this therapist i went to see misgendered me every single time even though i kept correcting her

also she said there is “no way i could have BPD because im not that kind of person” um okay thanks, what kind of person would that make me if i still think i have BPD and would like counseling for it because im worried that some of my symptoms are getting worse??

also it took me 20 minutes to find a parking spot, i saw a cute person at our gay-straight alliance meeting and i looked like crap, also i realized during my therapy session that i apparently still have lingering effects of trauma that i need to work through because ive been super bitchy and irritable and unmotivated lately and have had bad problems with social anxiety and trying to please people to the point that i forget about my own anxiety and depression and apparently thats a sign of hidden stress from emotional abuse HAHA so that is why i want to scream

Whooo is that? A baby Mexican spotted owl at Zion National Park in Utah! National parks aren’t just for people to enjoy – they also preserve important habitat for wildlife like the Mexican spotted owl, found in Zion’s slot canyons. It’s one of the largest owls in North America and is listed as a threatened species by both the U.S. and Mexican governments. Protecting parks helps ensure these owls have a home for years to come. Photo by Sarah Stio, National Park Service.