Herbie Hancock ‎ –  4 AM  (Mr. Hands, 1980)  

Jaco Pastorius 

Happy Birthday to a great, the one, the chosen one, the master, a visionary. A GOD.

Although you are no longer among the living still in the feeling and heart of all the bears you have heard and seen him play.

Happy b-day Jaco Pastorius!

“All American Alien Boy” by Ian Hunter feat. Jaco Pastorius

An’ I remember all the good times - me ‘n Miller enjoyed
Up and down the M1 in some luminous yo-yo toy
But the future has to change - and to change I’ve got to destroy
Oh look out Lennon here I come - land ahoy-hoy-hoy

Ian Hunter gets weird(er) and jazzier as he invited up and coming bassist Jaco Pastorius to play and provide musical direction on this album. Jut listen to those bass leads during the first instrumental break.

It’s just too bad that Mick Ronson didn’t play on this album, too.

Saturday Night Tunes


A sound as ginormous as the Grand Canyon…