Parking ticket switcheroo.

The apartment complex I lived in was on a one-way street, with angled parking spots. One particular space was not technically a legal spot (it was a driveway that had been removed after the apts were built) at one point it had been painted in with slanted lines, but there was no sign or any other markings. Over the years the lines faded to the point where they were barely visible. People would routinely park in it for short periods and it was well known to the parking cops as a great revenue generator.

One Halloween I parked there, ended up getting day drunk; I didn’t feel like taking the risk of driving around the neighborhood to find a legit spot. instead I came up with this brilliant idea to put an old ticket under the windshield wiper. But that wasn’t enough for drunk me, so I wrote “go fuck yourself” inside the ticket in case they dared to check it. The next morning, I woke up to 3 new tickets on my car, all written for different violations, by different parking cops, and they even put a slightly different address for each ticket, to make it that much harder to contest. My favorite was that one had been wedged into the drivers side door instead of put under the wiper. They took my decoy ticket and I’m sure it’s still hanging in their break room in some kind of hall of fame.

(I got one dropped that was written for not having a night permit. i had a night permit.)

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I got something to tell you || Wit & Luce

Witney felt horrible as she was driving to set that day. Keegan had taken Eli with him an hour or so early so they could avoid another incident. She glanced back at the infant carried in the back, a small sigh leaving her lips as she pulled into the set parking lot. Showing her pass that she was allowed there she drove in, finding a parking spot before taking Atticus in his car seat and heading inside to find Lucy. Soon she had reached Lucy’s dressing room. Carefully the blonde knocked, waiting for Lucy to tell her to come inside.

'Gogh, The Starry Night' releases still cuts of cameos Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk!

By yckim124  

Upcoming SBS special drama ‘ Gogh, The Starry Night ’ released still cuts of its fabulous cameos!

First, we see Lee Jong Suk, who’s playing the role of a top star. He’s captured smiling next to his former movie co-star Yuri and actor Lee Ji Hoon. Next, Park Shin Hye is spotted as a part-time employee of a convenient store.

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Also, as you may have noticed, Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye are former drama co-stars. It’s revealed that both of them decided to make the special appearance for the director of 'Gogh, The Starry Night’, who’s the same director who took charge of their past drama ’Pinocchio’.

The first episode of 'Gogh, The Starry Night’ is airing soon on the 22nd! Make sure to watch out for Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye’s special appearance.

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This has to be about the most atrocious thing I’ve ever made