You Have A Gender Too
As Leah’s partner started transitioning, she began to delve into her own gender, redefining what femininity means to her.

Three years ago, before he had changed pronouns or taken any medical steps or even announced the name “Adam,” my partner reminded me that I have a gender too.

On a friend’s recommendation, we read a paper by gender and sexuality scholar Jane Ward about “gender labor”, which she defines as “the work of bolstering someone’s gender authenticity, but it is also the work of co-producing someone’s gender irony, transgression, or exceptionality.”  It was obvious how I was doing this for Adam. As his sense of gender shifted, I adjusted how I related to his body, mentally erasing his feminine features and changing the language I used to describe them. I was proud of the role I could play in willing his new gender into existence just by believing in it. But Adam also immediately thought of several ways in which he did the same for me.


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-Mandy Brownholtz 

Sound Garden is located at 1616 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD. To connect with Sound Garden, visit their website here.

Queens of the Stone Age will perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 17.

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Oh. Funny mental image of Niles just picking up Anri like lifts him off the ground. And like, idk, it cute.

You need not dream any further.

WE LOVE OUR PARTNERS: The Vinyl District

Launched in 2007 as a celebration of all-things-vinyl, The Vinyl District is a go-to music source for District dwellers. The website garnered national attention in 2009 through its Record Store Day partnership, which jumpstarted TVD’s expansion in 2011 to thirteen additional cities, including NYC, LA, New Orleans, and Chicago. Show reviews, artist interviews, and concert ticket giveaways are common content on all TVD sites.

We’re honored to work with TVD’s flagship D.C. site. Over the years, they’ve written countless reviews of Club and I.M.P. shows, interviewed tons of artists passing though, and made plety o’ concert-loving followers happy with ticket giveaways. 

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Okay, yeah, there’s obviously larger concerns vying for audience attention in a strip that ends in two dudes straddling on the ground and staring deeply into each other’s eyes, but–this is the part that really made me happy. Ethan of all people knows how to recognize crippling self-esteem issues in others and he wants to help. He’s such an unequivocally nice person.


DC has so many cool neighborhoods to explore. When we’re feeling adventurous and up to wandering outside our beloved Shaw/U Street area, we love to hit up Adams Morgan for its restaurants and shops. We anticipate being in AdMo quite a bit the next couple months since the neighborhood has an awesome, outdoor movie series planned. If you need us, you can find us on a blanket - picnic dinner in basket - watching Selma, Rebel Without a Cause, School of Rock, and Pretty in Pink under the summer-night sky the next few weeks.

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Faunus racism and details

Seen some people posting about it, decided to add/comment with what I’ve seen from some other people and what I’ve had myself:

  • Faunus getting praised for struggling to behave like humans(hide/avoid using their features, trim their claws, don’t growl, snarl, purr, or make any other noise humans cannot make) even when it is known that they are Faunus.(Getting compared to other faunus folk that don’t, “You’re not like x, you don’t rub it in.”)
  • Faunus fever. Fetishization of the faunus, but only when the human is totally in control. Faunus partner using their features(claws, teeth) during sex is not encouraged unless brought forth by a human(nice touch by askweisswolf in any RP where weiss wolf ends up with a guy with a faunus kink)
  • Stereotyped, followed around stores or getting watched more closely(“All faunus are thieves”)
  • Mentioned in previous RPs. Plastic surgery on Faunus to remove features. Shave teeth, remove claws, cut tails and ears, shave down horns, etc.
  • Forced removal of features, through “safe” means, or in brutal manner. (faunushunter)
  • In the same vein, training(through formal tutors or simple social conditioning) away sounds, behaviors, responses that might be instinctual to whatever animal they have. (Hisses, baring of teeth, show of claws, tail movements, stances)
  • Suggested by askalittlesnowflake: Women faunus becoming especially fetishized. Could be inferred by Cardin’s comment that “animals are easier to train”, and their picking on Velvet(as well as the FNDM’s immediate response of her being a playboy bunny and so on. No judgment, but y'know, it can be a reflection on the show)
  • Higher murder rates, higher prison rates, lower education rates. Harsher treatment in a classroom setting.
  • Clothes for Faunus being limited and hard to find, and most either enhancing the features too much, or hiding too much.
  • Widespread poverty in the community and an effort to keep it so, systematic.  (such as loaning money to poor faunus families and taking them to Dust mines when they cannot pay, usually resulting in them never being seen again askalittleweebcat )
  • Internalized racism. and intra-faunus racism(Rat faunus being treated badly even by other faunus, differing cultures between these types due to behavioral differences, certain stigmas reserved only for certain types, done by swindlebrindle)
  • Faunus that can be closeted vs Faunus that cannot and the tension that it creates. (theivorytowercrumbles)
Calling all partners, friends, family, allies: Write for Featured Voices!

