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Passion Pit // Sleepyhead

They couldn’t think of something to say the day you burst,

With all their lions and all their might and all their thirst.

They crowd your bedroom like some thoughts wearing thin,

Against the walls against your rules against your skin.

Listen: Passion Pit just dropped not 1, but 2 amazing new songs

It’s been nearly three years since Passion Pit’s last album, Gossamer, found the sweet spot of mainstream synth-pop. But in that time, they haven’t missed a single beat. Passion Pit just released a new single Tuesday, titled “Where the Sky Hangs.” It has all the life-affirming melodic and lyrical simplicity we’ve come to expect from the band, along with a few new sonic twists.

And it’s the second amazing single they’ve released since Monday.


The new album ‘Kindred’ will be available for pre-order tomorrow (2/17). Listen to “Lifted Up (1985)” here:

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A Most Excellent Year Mix (1901-2080)
Whether serving as nostalgia for days past, reflections on the present or visions of the future, years have served as inspiration for many artists, most recently Passion Pit whose new single, “Lifted Up (1985)”, proclaims in the chorus that “1985 was a good year” (which I tend to agree with, it being the year I was born). Here’s a mix (in chronological order) of songs that were inspired by various years, from Phoenix’s “1901” to Yeasayer’s “2080”. Click here to listen to the mix on Spotify.

01. Phoenix - 1901
02. The Tallest Man On Earth - 1904
03. PHOX - 1936
04. Harry Nilsson - 1941
05. Neutral Milk Hotel - Holland, 1945
06. Explosions in the Sky - Postcards from 1952
07. New Order - 1963
08. The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
09. David Bowie - 1984
10. Passion Pit - Lifted Up (1985)
11. Death Cab for Cutie - Expo ‘86
12. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Tornado ‘87
13. Summer Camp - 1988
14. Blur - 1992
15. The Wombats - 1996
16. Prince - 1999
17. Pulp - Disco 2000
18. Los Campesinos! - 2007, The Year Punk Broke (My Heart)
19. Arctic Monkeys - 2013
20. Yeasayer - 2080


The new album Kindred will be available April 21st.  Pre-order now on iTunes and get “Lifted Up (1985)” and “Where the Sky Hangs” instantly: