Pat Derby


These photos are part of an online series we did at the  Exploratorium called Driven: True Stories of Inspiration.

This episode is called “Big Love”, and is all about PAWS (Performing Animal Welfare Society), which is an animal sanctuary founded by former Hollywood animal trainer Pat Derby and her partner, Ed Stewart, in 1984. What started as a small space intended only to care for Pat’s own retired animals has become one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the world, and a very unique way of life for Pat and Ed. In this show, we focus on the unique relationship they maintain with the 8 elephants in residence.

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Produced and photographed by the Exploratorium


You can’t imagine how much I love this picture. This horse’s name is Cointreau, his rider is Rasmus Lüneburg, brother of Nisse Lüneburg (the 2x winner of the Hamburger Derby). 2 months before this picture was taken Rasmus gave me Cointreau to ride during my practice in his show stable and this horse owned my heart from the first second. And then, two months later after moving back to Spangenberg, I saw them showing at the Hamburger Derby. They got 4 faults, but I was just incredibly proud of them. And I miss Cointreau pretty much.
Hamburger Derby ‘13.