polka mans

So me and @bottledsleep​ were at a con and we found some fuckin T R E A S U R E S

a patrat with a pretty good perspective on life

a wigglytuff with a transparent personality

a machoke with acid-reflux

regigigas that never earned its stripes

a hariyama with at least one eye on the prize

an excadrill with some palette issues

this one looks fine

this fucking gardevoir with a drug problem

i don’t even know where to start with this one

this roserade had a wild vegas night

a stump of a dustox

grovyle had a jaw-dropping experience

a crocanaw that’s just glad to be here

and this poor swampert who tragically contracted a deadly case of play-doh face

best team plasma grunts:

everyone’s favorite hypocrites

  • the two that see ghetsis in musharna’s illusion and r u n for their dear lives
  • “it’s bad for team plasma. it’s plasbad.”
  • “anyone who doesn’t agree with what we say is wrong.” (after her defeat) “you’re wrong.”
  • that grunt in the castle who can somehow teleport you back to the pokecenter
  • female grunt who calls her patrat “just a tool”, but has a change of heart in the sequels and is now good friends with her pokemon. a+ character development.
  • incense selling ex-grunt who’s just trying to make a living
  • the grunt who only stayed with team plasma through the sequels because the chef makes good bread.
  • ex-team plasma hiker guy who wants to believe he can still fit in his old uniform
  • the woman who cried of happiness when she saw the legendary dragons for the first time
  • upset double agent who’s sick and tired of everyone calling n a traitor
  • grunt that calls hugh a “qwilfish”
  • flowery shakespearean grunt who calls you a “knave”.
  • two grunts on opposing sides who get in a fight on the bridge. (needless to say, n’s follower is the one who gets decked)
  • the ex-grunt who jokes about ghetsis being a good guy, but really ticks off another ex-grunt who proceeds to yell at him