Do you have a partner that has been with you through your transition? Is there a parent that has been extra supportive (or unsupportive)? Has your nonbinary friend entrusted you with taking care of them?

April’s theme is SOFFAs: significant others, friends, families, allies. 

Anybody is welcome to write about their SOFFA, and most especially, all SOFFAs are welcome to write about their nonbinary special someone. (And write is used loosely: you can vlog, draw a comic strip, anything!)

Submit your amazing story to micah AT


Washington, DC, is an up-and-coming metropolis. You want to know how I know that? Because, in addition to such things as restaurant openings and an ever-expanding bike share program, we finally have one more thing that was clearly missing: our very own locally brewed beer! Meet DC Brau, our Partner Feature this week, and the District’s first production brewery since 1956. No lie. 

Started by local beer fanatics Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, DC Brau is the fifth fastest growing brewery in the U.S., with over 35 unique beers brewed in its first two years of operation. They wasted no time at all.

You can feel good buying DC Brau, too. Skall and Hancock prioritize environmental friendliness, sending all of their waste to a farm in Virginia that converts the waste into animal feed and compost. In addition to their social awareness, they’re just rad folks all around. They have free tours and tastings at the Brewery on most Saturdays, and they offer a feature on their website called the Braufinder, which allows you to search which liquor stores and corner stores closest to you sell Brau. We love when our partners keep it convenient and keep the beers pouring–and so should you! Whether you’re a Corruption kind of guy, a Citizen kind of gal, or a Public Pale kind of patron (find it on tap at the 9:30 Club!), DC Brau has got somethin’ for you. Keep an eye next time you’re browsing a brewski list when you’re out!

Note, you must be 21+ to drink DC Brau. Drink responsibly!

-Mandy Brownholtz

and the inside of the hospital was substantially more heterosexual for the five minutes these two were outside

Hello all, on September 10th, 2014, from 2-3pm EST, I’ll be giving a FREE webinar: Understanding Bisexuality: Challenging Stigma, Reducing Disparities, and Caring for Patients" that is hosted by the National LGBT Health Education Center, The Fenway Institute, Fenway Health. For those for whom this matters, CME/CEU credits are available. This presentation will be targeted toward health providers, but all are welcome.

Bisexual people face a number of health-care related disparities, including lower access to health insurance, higher rates of certain types of cancer, and higher prevalence of intimate partner violence. This webinar, featuring Robyn Ochs, Ed.M, a national speaker and teacher, and the editor of the 42-country anthology, Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World and the Bi Women Quarterly, will explore what it means to be bisexual, and will help providers best prepare to meet the needs of their bisexual patients. She will highlight disparities faced by bisexual people, and challenge negative messages and stigma that surround the bisexual community. Join us for this engaging and thought-provoking session!

Register online:


We have GREAT news. Crooked Beat Records is open again! After closing its doors in Adams Morgan, the legendary DC vinyl store has now moved to its new home Alexandria. So, if you’re in the need for some vintage wax, head on over to Crooked Beat!

Connect with Crooked Beat on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Visit Crooked Beat at 802 N. Fairfax ST. Alexandria, VA 22314


Notes: First Christmas for the boys, fond memories and ugly sweaters

((Well since Christmas is coming up I decided to get a gift made for my lovely partner in crime featuring the amazing Hippano’s fantastic art. And a reminder we are publishing this one out of order. We hope that you enjoy it! Merry Christmas and thanks to Hippano ( for her fantastic art!)) It can also be found here!

After the success of thanksgiving. Jim really shouldn’t have been surprised when the invitation showed up and was accepted easily. He didn’t think twice when the package arrived and he brought it inside and set it down on the table for Sebastian to see when he arrived.

“Please tell me that isn’t from my aunt.” Sebastian said making a face.

“It is..what’s wrong?” Jim asked looking up from his book.

