Passenger Seat

Lightly you sleep
In the passenger seat.
Softly breathing,
In slumber softly squeezing my hand
That you so sweetly hold with both of yours.

We’ve got miles to go
On this empty road
Before we’re home.

I think I’ll drive
Just a little bit slower
So in the moonlight
I can linger
Just a little bit longer on your glow.


“Asleep In The Passenger Seat” - Nishat Ahmed

This is technically my last piece for National Poetry Writing Month, sorry it’s late.

Fic Recs

Ok, so I have encountered three exceptional HTTYD fics this last few weeks on, and I’m going to give them a boost, because they deserve it! All these fics are ongoing so please go read, support with reviews and reblog to signal boost!

1) Black as Night by Wolfie-Dragon (EDIT: Now with correct link! Please reblog this version!)

This is an alternate retelling of httyd1, where a terrible accident in Dragon Training results in Hiccup being permanently blinded. It is a hiccstrid-centric fic, but it is very well written, and the characters are a true treasure to read. It is at a rather critical point of the narrative, so be ready for the only enjoyable stress available to mankind; anticipation. (thanks @hijihoj!)

2) Passenger Seat by Kitty’sCommittee

Apart from this author adorable nom de plum, I must warn you that this is a modern Highschool AU fic, and that the chapters are short and drabble-like, much like ‘How to Hold a Torch’, for reference. However, quite a few things happen for their brevity, and it updates quite regularly. Also of the Hiccstrid persuation, but this is me so no surprise.

3) The Midsummer Festival by BlueOleander123

Set during RTTE, this is a very sweet little fic about - who else - hiccstrid finally getting closer to being - what else - hiccstrid. It is adorable and well written, and I can’t wait for another update. I have seen it floating around on tumblr, so the author is also a tumbro.


Elements of Surprise by Ecoutez

Not in the numbered list because this fic is on the … hotter side. I’m also pretty sure that everyone has read it; but just in case. A warning needed with this fic; Ecoutez writes amazing sexual tension. You can feel it peeling your screen. So have some ice-water nearby! Some fics in her same headcanon universe are also available on on her account.

Roadtrip- Calum

It was 1:00 AM on a Thursday night (Friday morning) in the middle of June and I was curled up in bed with my favorite book Looking for Alaska when I heard a car door slam outside. I set down the book and looked up, wondering who was here. My question was answered by a knock on my window a few seconds later. In the window stood my lanky hunk of a boyfriend, Calum Hood. I hopped out of bed and hurried over to let him in.

“What the hell are you doing here, Cal? It’s 1AM!” I whispered, half curious, half excited to see him. He gave me a smirk as he slid his long legs in.

“I missed my girlfriend, what the fuck do you think I’m doing here?” He spun me around and started waltzing me around the room. I stood on his feet to keep up and he clumsily maneuvered us over to the bed. He came to an abrupt halt, barely managing to keep us from falling over. Our faces stopped, noses touching and he leaned down to barely touch my lips. I parted my lips ever so slightly to grant him access and he hungrily took advantage of it, kissing me like he hadn’t just seen at dinner a couple of hours ago.

We fell on the bed together and I tried to roll on top of him but he pushed me off, maintaining his dominance. God, Cal was so sexy when he was this confident. He pinned my hands back against the bed and kissed his way down my jawline to my neck and finally stopped at my exposed collarbones. I arched up towards his body in pleasure but instead of reciprocating he chuckled and slid off me.

“As much as I love you and as much as I really love this, that’s not what I came here for.” Calum said, “Actually, I came here to kidnap you.”
“Kidnap me?” I said, trying to compose myself.

“Yes. Kidnap you. I’m restless and I want to go on a road trip. I was thinking maybe Los Angeles?” He offered.

“Calum we’re in Austin. Los Angeles is a 20-hour drive away. Trust me, I’ve mapped it before because I’ve wanted to go for ages.”
“You better hurry up and pack then because we need to leave right away!” I stared at Calum as he said this, trying to figure out if he was just messing with me, but the confident look on his face didn’t waver so I knew he was telling the truth. I guess now was as good of a time as any to take that trip I had always dreamed about.

