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pairing | luke and y/n

rating | PG

requested | nopes

synopsis | luke & y/n have drifted apart greatly, and maybe this will fix it

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humans!! i’m back because i finally finished most of my requirements (but i still have a shit ton to do tbh *cries*) and i finally got some motivation to write after a million years. also i feel like i’ve been writing about luke way toO much but hey you know what, he’s my fav so like. plus i closed my ask for a while aka i never replied and im sorry for that HAAAAAA but i’m back on again soooo yeaaaaaask box // masterlist

“Hey, wanna go to the boardwalk tonight? Venice Beach.”

It’s weird hearing that kind of offer from Luke; Y/N was used to watching him exit the door with another girl’s fingers intertwined in his. But she looks up from the book she’s been reading, nevertheless, and gives him a tight-lipped, small grin, despite the fireflies igniting flames in her stomach. “Sure,” she responds quietly, tugging her cropped shirt down as she stands up. It’s around four-thirty in the afternoon, and the sun is just dipping into the beach she can see from Luke’s hotel room.

“Aren’t you going to swim? The water should be pretty warm,” he asks gently, as if he’s talking to porcelain. She nods slightly, and goes to her room, practically slamming the door behind her. Leaning against it, she slides down toward the floor and lands with a silent thump as she contemplates the situation. Should she stay or should she go? Shaking her head, and without a second thought, she grabs her swimwear and tugs it on along with her shorts.

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Calvin goes from a sweet precious baby angel who needs to be protected at all costs to sexy dominant daddy who will bend you over the kitchen counter and ram you so fucking hard you won’t be able walk straight for a week in as little as 0.5 seconds it’s fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

Love Online - Part I

Thank you to @booklvr4​ for another great prompt:   

Jamie and Claire find each other on an online dating site and finally meet in person.

As I was writing this, I decided that this story will need multiple parts in order to tell it properly.  I hope you like it!

Claire was sitting at the local pub with her friend Jillian.  She didn’t really feel like socializing tonight, though.  She’d had a rough shift at the hospital and all she wanted to do was go home, sink into a hot bath, and read a trashy novel before going to bed.   She couldn’t disappoint Jillian, though.  It was her friend’s birthday, after all.

“Claire, you have to go to this party with me tonight!  It will be a blast!”

Claire looked at her dubiously.  “I appreciate the offer but…”

“Come on, Claire, it will do you good to meet some nice young men.  It’s over at the University and I’m sure there will be lots of cute boys that would love to shag you.”

“You know that isn’t my style.  And I don’t want a college boy.  I want a real man.”

“You could at least let one of the lads give you a nice roll in the hay.  What’s it been, a year?”


“Alright, I give up.  But seriously, Claire, you need a man in your life.  I know you say you like being alone, but I know you too well.  You are a passionate woman and I’m afraid you’re letting all that passion go to waste.”

Claire looked at her friend, unsure of how to respond. If she was being honest, she’d have to admit that she *did* want someone special in her life.  She hadn’t found the right man, though, and at this stage, she wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what she really wanted.  She certainly knew what she *didn’t* want.  No horny college guys or one-night-stands.  She didn’t want the doctors at the hospital, either.  They were nearly as bad as the college guys, not to mention boring as hell.  

She didn’t go out to bars or go to parties - it really wasn’t her scene.  The same types of people always congregated in those places, and after a while, they all look the same.

Jillian looked at her friend thoughtfully.  “You know, Claire, I think I might know a great option for you.”

“Jillie, not another blind date, please.  I can’t go through that again.”

“No, nothing like that.  I learned my lesson the last time.  No.  You should go to this online dating website I heard of from one of the girls who works at the shop.  She found her fiance’ there and they are really well suited for each other.”

“Are you serious, Jill?  How on earth would that be any better?”

“Just listen…you set up a profile giving some information about yourself, then you input what you’re looking for in a man.  Since you have such high standards,” she said, quirking her eyebrow, “you can use it to find a man tailor-made for you.”

