Here it is! Five Nights At Furry’s 2! Took me forever to sort through all our clips and edit this together, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Major thanks to sailorolive, ponyquest, clockworkcoon, pyrekitsune, fortheloveofcatss, and oswalds-ears for working hard to help make this video happen!


Superheroes’ Part-Time Jobs: Because No One Pays Them For Saving The World. 

Besides saving the world, they are just like us, they need money for living, food, drink, daily needs. I think the most expensive things are their beautiful costumes.

Friends in the Question Blocks
  • Friends in the Question Blocks
  • Luigi ft. Wario and Waluigi
  • One-Offs

While waiting for a good instrumental of Stronger than You (lyrics are already written but all the instrumentals I’ve found have serious problems), I thought this up and did it to keep the voices fresh.

This is the first time one of these has been so big I needed to compress for tumblr to allow it, so the file is in 256kbps. Hopefully it won’t make much difference! ;^_^


Wario: Waluigi, Why are we visiting Mario?

Waluigi: Simple! We’re gonna take advantage of his generosity and get a bunch of his power-ups to make
our plunders more successful!

Wario: Fair enough. *knock knock* Hey Mario! It’s-a me, Wario!

*door opens*

Luigi: Hello?

Wario: Where’s-a Mario?

Luigi: He’s away adventuring for now, but Luigi is-a here to help!

Waluigi: Weh…I’m not dealing with this guy today.

Wario: Yeah. Letsa go…

Luigi: Don’t-a you disrespect me, you two!

Waluigi: Weh?

Luigi: Don’t-a you belittle and-a mock!

Wario: Wah?

Luigi: You’re-a my company now, not mario’s…

And I got friends in the question blocks.

(He’s got friends in the question blocks)

Wario: What are you talking about?

Luigi: C'mon in! I’ve got lots-a to show you!

Luigi: Sit down on-a my Sofa
Put yourself at rest
I know I may not be mario, but
I'ma gonna do my best!

I can jump-a the highest
flutter around some too
Shoot myself out just like a bullet
(great for parties AND deathmatches!)

Waluigi: We just want powerups from you!

Luigi: O-ho!
I got powers
I got flowers
I got tons o’ that in stock!

Cos I got friends in the question blocks!

(He’s got friends in the question blocks)

The coins…the coins…the coins will tell…
How many of these things I can sell!

The coins…the coins…give them to me…

Wario: We’re not-a payin’ you jack! We just want ‘em for free!

Luigi: Okey-dokey. Let'sa start with Wario!

Luigi: You’re as strong as you can-a be
Beating people up comes-a naturally…

Wario: That'sa right! Wa-ha!

Luigi: Your strength is great….
But your stealth-a sucks…

You need to blend in much-a better if you-a want the big bucks…

Waluigi: I keep-a telling you this, You can’t-a beat up EVERY guard!

Wario: I know…

Luigi: So you gotta hide, but hidin’ makes you nervous, you don’t wanna give yourself away, Alert

everyone that you’re there…but good hiding takes powerups! O-ho ho!

You need to be as quiet as a stone…
And if you look at your-a past you can’t-a do it alone…

On you, waluigi, I don’t wanna waste much time
You’ve been rejected all your life
Rejected by your family and Mario and Luigi!

And if-a you got married…
You’d-a be rejected by your wife!

Waluigi: Weeeh…

Luigi: But with the right-a powerup, the you I-a see
Is somebody who’s admired by-a everybody!

Shake-a my hand!
C'mon, guys, won’t-a you shake-a player two’s hand?

Waluigi: Hmm, why not?

Wario: Hmm, Okay!





Transformation central!

(Transformation central!)

Reformation central!

(Reformation central!)

Transmogrification central!

Wario: Waaah!
Waluigi: Waaah!


You’re changin’
You’re changin’
You’re changin’, all right!
Hope it was worth-a the talk!
But if it wasn’t
Don’t blame-a me!!
You can blame my friends in the question blocks!

(You got what you wanted!)
(But you lost what had!)

Luigi: Okey-Dokey!

Wario: So, we can turn back into Tanooki from these stone forms, right?

Luigi: Sorry! This was a free sample! If you want-a more, you gotta pay!

Waluigi: But we can’t-a even move to pay you!

Luigi: Oh…too bad…bye-bye. *door slam*

Mario: Oh wow! Look at this statue! I’m not a fan of the subject, but I’ve gotta admire the detail work!

Toad : Wow Mario, You’re right! Are there any more?

Mario: I can only see this one here…

Wario/Waluigi: LUIGIIIIII!