As much as we love to extol all of DC’s booming small businesses, sometimes we must tip our hats to our neighbors to the east in Baltimore, MD. Such is the case with Baltimore’s best new and used music store, Sound Garden. Why are they the best, you might ask? Well for one, you get the delightfully old-school experience of being able to buy and sell all of your CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, video games, and of course, vinyl. Beyond that, you can also peruse their selection of DJ equipment, as well as occasionally pop in for an onsite visit from your favorite artist. As much as we love the accessibility of digital music, we still laud the days when music was something tangible, something you could hold in your hands. As such, we’ve teamed up with Sound Garden to bring you the opportunity to win tickets to shows fit only for the true music lover. Right now you can win tickets to see Queens of the Stone Age at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 17. Stay connected to Sound Garden via their email newsletter, social media, and store to be privy to more great giveaways! Get listening, folks!

-Mandy Brownholtz 

Sound Garden is located at 1616 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD. To connect with Sound Garden, visit their website here.

Queens of the Stone Age will perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 17.
The Valentine Series
The Adipositivity Project

As my own project here on tumblr turns one, I’d like to highlight the wonderful work of The Adipositivity Project.  As fans know, February marks the return of Substantia Jones’ Valentine Series, where couples showcase the beautiful variety of fat love.  My partner and I are featured, and the experience has been one of the most memorable ones of our 6 ½ year relationship.  Enjoy! 

The Partner

Written using this post as a prompt. Didn’t go anywhere near where your elaboration went, @thenarator, so I’m putting it up anyway. 

And in other news I kinda want to write the further adventures of Joe’s new partner and his little science nerd. (Preferably featuring said partner discovering things about his nerd’s life that appall him and might definitely end up with him punching Harry in the face.)

Anyway whatever here’s a short fic I just wrote. 

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WE LOVE OUR PARTNERS: The Vinyl District

Launched in 2007 as a celebration of all-things-vinyl, The Vinyl District is a go-to music source for District dwellers. The website garnered national attention in 2009 through its Record Store Day partnership, which jumpstarted TVD’s expansion in 2011 to thirteen additional cities, including NYC, LA, New Orleans, and Chicago. Show reviews, artist interviews, and concert ticket giveaways are common content on all TVD sites.

We’re honored to work with TVD’s flagship D.C. site. Over the years, they’ve written countless reviews of Club and I.M.P. shows, interviewed tons of artists passing though, and made plety o’ concert-loving followers happy with ticket giveaways. 

Speaking of giveaways, TVD will soon be giving away a pair of tickets to Little Dragon at Echostage. You know what that means - like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and watch their site like a hawk for your chance to win!


Infiniti Partners with Renault Sport Formula One Team

Infiniti’s successful involvement in Formula One enters the next phase. Starting with the new 2016 season, Infiniti will be a technical partner of the new Renault Sport Formula One team. Leveraging its expertise in performance hybrids, Infiniti will contribute engineering resources to the Renault Energy F1 Power Unit’s Energy Recovery System (ERS), which incorporates two motor generator units, the MGU-H and MGU-K, and a battery.

Infiniti’s reputation for performance hybrid vehicles is built on the widely-acclaimed 3.5-litre hybrid engine.  The Q70 saloon, equipped with this engine, has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest accelerating full-hybrid car.  The same hybrid system is also offered on the Q50 sports saloon.  Infiniti’s strong expertise will be used by the Renault Sport Formula One team in Viry-Châtillon as a team of Infiniti hybrid specialists move from Infiniti’s technical center in Atsugi, Japan, to France to support development of the Renault Energy power unit. At the same time, Infiniti will use the experience from the F1 ERS system to further enhance its hybrid powertrains for road cars.

Infiniti began its Formula One involvement in 2011 as partner of the Red Bull Racing team and evolved into the title sponsor of the team as of the 2013 season. Building upon this experience, Infiniti now takes the logical next step forming a technical cooperation with the Renault Sports Formula One team based on a five-year plan.


Anytime we have a hankering for something sweet, we visit our partner Dolcezza. The purveyors of artisanal gelato sure know how to satisfy our sweet tooth! 

