Some hockey players are smiley:

Some are short:

Some are tall:

Some are inked and tatted:

Sometimes they can be aggressive:

Sometimes they get injured:

But they can be really silly:

Some are amused by Cabbie:

Some really like food….:

Sometimes we are just left to wonder about them….:

But there’s a lot of emotion in all of them no matter what team:

And it’s kinda nice.

We have great people to work with, they make it really easy on me. Basically they’re setting me a little low tap in backdoor like Sid used to do, so I just put my stick on the ice and tap it in.

Pascal Dupuis on adjusting to transfer from a hockey player to a TV hockey analyst.

(Potash: It can’t always be that easy!

Duper: Well, I don’t know, you’re doing it!)