“I don’t know…”

“Claire, for your sake and for all of our sakes, please give it a try.  Will you do that for me?  You can consider it my birthday present.”

“Oh, so I can take back the cashmere sweater, then?”

Jillian smiled.  “Not a chance.”

Later that night, as Claire sank into her big tub, she thought again of what her friend had said.  Was she wasting her life away?  She was good at her job and loved the work, but was it enough?  Did she really want to live her life alone?  

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, pondering what her life could be like.  In her mind’s eye, she saw a little girl, running through a field full of purple flowers.  She was giggling and looking back at someone running behind her.  The person, a man, caught up with the girl and scooped her up into his arms, twirling her around so that her little feet flew up in the air.  The man was tall and well built, but she couldn’t make out his features.  It was clear that this man was the little girl’s father, holding her with tenderness and laughing with her as they ran through the meadow.  After a moment, the pair turned around, their features still unclear.  They seemed to be looking straight at her and, at that moment, she knew that they somehow belonged to her.  

Shaking herself from the daydream, she finished her bath and padded to her room, wrapped in a towel.  As she pulled on her pajamas, she eyed the laptop on her nightstand.  It seemed to be calling to her.  She could almost hear Jillian’s voice say again, “please give it a try…for your sake.”  She lay in bed with her laptop, turned it on, and typed in the web address for the online dating site.

She took a deep breath and told herself, Well, Beauchamp, you may as well give it a shot.  What do you have to lose?

The next day, Claire awoke to find that she had received several messages from the online dating site.  She perused the profiles of the men that had been matched to her.  They all seemed like nice guys on paper, but she didn’t see how any of them would be right for her.  

She knew she was making excuses.  She always did that when she had to do something she really didn’t want to do.  Buck it up, Beauchamp! she told herself. You have to give it a chance.

She decided that she would start a chat with the man that seemed most suitable.  After 20 minutes of nothing but superficial pleasantries back and forth, she know he was not the one.  

Over the next two weeks, she repeated this procedure, talking to several guys online.  Some were nice, even amusing in their own way, but none seemed to have that spark that she was looking for.  She decided that she’d give it another week and then she would be done with it.  At least she could tell Jillian that she gave it a fair chance, then hopefully she would leave her alone.

Across town, Jamie was hanging out with his friend Ian, watching rugby on the new big screen TV he had bought for his small flat.  

“Crikey!  What is that, an 80-inch screen?” Ian said, “And hi-def to boot!  Jesus, I can see every detail.”

“Aye, it is.  I saved for like six months to get it.  Would’ve been sooner but ye ken I dinna make much at the print shop.”  Jamie looked around his rather sparsely furnished apartment.  It felt rather sterile, with the exception of the new TV.  Softly, he added, “It’s not like I have anything else to spend it on.”

His face was rather pensive, and Ian saw it.  “Ye have to get out there, man.  Ye need a woman.”

“Aye, I ken.  I just havna found anyone I find even remotely interesting.”

“At the very least, just get ye someone to have a little fun with, if ye get my meaning.”

“Ian…ye ken I willna take just any lass to bed.”

“So ye plan to be a virgin yer whole life?”

Jamie’s eyes blazed.  “How do ye know I havena…?”

“Jamie, I’ve known ye since we were bairns.  Believe me, I know.”

Jamie, slightly embarrassed, said, “Weel, I have my reasons, ye ken?  I dinna want to take a woman to bed that I don’t love.  I want to find the right lass - one I want to spend my life with.  Then, and only then, will I give myself to her.  If ye think that makes me unmanly, then so be it.  My Da always told me that it was the greatest thing in a man’s life to lie with the woman he loves.  That’s how I want it to be.”   

Ian, somewhat chastened, said, “Och, Jamie lad, I didna mean to insult ye.  In fact, I’m glad ye have such honorable intentions.  Ye ken that’s the way of it with me and Jenny,” he said, a grin forming on his face, “not that I’d tell ye otherwise about your own sister.”