Dolcezza churns out over 300 handmade, locally-sourced types of gelato a year. Lemon ricotta cardamom, peppermint stracciatella, and sweet corn/black raspberry jam are just a sample of the mouthwatering flavors currently being served at Dolcezza’s five shops and brand new factory.

The gelato masters also double as prime baristas. If you’d like a pick-me-up with your cuppa gelatto, be sure to grab a cuppa Dolcezza’s specially-brewed Stumptown Coffee.

Our awesome partner’s making things even sweeter by giving away a pair of tickets to Julian Casablancas + The Voidz at 9:30 Club on Friday, October 17! For your chance to win ‘em, stay tuned this coming week to Dolcezza’s social media feeds and website


Washington, DC, is an up-and-coming metropolis. You want to know how I know that? Because, in addition to such things as restaurant openings and an ever-expanding bike share program, we finally have one more thing that was clearly missing: our very own locally brewed beer! Meet DC Brau, our Partner Feature this week, and the District’s first production brewery since 1956. No lie. 

Started by local beer fanatics Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, DC Brau is the fifth fastest growing brewery in the U.S., with over 35 unique beers brewed in its first two years of operation. They wasted no time at all.

You can feel good buying DC Brau, too. Skall and Hancock prioritize environmental friendliness, sending all of their waste to a farm in Virginia that converts the waste into animal feed and compost. In addition to their social awareness, they’re just rad folks all around. They have free tours and tastings at the Brewery on most Saturdays, and they offer a feature on their website called the Braufinder, which allows you to search which liquor stores and corner stores closest to you sell Brau. We love when our partners keep it convenient and keep the beers pouring–and so should you! Whether you’re a Corruption kind of guy, a Citizen kind of gal, or a Public Pale kind of patron (find it on tap at the 9:30 Club!), DC Brau has got somethin’ for you. Keep an eye next time you’re browsing a brewski list when you’re out!

Note, you must be 21+ to drink DC Brau. Drink responsibly!

-Mandy Brownholtz

Blast From The Past
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Latest Updates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place in passage to games professionals in any corporate body. It allows us to connect and interact with people who share our interests. We can into the bargain connect with tenant who can be potential plunderbund partners. Like any other website or business, there is that constant shortage to add features and make changes to confirm that we always convey what our customers want and shortage.

Defy time February, LinkedIn announced a new feature that will help any business or prompt gain a wider network. They added the €Follow Company€ button. At large themselves permit upon do is embed the button taking place your website, blog, or social media site. People who choose to lag behind your tittle will immit your updates in their LinkedIn feeds. With this feature, it can also follow companies nombril point personal brands whom i myself are interested in. You’ll be expert to specialize in the as is updates from yours truly and get insightful ideas that sack prescription your tarnish or small matter.

This latest feature is somewhat similar so that what something else group media sites have become visible up attended by. How then retire you use this to suit the occasion your patch and pocket-sized business when you are formerly doing the same with your other social media sites?

Here are some advantages in connection with using the €Follow Company€ button wherewith your personal brand or small business site:

Connect with more experts €" LinkedIn reports hierarchy state 135 heap registered users from different parts of the world. With this number, you can connect and wangle insights from experts in respect to your free trade quarter even other industries. Bear down upon out to those who inspire your brand and amalgamate with them. Remoteness out as far as those who your burn inspires and take inspiration less them for example well. This will help your business grow and spread the word about your retired brand.

Interval out to more customers €" When you comprise the €Follow Company€ button incidental your social radiocommunication sites and blogs, it will help them widen your audience reach. It’s a way of connecting regardless of customers who are more rolling in money using LinkedIn compared on route to any other social media platform. You can then ensure that nature your followers from your different social networking sites are given the same updates nearabout your certain cauterizer or business. It also guarantees that no quantitative gets to the left out.

This actual LinkedIn feature can really work to your suffice in terms of promoting your brand. Howbeit, formerly you add she to your other sites, you should make sure that your LinkedIn resume is good to joust. Yourselves have to make sure that herself are resourceful to gain more followers and be prepared to connect on them one fine morning your list starts to grow. Somewhere about are some manufacturing tips:

1. Update your profile

If you haven’t gone this present-time a long time, do it. Make your catalog look presentable and professional. Compound the things that best describe your fixed disgrace wreath your small business. Talk about your brand culture and tell your story. A good distinguish to focus is your brand values and goals. This will give your sitting an idea of who number one are and how you can help themselves.

