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that's super cool how you came up with blueprint! but neon is my favorite can you tell me how you came up with her ovo?

Hm… Same with InkBerry, I wanted to make a child of a kinda unpopular ship (Or should I say, VERY unpopular… cuz I’ve had some… rude comments on my facebook page from people who ship other people with Fresh and Sci. I won’t say which ships tho) that I love with a lot of passion(?). 

I loved SciFresh since I saw them interacting in the CPAU (Even if there Sci likes Edge and you know… Fresh is a parasite(?)) becase they both had lots of funny interactions there x//v//x)

After a long time, I started to desing little Neón. I already had Cassis, Radier and Blueprint and I wanted to make a girl. Why not from this ship? 

After that, I started to make her design. I wanted her to have bright colors like her father but gosh, her palette wasn’t very good until I decided to use more pastel colors on her. In the end, I gave her the colors she now has! Her sunglasses were part of her desing since the beginning but the halos came after I gave her her name.

The name “Neón” is kinda obvious. Fresh uses clothes with neón colors and it is also a chemical element. But I wanted to make it more original so, I write it in spanish. Same with her parasite “Xenón” and her fell (Merc from Mercurio/Mercury) and Male version (Helio/Helium) uvu

The Better Man (pt.2)

Warnings: Language, Slight angst

Word Count: 1492


“So that’s it then? You’re just gonna punk out because your mommy said so?” He had no choice. It was for the good of his family, his legacy. He remained silent, staring at the off-white table cloth in front of him. What could he say? There were no words that could correctly convey how apologetic he was. There were no words that could convey the sorrow he felt in his own heart without making it seem like your pain didn’t matter. But it did matter, there was just nothing he could do about it. 

Six years. The six beautiful years the two of you had spent together were some of the best years of his life. A time filled with love and passion. A time filled with laughter and living of his own free will, not having to think of the responsibility of being next in line to take over the company his great-grandfather had built.

“A-ma-zing..” You scoffed in disbelief. Bunching up the thick napkin in your lap, you stood to your feet, grabbing for the glass of wine in front of you. “You and your mother can rot in hell.” You seethed, flinging the liquid into his face. You angrily slammed the glass on top of your half-empty plate, shattering the stem. You cursed and used the napkin to dust the glass fragments from your hand before snatching your purse up and stomping away from the table.


Taehyung sat at his massive, black-stained, cherry wood table, staring blankly at Jaemi, the woman that his parents pushed on him as part of their “passing the company down” plan. Jaemi was the daughter of a very important conglomerate and without her, Taehyung would have been seen as a less than desirable candidate for president of the company. Despite how his fiancé felt about the arrangement, this marriage was nothing more than a business deal to him.

The longer he looked at Jaemi, the more he became a man laden with disgust. She was a nice enough girl, and it wasn’t like she was horrible to look at. But she wasn’t you. She could never be you. No one could. Taehyung felt sick suddenly, wincing at the pain in the pit of his stomach. Jaemi quietly cut into her steak, chewing just as quietly. She paused, glancing up in Taehyung’s direction, a look of calculated pettiness painted clearly across her pretty face. “Jimin’s wife seemed nice.” She said with a sadistic smile. She must have picked up on the fact that Taehyung had been blindsided at the gathering by his own best friend.

She tapped the steak knife against the faded lipstick on her mouth, feigning thoughtfulness, “What was her name again?”
Taehyung’s jaw tensed, but he refused to show any kind of reaction. “I don’t think I caught her name.” 

“I think we should have them over for dinner this week. I can’t believe we hadn’t known Jimin had gotten married! And to such a beautiful woman too..” Her eyes narrowed and Taehyung wondered what was going through her mind. Did she know something had happened between you two? Or was it all just speculation and she was trying to figure it all out? “Of course. I think it’s best to get to know the woman that stole the love of my life.” Taehyung chuckled humorlessly.

