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Imagine if aliens found out about the human activity of parkour.

Humans, to put it simply, are ambitious. They were building prototype airplanes before they really understood what flight was. They sent living things into space when they could barely see past their own solar system. Humans are willing to try anything in order to accomplish what they want.

This doesn’t just go for groundbreaking endeavors and adventures. They were slower than the animals they hunted, so they invented bows and arrows to catch them faster. When humans became impatient, their ambition drove them to invent the gun; much more efficient and effective than the bow and arrow. Everything that has affected human development has been because of their unparalleled ambition.

Now, humans are incredibly smart; it’s why their ambition actually produces considerable results. They know a lot about themselves and the environment around them; they know that their closest relative is the ape, and to an extend, the monkey. They know that they share traits, and that some are unique to their species. To simplify, humans are not monkeys, and they know this. So why do they climb like monkeys? Why do they put themselves at risk to jump and bound in ways their bodies are not adapted to? It is not natural. They train for this; they practice. They hurt themselves, time and time again, until they get it right. They label this torture a sport, and have dubbed it “parkour”. They force their bodies to do what they want them to do, no matter the cost. And this is the most terrifying ambition of them all.