“Patrick can’t keep his eye’s off you during the M A N I A tour, but he doesn’t want to make it obvious.”

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Woah! He’s totally got the looks for you!” My friend Julie whispered in my ear as Patrick looked at me for about the 10th time that hour. 

The sound of the guitars shredding, the drums pounding and shaking my body, Pete’s sweaty hand coming over and reaching out. And on top of it all-Patrick Stump was staring, right, at, me. 

“No!” I scoffed, looking at her like she was crazy. We turned back to the stage, reaching out as Joe walked down the platform. 

Patrick started to make his way towards us, singing; “I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS…” 

The girls around us screamed as we smiled and reached out. Patrick started to walk over to me, giving off a soft smile as he did. I gave back a shy smile, seeing his eyes lock with mine. His baby blues bore into my golden browns. 

The sound ended as the lights went down the rest of the arena screaming after the song ended. The lights went back up as everyone screamed and Pete started to give a speech. 

“Hi.” I looked up at the voice, seeing Patrick Stump kneeling in front of me.The girls around me noticed also, starting to scream and reach out at him. He smiled and leaned down, motioning for me to come forward. The security guard opened the gate, leading me in to where Patrick was kneeling. “I’m so sorry, I never normally do these things but,” He paused, my eye’s widening at the fact that he was right in front of me! “I’ve just had this urge, this giant ping, something in my gut. It’s been telling me to do it, to take a chance.” 

I looked up at him confused. “What chance?” I asked over all of the screaming girls. 

“The chance to tell you that you’re beautiful.” 

my aesthetic: ezra miller saying that if he had a wand, he would use his power to destroy the patriarchy.