“You’ll see.” Sebastian replied as he opened the box and trying not to grimace as he undid the tape and pulled it open. The look of fear and horror came over his face as he pulled what Jim could clearly tell was some knitted item out of the box. It took a moment to realize it was a ugly red and a dark grey with some green and white christmas least he thought it was suppose to be.

“That is..I mean it’s..she..nice?” Jim said trying not to laugh. “It will look so good on you.”

“So will yours.” Sebastian replied making Jim let his jaw drop as he pulled out a second jumper smaller and clearly meant for Jim That was green and white with a bit of was just as ugly..if not more so..

“Oh no no.”

“Sorry Jimmy family tradition.”  Sebastian replied with a slightly evil smirk as Jim made a face. “Don’t worry Rina and Mum have to wear one too,,Rina’s will match mine and I’m sure Mum and you will match..”

“That’ are kidding.”

“Nope.” Sebastian snickered and Jim just glared rolling his eyes.

“” Jim said returning to his book as Sebastian just folded them back up and closed the box putting it aside. Planning on not looking at it again until the day he had to wear it.


The box was soon forgotten until the day before Christmas when Sebastian opened it up and pulled them out. It took him a moment but he realized something was different about it. He held it up and looked at it before his eyes went wide and he glanced over at Jim who was sipping some of the hot chocolate that Katy had brought for them to warm up since it was cold. The raining snow soaking through their normal clothes when they had arrived earlier..  

“You did..didn’t..I mean.” Sebastian said looking over at Jim who gave him a smirk.

“Do you like it?” Jim asked

“I can’t believe.. I mean it..” Sebastian got out before he started laughing hard.

“They won’t notice..unless they look closely..and we both know that they won’t..well Katy and Rina will, Ella I know will the moment she sees it, your aunt and cousins not so much.” Jim said with a smile as he set back in the chair with a wide smile.


It was an hour later that both boys were down stairs wearing the jumpers. Sabrina had hers but had done something completely different. It had been funny according to Katy having got theirs only a few days before. Rina has spent all the night before up and Jim knew she hadn’t had anyone with her despite the random muttering he could hear from her room when he passed it to go to the kitchen for a snack in the evening and then Sebastian confirming she was still doing it later when he went down for something to drink. Though what she did was surprising and funny to all as she had stuffed a pillow into it and some stuffing in the arms so she could have it hanging off of her like it was a person leaning on her and wrapping their arm around her shoulder. The party was interesting she was going around introducing it as her boyfriend much to everyone’s but the cousins amusement.

“Aunt Maureen.” Sebastian greeted with a smile the elderly woman returned the smile before she let out a sigh. Finally understanding why her sisters and niece had been giggling every time they saw the boys.

“I see you two are enjoying your presents.” She said unable to stop a small smile from coming to her lips as Jim joined the other leaning against Sebastian briefly.”Your handy work dear?” she asked Jim who gave her a small sheepish smile. “I’d ask where you got the idea but I think I’d rather not know..I admit you are very talented.”

“thank you.”  Jim said softly with a shy smile. He had been only a bit worried about how the other would react to his unknitting her work and reknitting it to a more amusing set of patterns.  

“Send me a copy of the patterns please..that way next year I might be able to add them in.,” She added sipping her drink leaving a slightly confused and stunned boys. Jim finally broke it with a giggle.

“She, your mum and Aunt Ella are an interesting set.” Jim said

“Interesting is one way to put it.” Sebastian laughed smiling down at his boyfriend

“Oh boys! Mistletoe!” Rina shouted after a moment before a flash went off.


Twenty years later while unpacking the Christmas stuff to decorate the flat, both of them were arguing over the tree while Hope and Bri were going through a box of stuff. Sabrina and Maggie were in the kitchen making snacks while a freezing rainy snow pounded against the window making the Moran twins remember that first one that Jim went to. They’d all been going through the boxes they had gathered over the years and still there were many more to open.

“Oh my gods.” Bri shouted catching not only her parents attention but her aunts, as she and Hope dissolved into laughter.

“’s so ugly!” she shrieked before she pulled out the same jumper Sebastian had wore that first Christmas together. Hope was still trying to catch her breath as she pulled out Jim’s jumper as well.

“I thought we burned those.” Sebastian muttered as Bri pulled his on while Hope did the same with Jim’s before dissolving into laughter again.