Jamie playfully punched him in the arm.  Feeling better, he said, “Where am I to find such a woman, Ian?  I’ve been to all the usual places…bars, clubs…hell, I even went with ye to a party at the University, and found nothing but desperate, clingy, empty headed lassies who were all too eager to go to bed with me.  I don’t want a woman like that, Ian.  I want a woman with intelligence as well as beauty.  I want someone who will challenge me…an equal in every way.”

“Weel, it sounds like a tall order, my friend.  Perhaps ye should try…”

“Try what?” Jamie asked, wary.

“Actually yer sister’s friend Mary McNabb met her fella on some kind of dating website.”

“Ian, a dating website?  Really?”  Jamie’s eyebrows raised in derision.

“Have ye tried it?” Ian asked.  Seeing Jamie’s blank expression, he said, “I didn’t think so.  What do you have to lose, Jamie?  I mean, you’ve tried everything else.”

“It just seems so silly.  What if they’re all crazies on there?”

Ian looked at his friend seriously.  “What if the *right* one is there, Jamie, waiting for you?  Are ye willing to miss the opportunity to find love just because ye think it’s silly?  Wouldn’t it be worth trying if there is the possibility that you could get everything ye want?”

Jamie had to admit that what Ian was saying made sense.  Was it worth the risk?  He thought about the type of woman he really wanted.  How would he meet her in the circles he was part of?  He didn’t like any of the women that frequented the pubs during rugby night.  He didn’t want Uni girls who were so insecure about themselves that they’d throw away their virtue just to be liked.  He certainly didn’t meet many women at the printshop either.  Really, what would be the harm in trying?  What’s the worst that could happen?

Jamie patted Ian on the shoulder.  “Ian, I think ye are right.  It’s worth a shot at the very least.  I thank ye for looking out for me, Ian.  Ye are a true friend.”

“Aye, someone’s got to do it.”

“And another thing,” Jamie added, “I hope ye are serious about Jenny.  Don’t mess her about, Ian, or we’ll go round and round, ken?”

“Jamie, I won’t mess her about…I love her.”

Jamie’s eyes were wide.  “I didna ken that ye were that serious about each other.”

“Aye, we are.  And, not that it’s any of your business, but we havna lain together either.  We havna lain with anyone.”

Jamie’s face relaxed, obviously relieved at this confirmation of Ian’s honorable intentions.  “I thank ye, Ian, for telling me.”

After the game, Ian took his leave and Jamie decided he may as well take the first step.  He sat down at his desk and went online to find the website that Ian had mentioned.  Finding it, he set to work creating his profile, all the while hoping that this would be the path to his destiny.

A week later, Claire had just arrived home after another long shift at the hospital.  She dropped her bag on her coffee table and headed straight for her room to change.  Taking off her scrubs, she looked over at her laptop, which seemed to beckon menacingly.  She groaned, knowing that it would be just like every other night.  All of the fruitless conversations were getting old.  She vowed that after tonight, she wouldn’t be doing this anymore.  One last look and that would be it.  She let herself have one small hope that somehow tonight would be the night that everything could change.

She settled herself on the bed, laptop poised on her crossed legs.  She had several messages.  She flipped through them, one by one, and discarded all of them - that is, until she saw the last one.  The man was tall and muscular, but the thing she noticed most of all was his eyes - eyes of the deepest blue she had ever seen.  What struck her even more was the warmth she could see in them. It wasn’t just another empty image with a superficial expression like all the rest.  This man was beautiful.  It was as if she could sense his soul through that photograph.  How was that even possible?

She sat mesmerized for several moments, staring into those eyes, admiring the strong jaw and fiery red curls.  This man was intoxicating.  She didn’t know how, but she sensed very strongly that he was a man of great feeling, honor, and intelligence…and perhaps, passion?”  

