Patrick Holland

There are seven stories I read at least once a year, for pleasure and in the same very rational spirit that infertile males of certain old (and new) world tribes have eaten rhinoceros horns and tiger penises, hoping that imbibing a thing of a certain shape and power will transfer the shape and power upon the imbiber.
—  Patrick Holland, Silent Plains

Next Generation Dreamcast + houses

So here is my next generation dreamcast- all the canon characters. The house that they are above or below (or next to in Fred and Roxanne’s case) is the house they are in. Obviously, the ages of the actors vary quite a bit, so it’s not incredibly accurate. 

Victoire Weasley - Amanda Seyfried
Dominique Weasley - Scarlett Johansson (She was the only actress I could find with short red hair that looked similar to the Dom I have in my mind)
Louis Weasley - Mitch Hewer
Molly Weasley II - Lily Collins
Lucy Weasley - Georgie Henley
Rose Weasley - Jane Levy
Hugo Weasley - Andre Klitzke
James Sirius Potter - Ken Bek
Albus Severus Potter - Logan Lerman
Lily Luna Potter - Holland Roden
Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer
Teddy Remus Lupin - Tanner Patrick
Lorcan Lovegood-Scamander - Dylan Sprouse
Lysander Lovegood-Scamander - Cole Sprouse
Fred Weasley II - William Marcin
Roxanne Weasley - Jessica Sula 

*Please don’t repost or delete my caption*