Passenger Seat

Fic Recs

Ok, so I have encountered three exceptional HTTYD fics this last few weeks on, and I’m going to give them a boost, because they deserve it! All these fics are ongoing so please go read, support with reviews and reblog to signal boost!

1) Black as Night by Wolfie-Dragon (EDIT: Now with correct link! Please reblog this version!)

This is an alternate retelling of httyd1, where a terrible accident in Dragon Training results in Hiccup being permanently blinded. It is a hiccstrid-centric fic, but it is very well written, and the characters are a true treasure to read. It is at a rather critical point of the narrative, so be ready for the only enjoyable stress available to mankind; anticipation. (thanks @hijihoj!)

2) Passenger Seat by Kitty’sCommittee

Apart from this author adorable nom de plum, I must warn you that this is a modern Highschool AU fic, and that the chapters are short and drabble-like, much like ‘How to Hold a Torch’, for reference. However, quite a few things happen for their brevity, and it updates quite regularly. Also of the Hiccstrid persuation, but this is me so no surprise.

3) The Midsummer Festival by BlueOleander123

Set during RTTE, this is a very sweet little fic about - who else - hiccstrid finally getting closer to being - what else - hiccstrid. It is adorable and well written, and I can’t wait for another update. I have seen it floating around on tumblr, so the author is also a tumbro.


Elements of Surprise by Ecoutez

Not in the numbered list because this fic is on the … hotter side. I’m also pretty sure that everyone has read it; but just in case. A warning needed with this fic; Ecoutez writes amazing sexual tension. You can feel it peeling your screen. So have some ice-water nearby! Some fics in her same headcanon universe are also available on on her account.

Passenger Seat
The Summer Set
Passenger Seat

The Summer Set | Passenger Seat

I fell in love with you in my passenger seat
And then you took control of the radio
And turned up all the songs I know
We’re risking everything and that’s alright with me
Roll down the window, never get caught
Baby, no one will know
Just sweep me off my feet again, my new addiction

Lightly you sleep
In the passenger seat.
Softly breathing,
In slumber softly squeezing my hand
That you so sweetly hold with both of yours.

We’ve got miles to go
On this empty road
Before we’re home.

I think I’ll drive
Just a little bit slower
So in the moonlight
I can linger
Just a little bit longer on your glow.


“Asleep In The Passenger Seat” - Nishat Ahmed

This is technically my last piece for National Poetry Writing Month, sorry it’s late.