Patrick paige

Anyone else find it odd how angry Paige was at Patrick?

Paige: “Nobody wanted him here!”

Miz: “The audience was shocked…”

Paige: “This is a global show!”

So, Sara had no fire, but Patrick had too much fire?

Later that same night…

Miz: “Do you like Giorgia or Sara?”

Audience: “Sara!”

Me: Is this still a “global” show?


Rewatching dominoes and I really hate how they kind of just ended Happy and her dad storyline. Like so she just found him and now they are happy families again. I want to see the struggle of Happy trying to trust her father again and Patrick trying find out more about his daughters life. I really hope they pick up this storyline in season 2. I know I’m being obsessed but to me that just doesn’t feel realistic as I know what it feels like to grow up without a father and then him just waltzing back in as if I’ve know him my whole life. Of topic but I love how Paige is so worried about Walter when he decides to go back down to save Owen. Just so adorable

What is it with so many people here falling for kayfabe once Tough Enough and Total Divas are on?


Not only are these shows wrestling shows, but they’re fucking reality shows. In the same vein as Keeping Up With the Kardashians or American Idol.

Yeah, watch these things for your entertainment, sure. That’s fine. It’s fun to fall for the effect and get legitimately angry or happy sometimes about what happens. But why is it bad if marks on here fall for kayfabe on RAW (Seth Rollins is legitimately a douche! Cena is a hero!) but it’s perfectly cool when we all base our opinions on one person because of a role we see them portraying on another highly scripted and produced show (Paige is legitimately a bitch for putting Patrick in the bottom 3)?

Not to mention how many people complain about who the judges pick for the bottom 3 each week, as if they have ANY actual say over who goes there, and it’s not totally predetermined before the show starts by the producers.

Damn, this is reality TV. I know this is a wrestling sub so we’re not as familiar with how these kinds of shows are run, but don’t take them too seriously. You’re getting worked.

WWE Tough Enough

I really have become bored with this show. I have a hard time agreeing/accepting the fact the viewers choose who decides needs to go home each week.

What are Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, and Paige there for? They technically aren’t judges. They are just there to critique the contestants.

Why don’t Billy Gunn, Lita, and Booker T have more of a day so? They are with them, training them the whole time.

What gives the viewers any right to send someone home? They only see a fraction of the training and pretty much all the drama.

I realize it’s sports entertainment, but did I miss the memo on when it became a soap opera for wrestling fans?

Rant over….

WWE Tough Enough 6x03 ‘Who Are You?’ Review: Can we find a new judge, please?

What started off as a not-so promising show has taken another turn for the worse in just its third week of being on air. WWE’s reality show Tough Enough is supposed to be a show for future WWE wrestlers that will own the biggest championships in the show’s history. But what it’s really turning out to be is a glorified tenth grade talent show with an expensive budget.

Spoilers are included in this review.

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If you haven’t already checked them out, well you should and do it now! The Internet is a new to some, been there, still there to others, side project of Odd Future DJ Syd the Kyd + OF’s associate Matt Martian. Some of us have already heard cuts from “They Say” and “Love Song-1” from the duo. They were joined by a couple of other members;Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige, Christopher A. Smith, and Steve Lacy + fully merged together in mid 2011 after the major incidents in the OFWGKTA world.

Now, better than ever comes their third project and LP, Ego Death which follows their highly acclaimed 2013 sophomore release, Feel Good, and 2011 debut, Purple Naked Ladies. There’s also a sultry, sexy, just…dammit, have my underwear type of single entitled “Special Affair”. I’ll rap that up in a bow and give that to you all as a gift later on this week lol. But for now here’s something equivalently awesome and sexy, “Girl” feat. the electronica Haitian genius Kaytranda. So I hope you enjoy, I mean its OF related c'mon.



A YouTube Poop video I made of the music video from 2011 called “This City” by Patrick Stump featuring Lupe Fiasco. <3

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