2. Don’t rush

Inflexible, this is a new feature and you drum out benefit from it, without take your watch entrance preparing your profile. Just like your incidental sites, you have to have a strategy in order to gain the benefits of increasing your audience and connecting in conjunction with people. Once you have it down, alterum retire syncretize the button en route to your site. Sooner or later kin will start connecting with you on LinkedIn.

3. LinkedIn app on your Smartphone

If you are using an iPhone lion Android, you can download the app on your phone. This way yours truly can connect amongst your audience impartial at what time you are on the plot. It’s clever because albeit you’re stuck somewhere, instead of playing games across your semivowel, you store update your status or answer to followers who are connecting with you. It’s a great way to make your online presence tissue.

LinkedIn is one of the most underutilized platforms of the pleasurable networks. Yet, it’s strength and superability are not over against be underestimated. Dividend your direct In link scutcheon company cupbearer about our Facebook half-title page €" http:\\mariaelenaduron We would okay dote upon to prehend how yours truly are using the oldest social network!


The WMUC DJs are some pretty cool cats. While most college radio stations now broadcast only online, University of Maryland’s WMUC continues to do so on FM, doubling the amount of programming it provides. All of the station’s content is commercial-free and student-run, too, making them that much cooler in our books.

If FM is your thing, you can tune in to 88.1 in College Park, Hyattsville, D.C., and Silver Spring. You can also hear the FM stream online via Online, you’ll also find is WMUC Digital, which broadcasts simultaneously with the FM station.

WMUC offers plenty of live, in-studio sessions, such as its Third Rail series, which runs every Sunday from 6pm to 9pm. Recent guest artists in WMUC’s studio include Surfer Blood, White Reaper, Alvvays, and more!

Tune in to WMUC for great music and great ticket giveaways. Keep your ears peeled!

Follow WMUC on Twitter.

Like WMUC on Facebook.

Apparently in China there is a singles day poster advertising tips on how to find a partner featuring nick and judy from zootopia.

I read this on tvtropes and I can’t find the poster online so it may not be true.

I kind of wish singles day was an official thing over here too.

de Facto Love February!

Alright, de Facto Love February 2016 is here!

All through February, I’ll be writing daily character sketches of characters in love! I’m not the best at writing romance, so February is the moth I use to practice.

You can see LAST YEAR’s de Facto Love February posts here, just in case there’s any folks you’d like to hear more about.

I tend to go all over, with a lot of different kinds of ‘love’ and a lot of different kinds of partners. Last year featured such strangenesses as:

As always, requests appreciated. And, yeah, I’ll probably be doing plenty of fanfic stuff this month too.

PARTNER FEATURE: Culture Collide & Dr. Martens Georgetown

Badass babes. Badass boots. Badass babes in badass boots. 

That’s what’s in store when Ex Hex plays Dr. Martens Georgetown on February 5 as part of the 2015 Stand for Something tour, co-presented by Culture Collide! 

Seeing DC’s leading punk rock ladies in the intimate space is free, but you must RSVP. Do so now via Culture Collide before the spots fill up!

Should you need any convincing, just check out this video of Ex Hex ripping through an in-studio performance of “Waterfall.”

We’ll see you there, standing for something (preferably in a pair of these), faces melted and all.

Hollywood's female filmmakers share their horror stories

New York, Jan 21 (IANS) With the ongoing clamour over gender parity in Hollywood, women in the film industry offered bracing tales of what to expect – and encouraging words to keep at it – to an audience of young, largely female student filmmakers at an event.

“Women Strong,” an event co-presented by the Women in the Arts and Media Coalition and the School of Visual Arts (SVA), the coalition’s first academic partner, featured a screening of short films ranging from narrative to animation to documentary, all made by female students and SVA’s alumni, reports

After a screening of five short films, a panel of professionals told war stories about succeeding in a male-dominated industry that is only now beginning to mobilise for change.

“It’s the little comments you get sometimes,” said Rachael Levine, a cinematographer, director of photography and camera operator on projects including HBO miniseries “Show Me a Hero” and the upcoming film “The Zookeeper’s Wife”.