I got up and started frantically throwing clothes in a suitcase. Calum was no help, sitting smugly on my bed watching me. I changed into jeans and a t-shirt, grabbed a couple of last minute things, and was ready to go.

We went out the same way Calum came in because although I was 19 and in college, I was at home for the summer and didn’t know how my parents would react. I figured the further away from home we were when they found out, the better it would be for us. I shut my window as stealthily as possible and we tiptoed over to Calum’s matte black Mustang that he had bought to drive whenever he was in the States.

I threw my stuff in the backseat and we were ready to go… to Los Angeles? I still hadn’t quite wrapped my head around the idea that this was actually happening. It definitely didn’t help that it was past my bedtime and we were now apparently going to drive halfway across the country.

“Hey babe,” I turned to Calum as he pulled out of my driveway. “If you expect me to stay awake and be fun on this trip, we are going to need to stop for some caffeine, pronto.”

“Two steps ahead of you, love. I picked up a chai tea for you on my way over.” Calum pointed to the cup holders.

“I knew I loved you for a reason.” I said, gulping down the tea.

“Hey, grab my phone would you?” Cal asked. “I made us a road trip playlist!”

“You bought me a tea on your way over here AND you made a playlist? Sounds like I had no choice in this kidnapping.” I said suspiciously.

“They do call it a kidnapping for a reason.” He smarted me. I rolled my eyes and plugged in the phone. “Passenger Seat” by the Summer Set started to play.

“Cal, I love this song! You remembered!” I had told him to listen to this song a couple of months ago, but he never said anything about it so I assumed he hadn’t or didn’t like it.

“Of course I remembered it! You have a wicked taste in music babe. Plus, this song reminds me of you.” I blushed and turned my head away at this. Kid definitely knows how to make me swoon. Calum looked over at me and I don’t know if it was the caffeine or his smile but suddenly I wasn’t tired anymore. He intertwined his fingers with mine and set my hand on his lap so he could have me with him as he drove.

The further we got from Austin, the darker it got outside and the towns were few and far between. Around 4:00AM the caffeine wore off and we decided to pull into the next motel we saw. Calum exited the highway and turned into the parking lot with a flashing neon light so we could get some sleep.

He put the car in park and then surprised me by getting out. He ran over to my side and opened my door, tugging me out of the car.

“What?” I said groggily. “I thought we were just going to sleep in the car.”

“We are, but first you are going to come with me and appreciate the stars dammit.” Calum grabbed my hand and led me to the hood of his car. He helped me up and then jumped up himself on the other side of me. The night air was like a slap in the face and it woke me up a little. I blinked the sleepiness out of my eyes and lay back. The car was still warm but I nestled into Calum anyway. Once I was finally comfortable I looked up at the sky and gasped a little at how many stars I could see. I had lived in the city all my life and was used to looking up at lights from skyscrapers, not from far off celestial bodies.

“Wow!” was all I managed to get out.

“Wow.” Calum breathed in agreement. I managed to tear my eyes away from the sky for a second to look at Cal. He looked like a little kid, marveling at a shiny new toy. He looked so enthralled with the moment that I held my breath out of fear of disturbing him.

“You see the way they move and dance?” he finally broke the silence. “That’s what I’ve always imagined music to look like. I mean, if you could actually see music.” I was looking at him the same way he was looking at the stars, I could tell. I was so head over heels in love with him, with this moment.

“But you know,” he added, “The brightest and most beautiful star is right here next to me.” The magic was broken just as quickly as it had descended upon us with that cheesy pickup line. I hit Calum on the chest but my laughter gave me away. He pulled me closer, my neck in the crook of his elbow.

“I love you.” He said softly.  He kissed the top of my head and then buried his face into my hair.

“And I love you.” I said with my head on his chest, already half asleep.

When I woke up in the morning we were both in the car and Calum was still sleeping; he must have carried me back after I fell asleep. I knew I had to tell my parents what I had done today, but for now I just wanted to enjoy the moment. I leaned over and kissed Cal on the cheek to thank him not just for carrying me in, but for kidnapping me and planning the best road trip ever.