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Song Blog 2 

YOUR SONG - Parokya ni Edgar

It took one look

And forever laid out in front of me

One smile and I died

Only to be revived by you

There i was

Thought i had everything figured out

Goes to show just how much i know

‘bout the way life plays out…


I take one step away

but i find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only you…ooh…

Now i know

That i know not a thing at all

Except the fact that i am yours

And that you are mine


They told me that this wouldn’t be easy

And no

I’m not one to complain…

I take one step away

then i find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only you

I take one step away

but i find myself coming back to you

My one and only, one and only you…

On to being sentimental again and I miss that person.:'c I think he will not communicate with me again and my neck is killing me..(this was last week) i have a soft spot for him, when he told me “because I was gone” and then at that moment i wanted to be back to normal but he was maybe having just a distance. now: we are talking but not the way it was before, i miss the person i knew before but i think he was busy with everything going on with his life, too. he still cares maybe and i can feel it but it is only up to that point. care. i am happy if he is happy even if he would have another someone. i wish him well.

anyway, about this song…

I was really haunted with this song and I wanted to hear this everyday and it makes me feel so happy even if that someone abandoned me.. Do i seem pitiful? ahaha but really, this is a feel good song that when you are sang with this, it would make you feel weak and run back again to the person you love most. This is so true, one word from him, i think i would run back to him.

we are busy chasing our own dreams and if i am not included in one of his dream then i would just gladly step back for him to find someone who he can really love. i’ll be okay someday soon, i just hope he will also be happy in pursuing the things he wants and needs.

Though I am over thinking things again but I think he has already moved on and is just preparing me so that I’d be ready when it is time for him to leave me (funny, because he was never here but I can only feel him in my heart). I think every night he is avoiding me and would just reply if I say goodnight. :| and I observed that he was not really posting status and videos anymore in Facebook starting last Monday. hmm.. 

I was just happy we are talking again. That’s all. My one and only boo!(ha!oily!cheesy!)

Life is fragile, Love is not.


Ramon “Dragon” Bautista Vs. Parokya ni Edgar

Screencaps & concept art of this short film I directed for Nescafe : )

Grabe sobrang saya gawin nito! Pinagsanib na pwersa ng Parokya at ng Ginoong Ramon Bautista. Umaapaw sa ka-adikan! Sobrang pasasalamat ko na naging bahagi ako ng proyektong ito.

Pinagsama sama namin dito ang iba’t ibang elemento na lubos na nagpaligaya ng aming kabataan : )

Panoorin, DALI!

Concept art, storyboard & post production: - Joshua Panelo, Jether Amar, Jethro Razo, Hermie Cabrito, Prime Felias, April Fronda, Gapi Zabala & Rivelle Mallari

Agency: MRM
Production House: Unitel
Director: Avid Liongoren (me)
Producer: Jho Moya
DP: Rommel Sales
2nd Unit: Mico Manalaysay
AD: Bombi Plataman & Robin
PD: Mr. Erik
PM: Ms. Noemi
Prod staff: Dianne & the Wondergirls

Do like or FB page over at : )

Tingin ko yang 3-months rule pakana lang yan sa mga chick flicks at romance novels. Tingin ko depende kung isang linggo makamove on ka, good for you; sometimes it takes you 2-3 years, depende talaga, kanya-kanya lang yan kung paano paghilom ng sugat. Basta once you feel that the time is right, go for it.
—  Chito Miranda on his view on John Lloyd’s 3-month rule, Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out guesting of Parokya ni Edgar.