asp world tour ranking

surfer: joel parkinson

quiksilver pro gold coast finished: 2nd

parko ‘had it’ since the beginning of the final. the 2x quiksilver pro gold coast was minutes way from his 3rd win but gabriel medina came flying and got 2 scores in the dying minutes. joel said it was a fair win. i agree. let’s see if the 2012 world champion will stay consistent with his results

I didn’t watch the surfing round table, but this is what I imagine went down…

Parko: So guys, isnt surfing fun?

CJ: like so totally fun!

Mick: like so totally tublarly fun!

Parko: its like totally the best! Mick, you hacks are so hacky and awesome.

Mick: oh Joel staphhh it, you flatter me.. teeeheeeheee

Kelly: ….its only fun when I win.

CJ: *glares*

(ps… what is that mysterious bulge in Mick’s pants?)