he whispers softly in your neck, needing you. This sends you over the edge as you claw into his back, hold onto him for dear life as if you’d never see him again, like he wasn’t real. You feel your eyes roll back and your back arch against him, pressing your body even closer to his.

Seeing the sight of you send him over as well, his thrusts getting sloppy as his breath quickens and your name comes out of his mouth over and over like a mantra. You feel him release inside of you and you shudder at the warm feeling. He rolls over off of you and kisses you, holding your bloodied hands together.

“We’re connected now…by mind, body, soul…and blood” he says softly, these words didn’t come out as intimidating, they came off as loving, you knew why he did this. He couldn’t handle it if you went back to Henry. So he made you his with the only thing he knows, blood. And that made your heart flutter.

You laid your head on his chest, “I love you Patrick Hockstetter” you whisper softly, as if to yourself as it had just dawned on you what happened. You cheated on your boyfriend, but.. you felt no remorse. But if you were to go back with Henry, you’d feel horrible as if you’d cheated on Patrick.

Your heart belonged to Patrick and every part of you knew that.