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x-men: days of the future past (2014)

                                                          “you built these weapons to destroy us. why?                                                    because you are afraid of our gifts. because we are different. “


An official featurette for “The Stanford Prison Experiment” starring Ezra Miller. The movie is based on the psychological study performed by Dr. Philip Zimbardo in 1971.


And from this point forward…you should never refer to this as a study or an experiment againBilly Crudup instructs the guys chosen to play the prison guards in the latest clip from Kyle Patrick Alvarez’s thriller The Stanford Prison Experiment, in theaters now: watch it below.

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#JennAtSDCC: Roundtable Interviews (Cast & Producers of 'Scorpion') ~ Just About Write

We interviewed the EP and cast of Scorpion at San Diego Comic-Con and got some scoop about season two and what to expect regarding the show’s couples. Enjoy!

Mr. Holmes Review — Written 7/19/15

           Having known very little about Mr. Holmes before seeing it—the advertising was almost non-existent despite its impressive opening weekend—I wasn’t completely sure what to expect. I didn’t quite expect what I got, though, which was refreshing. This isn’t a traditional Sherlock Holmes story; it’s far more pathos-driven. Its characters and the film itself have a heightened sense of humanity, and despite its slow pace, Mr. Holmes carries itself carefully, even if it does get a bit too slow in its last fifteen minutes.

           This is definitely not Guy Ritchie’s vision of Sherlock Holmes. The movie is almost as sedated as possible, which—depending on the viewer—could either hurt or help their perception of the film. Personally speaking, I found the movie to be very well paced in how it does a good job avoiding boredom but clinging to the understated and wary worldview of its protagonist. It almost put me in a trance for most of the movie. Assuming that the viewer can put themselves in a meditative state for 104 minutes, they might find themselves as reflective as Holmes himself.

           McKellen obviously does terrific work here, being at once distinguished and sloppy, smart and still growing. He does a great job illustrating a man that—despite his heaps of experience—is still discovering more about himself as well as his relationships with others. Bill Condon’s direction, Jeffrey Hatcher’s screenplay, and McKellen’s performance all compliment each other. The weakest link, although not bad, might be Condon’s direction.

           Despite the movie’s good job at telling a simple mystery in a slow manner, Condon doesn’t seem to add that much to it. It really is The Ian McKellen Show. That obviously isn’t his fault, but Condon doesn’t have as strong of a voice or style as the rest of his creative counterparts other than good pacing. The pacing itself suffers a bit towards the end, though, as the movie starts to lose steam. There are also a few odd editing choices that are either too abrupt or too long, but most of these technical issues are minor.

           As a twist on an adapted-like-crazy character, Mr. Holmes is a welcome change of pace (at times quite literally), depicting the maturation of someone who would seem to be near perfect anyways. McKellen is great and the supporting cast does good work, and the movie’s different components work together rather nicely. There are issues that prevent it from being great or even really good, but it’s still successful in its own right.

           7.4/10, good, one thumb up, above average, etc.

Simon Baker

Gender: Male

DOB: 30 July 1969

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: English

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Simon Baker is an Australian actor and director. In his television acting career, he is best known for his lead role in the CBS television series The Mentalist as Patrick Jane and as Nicholas Fallin in The Guardian. In his film acting career, he is best known for the lead role of Riley Denbo in Land of the Dead and Christian Thompson in the film adaptation of The Devil Wears Prada, based on the 2003 novel of the same name.

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Holistic Fit Dentist, 41, Found Dead of Massive Heart Attack While Jogging

Holistic Fit Dentist, 41, Found Dead of Massive Heart Attack While Jogging

This brings the body count to nine … This is getting crazy! -LW Dr Abdul- Karim was a holistic dentist who helped the underprivileged, and had a Non Profit foundation set up 2 years ago to do just that. His  fraternity brother, patient and long time friend said it just “doesn’t add up” about the shocking death of his friend on Tuesday, July 21st. A passerby found him dead on the side of the…

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