My husband just left for Detroit and I just can help but feel worried. I also feel like a lame-o because Detroit is really only like a two hour drive from here. I don’t know if it’s because it’s in a different state or what but it just feels I don’t know if I would feel this weird if he was traveling to Columbus lol

Anyway, this is the first of his monthly travels to Detroit. I’m proud of him but I’m gonna miss him. We’ve never spent 3 days apart since we’ve been married.

As I typed this out I felt better seeing that Detroit is only about two hours away (I mean for crepes sake the executive director at my job drives from boardman Ohio to Parma everyday and that’s like 2 hours!)

Still can’t help but worry though!


White boys playing with BB guns arrested, forced to write essay

In February, two brothers, ages 12 and 15, were spotted playing with BB guns in a park in Parma, Ohio. When officers arrived, they didn’t fire at the kids — the boys peacefully surrendered and were arrested. Earlier this week, a judge set their punishment: Write an essay. But wait it gets worse, the topic of the essay only reinforces the double standard.