i was tagged by @hums  to do the 20 questions tag (than you v !!)
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name: marie
no nickname
zodiac sign:
164 cm (i grew a cm over the summer woot woot !!)
straight, but i think i’m still figuring it out
favorite fruit:
any fruit really !! if i had to choose, probably bananas with peaches as a close second
favorite season:
favorite book series:
big fan of harry potter & his dark materials but honestly ?? i have so many !!
favorite flower:
favorite scent:
the smell of the forest, the ocean, and fresh berries
favorite color:
pastel blue & black
favorite animals:
frogs !!
tea (not a day goes buy without at least one cup of black tea)
average sleep:
6.5 to 9 hours
cat or dog person:
cat, although i’ve always thought myself a dog person
favorite fictional characters:
scarlett o’hara from gone with the wind
number of blankets:
1 - 3
dream trip:
a tour of europe with my best friend <<3
blog created:
february 26, 2016
number of followers:
i don’t think that’s important :)

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