extensive list of things to do in dragon’s dogma

throw spiders at your party

throw snakes at your party

wear fun and cool party hats

set a griffon on fire and ride it while it thrashes around in the air

ride this ox

engage in an epic battle against the archydra

make your pawn in the image of your anime waifu

fight the world destroying dragon foretold in ancient prophecies

hold small animals

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couturegirl20  asked:

Sansa/Jon Clueless AU? 🙃😊

“Thanks,” Sansa says as she slides next Jon on the sofa. She’s just traded her partywear in for a pair of jeans, a purple sweater, and a pair of fuzzy socks. Jon’s in the same jeans and flannel number from earlier. He’d stood out like a sore thumb back at the club, but here, in their rec room, it suits him. 

“For what?” 

“For dancing with Dany,” Sansa rolls her eyes. She reaches over her shoulder and starts to braid her hair once she’s settled in beside he one time stepbrother. “It was decent of you.”

Jon ducks his head down and fiddles with the remote.

“It’s nothing. She’s a nice kid.”

Sansa beams at his kind words about her friend, and ties off her braid with a scrunchie.

“I’m not sure I’d recommend you doing it again though,” Sansa advises sagely.

Jon blinks behind his glasses, confused.

“Do what?” 

“Dance,” she answers with a teasing grin. 

“Hey! I’ve got moves!” Jon argues.

“Yes. I saw,” Sansa says, looking unimpressed. “Got kind of a Bruce Springsteen circa 1984 thing going on, huh?”

“Thank you.”

“It wasn’t a compliment.”

Jon laughs, reaching over to tweak the end of her braid, before turning back to channel surfing. 

Sansa smiles to herself.

It was strange, but sometimes she has more fun staying in and goofing around with Jon than she does going out.

After a great deal of fiddling, I managed to get these cute cropped pants working the way I wanted them to! I love the little buttoned cuffs so much and I really wanted them in some more colours :D

  • Requires Get Together to function
  • 26 swatches with custom thumbnails and correct colour tagging
  • Enabled for everyday, athletic and party
  • Wearable by all gender/body type combinations!

Download under the cut!

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requests are: OPEN

5 Seconds of Summer

(italicized = most popular, * = nsfw, *** = smut)




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Sim Request no.4

Adam Coalmen

Sim Request made for @melonsoupcrackers:D

Description:  He’s about to graduate highschool with honors. He has a few close friends whom he goes to voidcritter conventions with because he’s a total geek. He’s a handsome guy who’s attracted many ladies with his charm, but a lot of them couldn’t handle that he was such a nice guy. I want this sim to be boy next door quality. Patient and intelligent. (Description made by Melonsoupcrackers)

CC Used

Everyday |Glasses|Shirt|Jeans|

Formal |Everything (BG|

Athletic |Everything (BG)|

Sleepwear |Glasses|Everything else is BG|

Partywear |Jacket|Undershirt|Jeans|Glasses|

Swimwear |Swimtrunks (BG)|

Genetics |Hair|Skin|Eyes|Eye Glow Remover|Blush|


*I’m sorry if he isn’t the best. I usually don’t make male sims often but I did enjoy making him!*

**Note: You will need to have the cc above in your game in order for him to show up properly in your game… I hope you like him!**

(You can either download his tray files or go to the gallery and search my username! (awsimmer92))

TOU: Don’t claim as your own. Not for use as a base sim. Tag me if you use this sim!