The After Show piece is done and will be sent to its new home. It was a piece that I had as a reward tier for #3000Moments on Kickstarter. Took the original digital file printed on canvas and hand painted gouache extra highlights, birds and characters. Super happy with how this came out and excited to get back to painting. #pascalcampion #pascalcampionart #gouache #hybriddigitalgouache #jazz

Do you have any advice for art students or beginning artists?

If you do want to get better, if you really want to find your own style, and start having fun with your art, it is all about actually DRAWING! And drawing in your sketchbook, everyday, is really the first step you need to do.

The second one is SHOW YOUR SKETCHES! I know it’s scary to show your personal work because, in a way, you feel like you are exposing yourself to people, and the fear of judgment is a terrible feeling. But you’ll be surprised to find out that people will react favorably, and will give you feedback that you NEED to grow as a artist.

Additionally, the more you draw and the more you share your work, the more you will inspire your peers and people around you, and the more motivated you’ll get.

Lastly….art and talent is not a gift from god. I don’t subscribe at all at all to this point of view. The art of drawing is purely mechanical. The more you practice, the better you get. There’s no secret involved, no formulas, no crutch. If you want to become an artist…DRAW! Don’t look for formulas and shortcuts.

And enjoy your life, have tons of experiences, and draw from them to create your own art.

- by PascalCampion

More artists you should follow!

Once again I’m gonna send your greedy little eyes toward these fine artists on tumblr! Go follow! One of my favorite DA users now has a tumblr page! A lot of fanart for various cartoons and movies. A fantastic traditional artist! You’ve probably seen his work on the radar. Go follow him anyway! Only 13! Only 13! Tread with caution lest ye shatter your self-esteem. SUPER CUTE

Artistic development.
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I know there is an actual photograph that is pretty popular going around that is the same thing, but I keep seeing this over and over again, whether it’s in a museum, coffee place, supermarket, street, everywhere.( and I am pretty guilty of it myself!).. so.. here it is!