“We tried they are flame resistant.” Jim muttered unable to stop the snort at the girls who were still laughing.

“We even tried shrinking them.” Rina added. “Gods I forgot how ugly those things were…though Jim did make improvements to them.”

“Of course James used his dark powers to make them ugly forever.” Maggie added in making both Rina and Sebastian stare at her. “Yes?”

“You made a joke..” Seb pointed out

“I am capable of it.” Maggie said with a pout that made Rina chuckle and kiss her cheek.

Everyone (but Hope who shared her cousin’s mischievous smile) missed Bri slipping a photo into her pocket as the adults started to chat over some of their memories.


It was several days later almost a week before Christmas before a package arrived no one really paid attention to it when Bri whisked it off to her room. It was noticed however when a new painting appeared besides her parents last few done by their friend Pani the day before Christmas.

“She didn’t.” Sebastian said when he saw Jim glaring at it for a moment but was trying to not smile.

“Pani is never going to let us forget it.” Jim said as he stepped aside to let his husband see the painting that had been done of a old photo. It was the one that had been taken that night. A vague memory of Rina shouting mistletoe before a flash going off. “Then again..I never want to was my first real Christmas since..well a long time.” he said leaning up to kiss his husband before a shout of ‘mistletoe’ was heard from their daughter, making both of them snapping their heads towards her  before being temporarily blinded as a camera flash went off.

Bri looked down at the camera a smile on her face. “Well at least your surprised face never changes.” she teased before taking off at a small run with Sebastian following her shouting as he chased her down the hall while Jim just shook his head with a smile

“Brigid Erin Moriarty Moran get back here with that camera right now!”

The responding laughter from his daughter made him look at the picture again the smile just a bit wider..and wider still later in the evening when he found both Hope and Bri wearing the jumpers along with Sabrina’s sweater boyfriend (with a bit of patchwork from Maggie) between the two dozed out on the couch.

“Hey Jim..mistletoe.” Sebastian said pointing up to the plant hanging above their head.

“Mistletoe.” JIm replied before he kissed him.


Oh my Glob, this Adventure Time guitar is so awesome! Toronto-based illustrator Jason Edmiston (previously featured here) partnered with Cartoon Network and ASG Guitars to design a limited edition electric guitar featuring a triumphant Finn and Jake. Pre-orders open in August and only 100 will be produced. It’s a perfect companion piece to Marceline’s Ax Bass.

Edmiston’s original painting is also currently available for purchase:

[via Geek Art]

The Right Partner

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Rating: G? PG? Probably G

Original Idea: “I’m turning into you. This is like a horrible dream.” “Don’t take it so hard. Maybe she’s got a friend!”

Notes: I got nothin’. Enjoy!


“I might even, when this is all over, go dancing,” the woman—Agent Carter—remarked.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Bucky asked flirtatiously.

“The right partner,” Agent Carter answered, almost completely blanking him. “Oh-eight-hundred, captain.”

“Yes ma’am,” the captain replied.

“I’m invisible. I’m turning into you. It’s like a horrible dream,” he said. There was sarcasm and humor there, but also an element of envy. He wasn’t used to being the one in the shadow. He hadn’t always wanted to be the one in the limelight—since Steve was a much better man than he—but that had been his lot. It was a jarring change to be on the other side.

“Don’t worry. Maybe she’s got a friend.”

He knew his name was Bucky. He was in some bar somewhere he thought he must have known once because everything looked familiar. He knew his name was Bucky. He knew he came from a time long past. He knew things were different. He knew different languages. He knew how to kill a man with his left thumb—though that thumb was made of metal so there might have been an unfair advantage there. He knew how to hold a woman close and dance. He knew how to brush his—sister’s?—hair gently out of her face when another man had broken her heart and she was weeping.

He knew his name was Bucky.

A young woman with an outdated hairstyle and soft dark eyes plopped into the seat across from him in the booth. “Sorry about this. Please don’t question it. My roommates just showed up here and I don’t want to talk to them right now so just pretend like we know each other. Or just pretend I’m not even here.” She put a menu up and covered her face.

As soon as a group of three laughing girls passed, she put the menu down.

“Sorry about that. I’ll leave you to it,” she said, moving to stand up.

His left hand lashed out and caught her wrist. “You look familiar. Why?” he asked.

She shrugged. “I just have one of those faces. People say that to me all the time,” she remarked.