Jaemi seemed to have lost interest in the matter for the time being, because she went back to eating silently. All the while, Taehyung was fuming. What was she playing at? He didn’t have the heart, nor the patience to entertain this nonsense. Come hell or high water, he was going to find a way to sabotage this dinner. There was no way in hell he was inviting the two of you over to his home for a meal. Not when seeing you the other night resurfaced every feeling he’d ever had for you.


“You have a lovely home.” You mused, looking around Taehyung’s house. It had been years since you were last there, and at the party, you hadn’t really paid enough attention to spot the subtle changes that had been made on account of it being painfully awkward being there and all. Jaemi materialized by Taehyung’s side with a glass of whiskey. “There’s still some…minor changes that need to be made. Renovations can be…taxing.” She said with a smile. She passed the glass to Taehyung and turned her body slightly to look at the house as well, “I’ve actually thought about gutting the house completely and starting from scratch.”

As she prattled on about the things she’d done to the house, you’d taken that opportunity to glance in Taehyung’s direction. He had busied himself with staring at the contents of his glass, moving the crystal in a way that the ice clinked against the sides. There was a pause in Jaemi’s story, and you hurriedly looked away from Taehyung, nodding as if you had been paying attention to her the whole time. “Will Jimin be joining us?” She asked, directing the question at you. You fought back the need to roll your eyes. You knew exactly what she was hinting by that question, which meant one of two things: she knew about you and Taehyung, or she was suspicious and was phishing.

“He should be here soon.” You said with a tight smile. This was only the second time you’d encountered this woman, and you were already done with her. She was clearly insecure in her relationship with Taehyung and was projecting that on to everything else. It wasn’t like she had anything to prove to anyone. You were no longer the girl that was head-over-heels in love with him. She disappeared the day the two of you had broken up. Yeah, you still had remnants of feelings for the guy, but wasn’t that standard for someone who had been in a romance so intense they weren’t aware of anything or anyone other than the object of their affection?

Not even two minutes after he was mentioned, Jimin showed up in a grand fashion, late as per usual. His warm hand found the small of your back, and he leaned down and kissed the side of your neck before smiling over at Jaemi and Taehyung. “Sorry I’m so late, had to make a few stops.” You couldn’t help but smile at him, he was always so charming, bright and commanding.

Whenever you looked at Jimin, you’re taken back to the day you married him. The love and fullness you felt that day were always present when you gazed into his eyes. It helped that he felt the same way about you. You had only wished that you’d known he was perfect for you sooner. Had you, you might have been able to save yourself the heartache of a disastrous breakup with Taehyung. Your heart seized, and the pain of that day washed over you. Your smile fell from your face and your brows furrowed in confusion. Why was this happening now of all times?

Being the empathetic man that he was, Jimin immediately sensed your change in mood, and you felt him move his hand from your back to your waist, squeezing you reassuringly.  “Is dinner ready? I’m starved.” He asked, pulling you into his side. Jaemi appeared to have remembered why she had invited the both of you over in the first place. She perked up, smiling cheerily, “Not quite yet, but if you’ll follow me into the grand dining area, we can wait there.” She sounded like she was a museum tour guide, not the hostess of a dinner party. Jimin squeezed you again and you relaxed into him, this was going to be fine. You were going to be fine.

You would have had to come to grips with the fact that you’d be seeing a lot of Taehyung being that he and your husband were the best of friends. At least, they were until Taehyung found out that his best friend went behind his back and married his soulmate. Too bad for him though, Jimin didn’t care in the slightest that he was put off by the two of you being together. He loved you, and unlike Taehyung, he wasn’t going to break your heart. He made the promise on the day you exchanged vows. In sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for better or worse.

You didn’t know everything about what happened then. You didn’t know just how far back all of it went, what all went down, and Jimin was going to try his damnedest to keep it that way. In his eyes, he was a real man. The better man. Taehyung made his choice, so did he. So did you. Although your love was complicated, he was going to hold on to it for the rest of his life. The rest of his life.

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