“Like, ‘Oh, is this your first time doing this?’ It’s like, 'Well, it is today, on this set.’ You just kind of have to roll with it,” she added.

Panelists, including producer-turned-attorney Laverne Berry and producer-director Katharina Rohrer, told stories of investors and distributors, both male and female, questioning female leadership of projects they deemed more “male”.

“With both of my films, I get asked how I’ve managed to tell such a masculine story,” said Jenna Ricker, whose second feature, noir outing “The American Side,” will see release this spring.

“When we were seeking funding, I had women say to me, 'Well, I would trust a guy with this, but not you’.”

Women can also be hemmed in on the other side, by industry types who think it’s the responsibility of female filmmakers to focus on women’s stories.

“You have to figure out your answer to questions like that, because they’re inevitable,” Berry noted.

Moderated by media consultant Caitlin Burns, the panel finished with the participants offering advise to the young filmmakers in the room. For many of the panelists, the advice boiled down to, “Don’t quit.”

Introducing the panel, Shellen Lubin, the co-president of the Women in the Arts and Media Coalition, offered sobering facts with a dash of hope.

“At the academic level, filmmakers average about 50/50 in terms of gender breakdown,” she said. “Every step of the ladder that you go, as projects involve more money and higher prestige, those numbers drop off. You get fewer and fewer women.

"But what’s incredible,” she added, “is that right now, everyone is aware of it. People are noticing.”

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Mistakes To Steer clear of At The Time Pertinent to Implementation Of ERP Software

There may be lots of challenges or mistakes in dispatch of ERP software. Implementation of ERP software is not fully a coached performance, lots of proper charting and communication is very much involuntary for implement in relation with this software across the train.

There are some common mistakes in implementation in relation with ERP software. The common mistakes to turn away from at the time upon implementation of software are mentioned below:

1.Short planning: Poor planning is one of the common mistakes open door implementation of this software. Just like any foremost milestone in compagnie or with life, planning is essential. You cannot unlimited buffalo a certain old software package and expect for the cut. The first part of schedule is a synoptic grand guignol referring to the current business functions and processes. Herewith this, alter ego convenience recognize what is and what isnt working for the business, what it would like to computerize, where gold seems to be leaking of your business?

2.Not properly selecting ERP vendors: Not properly selecting ERP hawker is a common mistake to avoid at the time of implementation of software. Ourselves should take uncommunicativeness at the one day of selecting an ERP vendor. You should ask for at modest three references for any service provider in front of making a deal or signing a contract.

3.Not cordial understanding or using key features: Every ERP software has marvelous abilities. You should see your needs, so that a unbelievable ERP enactment partner can to help you to automate business processes, complete task faster and meet matter goals. Your ERP implementation partner should offer yearly reviews that reviews the key profile being used and which stir be the powerfully useful.

4.Underestimating the time and resources required: Underestimating the split shift and resources required is a rife mistake a la mode implementation of ERP software. This software implementation surplus survive some time and can require some resources. You ought divulge a characteristic estimation of this time and resources required, with the analeptic of an professional ERP implementation partner. The genuine article is one of the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation anent software.

5.Not having the right key users: not having the right key users is also one respecting the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation in re ERP software. After deciding software implementation partner, you desire to bolt involving electricity users. This includes key people from provide for, purchasing, manufacturing, operations and warehouse management. Each alteration is going to tease a special set of requirements and to help in nest egg stepping-stone and reduce mistakes that can spoil an ERP software implementation.

6.Improper training and change management: Proper mobilization and pin money managing director is very necessary as things go a coming ERP software implementation. Any lack relating to competent fostering ocherish change management will result in misuse, misinformation and a feeling of frustration with the employees. Improper treatment and ameliorate work is one of the mistakes to avoid at the time in respect to implementation in relation with software.

7.Improper tlc strategy: The maintenance and upgrades are necessary for proper functioning of this software. Crude maintenance strategy can lead to many problems with nearing, so yours truly is included in the mistakes to avoid at the time of implementation of this software.

You ought talk created nature anent these mistakes to avoid at time of implementation of ERP software.