“No. That’s not it. You look like someone I knew once. Um… her name was… Agent… Margaret Carter. She went by… Peggy.”

The girl raised her eyebrows. “My grandmother is named Margaret Carter Sousa,” she remarked. “But you wouldn’t know her. She’s probably seventy years older than you.”

Bucky chuckled. This girl felt friendly. “I’m older than I look. Humor me. She was British. Worked for the SSR during World War Two,” he described. Her eyebrows raised as she listened. She licked her lips and tugged on her dress.

“That sounds like my gran. How do you know her?”

“I worked with her for a time. During World War Two.” Before she could even react, he asked, “What’s your name?”

“America Richardson.”

It was all he could do not to laugh. “You and my old best friend would get along great.”


“My best friend is Captain America. If you married him you’d be America America.”

She rolled her eyes. “No I wouldn’t. His last name is Rogers.” She paused for a moment. “So… are you… Sergeant Barnes? Fell off a train in forty-five, presumed dead, came back in twenty-fourteen? Are you that guy?”

“Yeah. When you put it that way, you make it sound so simple.”

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t appreciate me bringing up the more tender points,” she remarked sarcastically. She flashed the menu back up over her face as the group of girls—her roommates—walked by the other way. Bucky was impressed—he had no clue how she knew they were coming since they approached from behind her.

“You know, going somewhere more crowded would make it harder to find you.”

“Where do you suggest then, Sergeant?”

Bucky shrugged. “The dance floor is pretty crowded. If you get the right partner your roommates won’t even realize you’re here.”

“Are you asking me to dance?” she inquired.

He couldn’t help but smile. She reminded him of Peggy—whom he always admired but made sure to not be interested in so Steve could have her—in many ways. She had the same wit and intelligence to the gleam in her eyes. “If you’re up to it, I happen to know how,” he replied.

A grin tilted up the corners of her lips—which, he noticed, were painted 1940s red.

“Alright then, Sarge. I’ll dance.”

Bucky smiled and stood up, offering her his hand. She took it and he led her to the dance floor. Shut Up and Dance was playing the last verse or so. “I’d prefer something older, but that’s okay.” He took her in his arms and started to dance. She smiled and went right along with it. His metal hand and arm were hidden by a glove and a long sleeve. His flesh hand was holding the small of her back, keeping her close to him—possessively. He was showing the other men near the floor that she was his and they were to leave her alone. He licked his lips and grinned down at her. She was still smiling. “Where’d you learn to dance?” he asked, noticing how well she kept up and knew what she was doing.

She shrugged. “Gran taught my mum and dad—her daughter and son-in-law—old-style swing dancing for fun and they in turn taught me.”

“Gran being Peggy?”

“Yeah. She was a brilliant dancer, apparently. She was too old to dance when I was born but I have a few old videos. I also did swing club in high school—nearly got a concussion but it was fun.”

They were silent through Love Runs Out by OneRepublic and Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by John Barrowman. The only words they exchanged were the names of moves as a warning for what he was going to do to her and her asking if she trod on his toes.

The rest of the dancers had cleared off a bit, making room for their crazy lifts and tricks.

Then A Thousand Years came on—the version by John Barrowman. “The DJ must be a fan,” she commented quietly. Bucky barely heard her.

His light, fun swing grip went rigid for a moment as he counted the time signature of the music. It was a waltz. He closed his eyes for a moment to see if he remembered the proper steps and moves for a waltz. After a moment, the rigidity turned a bit more relaxed, but still formal. His grip on the small of her back moved up to just under and behind her armpit. He lifted his elbow and his other hand.

If he was honest with himself, he was surprised he still had the fluidity he hadn’t used for seventy years—believe it or not he didn’t need to use his dance skills much when he was an assassin. But the way he felt the music flow through him, guiding his feet, it brought back memories of better times.

His much shorter partner kept up with him, but obviously she was struggling to keep up with his long legs. He shortened his stride, twirled her under his arm, and dipped her over his leg.

For a moment he had a crazy urge to kiss her—like he would have done in the 40s.

He pushed that urge down, popped her back up, and kept waltzing.

At the end of the song though, she slid her hand from his shoulder to the back of his neck and she gave him a kiss.

He froze, entire body going completely rigid.

After a moment he relaxed into it, getting several whistles and catcalls from other patrons. He smiled against her lips.

He’d found the right partner.