So for the past couple days Ive been at a loss for words, trying to figure out how Im going to explain the past week an a half, Perfect doesnt even begin to describe it. Its been hard to adjust back to real life, when all we can think about or talk about is electric daisy carnival, and all the memories we made. Im not going to go into detail, but as you can see we had an amazing time, with a great group of people, and made many new friends<3 For me, my favorite night was probably 3rd night, it was a rough day all day but once we got to the show, it all went away, we met up with our usual group of people, and even though none of the group are big A & B fans, except for me, they all went & stayed through the whole thing, and by the end, all of us girls were crying, and were just on such a level, Ive never had a “rave family” but this year, we definitely felt like one, we all got so upset and didnt know what to do when we realized we had to split up, and go our separate ways, i still get teary eyed and goosebumps thinking about it, I met Dan last year third night & during the whole trip this year, I just thought about how I was feeling leaving for EDC last year & just how much my life has turned around. In the last few years I have just been the happiest & the most content with myself, the way Im headed, and who I surround myself with. I may get down on myself for not doing somethings, but Im never going to get this chance ever again, these events, the people Im meeting, the memories we’re creating will one day be a thing of the past, and I just want to enjoy all the things I can while its still possible. I have my whole life to be old. Im as young as Ill ever be, right now, in this moment. We have SO many plans, and I just have to say IM SO excited for this next year<3 until we meet again…under the electric sky that unites us, thank you. thank you friends, new and old, thank you Pasquale & Insomniac, and thank you to my amazing man for a weekend to remember<3