Pat McGrath


Seriously photographed by Richard Burbridge i-D April 1999

Make-up by Pat McGrath

Instead of conventional beautification, stark conceptualism has become the make-up industry’s currency of choice. Beauty is beyond the worry of whether skin should be dewy or matte, shimmery or powdery. As Cindy Sherman once proclaimed, “I divide myself into many different parts.”

Rockstar glamour by Pat McGrath at Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2015

Makeup artist Pat McGrath’s sparkly makeup for Anna Sui’s spring show was inspired by rockers like Marc Bolan, Keith Richards and Jimmy Page. To create the look, McGrath dabbed gold- or rose-colored glitter in the center of models’ bare lids on top and bottom, as well as on the inner corners with a damp shadow brush.

“When you look at Anna’s clothes, there’s a lot of fabrics with moons and some stars and sparkles, and that’s why we came up with this kind of cosmic beauty,” McGrath said.

The rest of the face was left “rebelliously” bare with only CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation on skin, and a swipe of brown-black mascara at the roots of eyelashes.

My favourite eye makeup looks from John Galliano & Christian Dior (under Galliano) - all done by Pat McGrath

First look: iridescent silvers caused a shimmering out-of-this-world effect at John Galliano Fall/Winter 2009, second look: splashes of magenta and brushes of deep purple eyeshadow made for an especially artistic eye at John Galliano Spring/Summer 2010, third look: exaggerated flase lashes with higlighted waterline for an extreme doll-like gaze at Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2009