This is Maddie. She gets some wicked air time. Hardcore barkour. 12/10 nimble af

animal rates?

please just. imagine for a moment, an earthborn Shepard that did parkour as a teenager.

just imagine the great Shepard parkour-ing literally everywhere. It’s handy on the run and confusing to enemies.

They’re trying to avoid C-sec and just…dive to a lower level, and roll, and go about their day.
They’re running from a krogan and flip off a wall and run in the opposite direction, leaving the krogan confused and appalled.
“Is this standard human training?” Garrus asks. Kaidan gives a long-suffering sigh. “No. No, this is just Shepard being an ass.”

None of the other races know what the fuck is going on, ever, and all of the human crew members are impressed by their persistence and annoyed by their persistence.


from a TMITUESDAY question I received from Twitter
Atleast that’s how I see how each & every artist build their skills.

That’s how I summarize my artistic journey alone.

I was going to add more but this was only meant to be a doodle