For Ever

_What are you?

-I’m a Duck?
_a Duck? What do you do?
_I like to swim, eat and I love my mommy!
_Oh! Me too… I am a Duck too!
_I’ve never a Duck like you!
_I’ve never seen one like you either?
_…. Man.. you’re right!
_For Ever!

‏ما حِيلتي والليلُ يا قلقي
يُغري عيونَ الصبِّ بالأرَقِ؟

نعِسَ الكلامُ فنام في شفتي
فاسْتنطقتهُ صبابة ً حَدَقي 

ما في وجودالنَّاس مِنْ شيءٍ بـه.. يَرضَى فؤادي أو يُسَـرُّ ضميـري

وإذا حَضَرْتُ جُمُوعَهُـمْ ألْفَيتَنِـي.. مـا بينهـم كالبلبـل المـأسـورِ

متوحِداً بعواطفـي، ومشاعـري.. وَخَوَاطِري، وَكَآبتـي،وَسُـروري

anonymous asked:

If I may ask, what are your influences/inspirations? :)

Ooh wow, ok so the list is sUPER LONG which is a good thing, i guess haha! So many people on this website inspire me so much to push myself and think more creatively! So here are some of them (not in any order btw):

  • Kiki - He’s my God like literally his stuff is AMAZING.
  • Mr. Campion - He is my inspiration not only for art but just to live life to it’s fullest.
  • Mr. Humiston - His animation is smoother than smooth jazz like I’m just slipping all over his animation skills.
  • Brendle Giron - They have a great sense of color as well as movement. They make really cute gifs too!
  • Naomi! - She is AWESOME with animals. Obsessed with corgis. She has a very nice coloring style.
  • Elena and Olivia (they’re twins) - They have VERY good storytelling skills.
  • Justin - He’s worked on a couple shows like Grojband and other things on Nick Jr. His illustrations are cute!
  • Ruby - I’ve just discovered her, she’s only 17 and RADTASTIC. Her character designs are on pOINT.

Those are pretty recent ones so far. Inspirations are awesome and the more, the merrier! 

More artists you should follow!

Once again I’m gonna send your greedy little eyes toward these fine artists on tumblr! Go follow! One of my favorite DA users now has a tumblr page! A lot of fanart for various cartoons and movies. A fantastic traditional artist! You’ve probably seen his work on the radar. Go follow him anyway! Only 13! Only 13! Tread with caution lest ye shatter your self-esteem. SUPER CUTE


#SDCC2015 Saturday signings! Very fun Con this year! Thank you for those that are stopping by! Row 900, Table G-02! #3000Moments #pascalcampion #pascalcampionart (at San Diego Convention Center)

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