“ready player one was actually a good movie that i thoroughly enjoyed” i say into the mic.

the crowd boos. i begin to walk off in shame, when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“she’s right,” they say. i look for the owner of the voice. there in the 3rd row stands: god himself.

okay, if you didn’t like ready player one, that’s fine. but i’d like to argue the point that wade does have a character arc, and the movie has plot in general, which is something i see a lot of people complaining about the lack of. so, some general story lines and how wade does, in fact, change over the movie:

  • first of all, in general, it’s a cinderella story. it’s rags to riches
  • his only remaining family dies, no matter how shitty alice was to him
  • wade starts the movie insistent on going at it alone, but by the end he wants to split the oasis with his friends/clan (which is also a good message about choosing your family and whatnot)
  • he’s a kid who spends all of his time in the oasis, and that may be normal for all the teens of 2045, but it’s because he hates his shitty real life and by the end, he does learn the lesson that, in halliday’s words, reality is the only thing that is real
  • he takes down an evil corporation

the movie has problems, that i will say, but it’s not the shitstorm everyone is making it out to be. say what you want, but it’s got plot. even though one could argue wade isn’t even the main character, which i will

and i know all you nerds enjoyed the references, so don’t pretend like you didn’t

Ready Player One

I hate the fact that most of Tumblr hates Ready Player One. In all honesty Ready Player One is one of Spielberg’s best movies and to be honest I don’t really get why people call it sexist and shit I’ve read the book and I’ve recently watched the movie and it was great, for gamers and nostalgia shit. I know there were a lot of distraction but like Spielberg said “don’t get distracted”, this movie also isn’t really based on anime and it doesn’t give a bad look in anime. There wasn’t even any mention of anime in the movie(except for one though). Ready Player One had a great message, I honestly don’t get why y’all are hating.

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