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Hi, Jenni!! I'm visiting NYC for this weekend, and I want to visit the garment district to compare pricing (I only have a JoAnn Fabrics back home that's hella expensive) and maybe pick up materials for my Princess Serenity cosplay. Do you have any tips? Or any places in the garment district that you like best?

AWWWW YEAH lemmie hook ya up

39th street between 8th ave & 7th ave is prominently Woven fabric (non stretch!!) great for cottons, cotton sateen, twill, wool, chiffon, suiting, velvet,) but you can find some places that carry small amount of stretch - generally though if you’re looking for stretch check out 38th!! don’t forget to bring cash cause a lot of these places will give you a discount if you’re paying in cash/buying a decent amount of fabric!!! OKAY LETS RIDE

1. PARIS BAGUETTE affordable, healthy & delicious!!! grab a drink or food cause you’re gonna need it - ALSO i heavily suggest making an extensive list of EXACTLY what you need bc it can be overwhelming  

2. midtown comics!!! i just go here bc i need to buy comic books and it’s right there lol

3. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this fabric store but it’s LOVELY and it’s the only fabric store on this street!! they actually have all their fabric PRE SWATCHES so you can just go through and grab swatches which is AWESOME - they’re a little pricy but much better organized than most places and have a VERY interesting selection!! This is one of the places i go if i’m not sure what exactly i’m looking for, basically.

4. Starbuxxxx STAY HYDRATED also a good meeting spot for friends cause it’s right smack there!

5. A & K my absolute FAVORITE FABRIC PLACE they’re super nice, helpful, will order stuff for you, and if you pay in cash you can get decent deals -they have an AWESOME selection of cotton sateen, matte satin, dupioni silk, basic cottons, iron on interfacing (in the back, you have to ask!) tulle, and even velvet and some furs!! seriously if you go here tell them jenni sent you!!!

6. “that one fabric store with a lot of fur on the second floor that’s closed on weekends” I BELIEVE it’s paron fabrics, they have a decent selection, more woven stuff, relatively cheap, lots of linens and wools AND a discount jersey section where all the jersey is like 3-5$ a yard!!

7. FANCY ASS MEN’S SUITING FABRIC STORE where to shop when ur gucchi af I basically only go in there to hurt myself by looking at the price tags, everything is super expensive but GORGEOUS specializing in mens suiting!!! they also have things pre swatched so you can take swatches to cry on later when you’re thinking about the beautiful fabric you’ll never own

8. DAYTONA!!!! TRIM!!!one of the 3 holy trinity of NYC trim stores IMO, lace, buttons, zippers, notions, elastic, basically anything that isn’t literally fabric! This is also where i get my STRONK ASS horse hair!! they have 1″-8″ horse hair and it’s amazingggg and really strong!!!

9. Hammed fabric! the doors are QUITE LITERALLY right next to each other, they have a bunch of cute glittery tulle in the front, and a really nice matte satin selection!!! Very affordable satin, decent cotton sateen selection, dupioni, etc.

21. I literally forgot about fabric garden bc i never fuckin go here lmao. really good selection and MUCH better organized than other places are but DAMN they jack the prices. A last ditch effort when i can’t find what i’m looking for, basically. Good hen you wanna find  fabric…swatch it…and take it to other stores to find a better price lol

10. G&R!!! they carry well priced double knit jersey & have a FABULOUS leather hide selection and it’s pretty affordable!!! Worth popping in!!

22. Stienlauf & Stolder!!! the best place to get steel boning, steel stays, boob cups, boning at all, grommets, anything related to hoop skirts & corsets!!! their hours SUCK ASS so if you’re gonna go make sure it’s a week day before 4:30 (they also sell boning in bulk if you know you’re gonna use it, then it’s a pretty good bargain!!!)

11. A trim store i check out sometimes, they have really lovely lace & a bunch of fun little diddles you’ll have no idea what to do with lol. They specialize in burlesque and have lots of feathers!! They also have some VERY cool studs!!!

12. Pacific TRIM, part two of the holy trim trinity - actually VITAL to almost any costume! any time you’ve been looking for a costume piece and you weren’t sure what it was called?? they have it. The little bra pieces? have it. Belt buckles of VERY COLOR AND SIZE. oh yeah. that weird metal shit you don’t know the name of??? you’re basically in Ariel cave this place is IMPORTANT. they also have dye, buttons, zippers, trims, pretty much everything and it’s SUPER well organized!!! please go here!!


23. Hai’s Trimming INC. - this place is real big and has a truly awesome collection of feathers, rhinestones, beaded & glittery trim sequins, etc!!! they’re a burlesque place, so don’t come here unless you’re looking to bling the fuck out of your costume basically

14. SIL THREAD PLS DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO HERE they have fabric paint, lots of interesting sewing helpers (rulers, weird little things you wouldn’t think you need but once you get them they’re life changing) AND they have ZIPPERS & THREAD in eveeeryyyyy color, length, type and size!!! they also have big and long plastic zippers in lots of colors which are very handy for bunny suits!! i get all my serger thread here, they have EVERY GOD DAMN COLOR and it’s only like 10-12$ for 4 big ass serger spools??? go here and get fucked up

15. Spandex house!!!! the biggest spandex fabric store in the city, well organized, tons of colors - a MUST GO if you’re looking for spandex or anything stretch!!!!! floor one is the fun stuff and floor 2 is their non print/whacky fabric! their jersey selection isn’t as good as you’d expect, however there’s another stretch store that’s got u covered!!!

16. GO GO CURRY!!!! cheap delicious eats to keep you on your feet!! at this point i’m usually carrying a 25lb bag of fabric and i wanna die lol

i didn’t even put this on the map bc it’s already on the map lol, they CAN BE EXPENSIVE depending on what you need, but have a really great selection and straight up the quality here is much better than at most other places - if you’re looking for something really eye catching, or you’ve been to a lot of these other places and couldn’t find what you needed Mood is worth checking out!!! mood definitely carries a lot of fabric you just can’t find anywhere else in the garment district. They also have a great leather selection, but again, $$$$ lol

17. JOEYS - not a fabric store, but they have A SHIT LOAD OF BELTS & SHOES for super duper cheap and damn if shoes and belts don’t add up for cosplay??? i buy stuff from here alll the time!!!

18. Beauty 35 - a beauty store that carries wig!! (and extensions clip in pony tail, bangs, etc) obviously not cosplay quality, but in a pinch not bad, and they have make up/hair products you might not find in a regular pharmacy

19. STRETCH WORLD - they used to be on 38th street but they moved WHICH SUCKS ASS bc they’re a really great store for super high quality cotton jersey & they have a good spandex collection too!!! I always go here when i need jersey.

20. TOP TRIMMING - they also used to be on 39th, but they moveddddd. Trims, sequins, notions, headbands, boning, weird shit you didn’t know you needed until you see it! Very good gold trim here!!!

BONUS ROUND: MANHATTAN WARDROBE SUPPLY - located on 29th street between 8th and 7th ave, on the 8th floor of a building (there’s an elevator) - they are a hidden gem and have EVERY kind of leather paint, fabric paint, fake blood, wig heads, boob magic related products, and they recently started carrying worbla too!!!

annnd those are the place i usually hit up!!! hope that helped!!!