But to conclude, I have an answer of a kind. We are an ecstatic cult and our ritual of ecstasy is the Sabbat. All flesh is one flesh in the Sabbat. We are these species. We are partaking of this beautiful erotic dance of unbecoming and yes, horror. Take off your clothes witchcraft, your human faces and find your skins. Devour the intimacy of your other bodies, welcome them into you as they possess you. Our wine is to be found in this bloody cup, pressed out of our own beating hearts in stamping steps. Here is the rose, dance here.
—  Peter Grey “Rewilding Witchcraft”

Parsons MFA spring 2016 collections during NYFW / The 11 graduated of Parsons School of Design presenting their work during the last New York fashion Week spring 2016 season were Katherine Mavridis, Liya Liu, Long Xu, Mayako Kano, Diletta Cancellato, Pengji Cai, Ryohei Kawanishi, Shih Hsun Lee, Sisi Liu, Tianfang Jing, and Varpu VernaHel Rapeli. /// See more at: http://www.arcstreet.com/2015/09/nyfw-parsons-mfa-spring-2016.html