Her breath sped up at the sight of him, then when she clicked to his profile page and started reading about him, she was even more intrigued.  Something inside her sparked and she knew at that moment that they were destined to meet.  She sent him a chat request and waited nervously for a response.  What would she say to him?  

Jamie was on his computer, sending out some emails before bed, when he heard a ding on his computer.  He looked at the popup window and saw that it was a message from that dating site.  It hadn’t been too successful for him thus far.  He clicked on the window and gasped.  The face he saw on the screen was beautiful.  Not only beautiful, but there was a certain quality there…something he couldn’t quite place.  He was intrigued.  He saw kindness, strength and intelligence.  He knew at that moment that he needed to talk to this woman.  

Claire:  Hi, my name is Claire.  I saw your profile online.  To be honest, yours is the first profile that has intrigued me so far.

Jamie:  Nice to meet you, Claire.  How many profiles have you seen?

Claire:  Too many to count.  I just felt that I had to talk to you for some reason.  

Jamie:  It’s funny you say that, because it was the same for me.  There’s just something about you…

Claire:  For me, it was your eyes.  

Jamie:  I take it you like blue eyes, then?

Claire:  I do, but it was more than that.  There’s something…almost familiar…

Jamie: I don’t think we’ve ever met, have we?

Claire:  No, I don’t think so.  It’s more like a certain quality…God, I must sound crazy.

Jamie:  Not at all, Claire.  I felt it too.  You seem like a caring, intelligent person, and perhaps a little mischievous?

Claire:  You got all of that from my eyes?

Jamie:  I can’t explain it.

Claire:  Neither can I.  

Jamie:  What did you see in my eyes, then?

Claire:  Warmth, intelligence, honor.

Jamie:  Really?

Claire:  Yes

Jamie:  Is it just me, or is there some kind of connection here?

Claire:  I can feel it too.  It’s unreal.  How can we have a connection when we have only said a few words to each other?  And still…

Jamie:  It’s there…

The two talked late into the night, telling each other about their lives, families, and dreams for the future.  How was it possible that they could be so connected after only a few hours?

Claire:  Well, it’s like 2 a.m. and I have an early shift at the hospital.  I should probably go to bed.

Jamie:  Aye.  Claire…

Claire:  Yes?

Jamie:  Can we talk again tomorrow?

Claire:  Sure!  I’d love that.

Jamie:  Glad to hear it.  Goodnight, Claire.  I’m so happy that we met.

Claire:  Me too, Jamie.  Very happy :)

Jamie sat staring at his computer screen.  Her last message had said she was happy.  He wondered if she was happy in the same way he was.  He was beyond that…he was ecstatic.  He knew he could talk to her forever, and wanted the chance to do just that.  Was it crazy to think that she might be the one?  He hadn’t even seen her in real life!  And yet, they had a connection.  That was certain.  She had felt it too.  God, he wanted to know everything about her.  He knew they’d only just met, but he already craved her company.  How was this possible?

Jamie decided to go to bed.  He tried to sleep, but his thoughts dwelled on her.  He grabbed a pillow and held it tightly against his chest, wishing it was her in his arms.  He knew, already, that she had to be the one.

Claire closed her laptop and lay back on the pillows.  She looked up at the ceiling, mind racing from their conversation.  She had never had such a reaction to someone in such a short time, particularly when she hadn’t even seen him in person.  What did it mean?  Was this normal?  She hadn’t felt anything even remotely like it with the dozens of other men she had talked with online.  For the first time in a long time, she allowed herself to have hope - hope that this man might be the one she had been waiting for all her life.  She smiled at the thought, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

That night, she dreamed again of the little girl, but this time the girl had red hair and the man who held her was Jamie.

Live Drunk Rewrite™ Pt II: The Fucking Forest Again

Welcome back, friends. The rules:

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I’m on my first glass but had some champagne earlier so we will begin shortly. 

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