Artist: Kayqin (

Author: PaxOhana (

Title: Inked

Wordcount: 8991 words

Rating: Mature

Trigger warnings: No warnings apply.


Yuri has decided to take the plunge and get a tattoo for his eighteenth birthday, but doesn’t realize his heart will follow.

Was that the beautiful piece of eye candy from a couple weeks ago?” Ash asked as she walked out of her workspace with a client.

“Yuri? Yeah, that was him,” Otabek affirmed, “He’s actually a really cool guy.”

“Think I could get his phone number?”

“Oh shit!” he shouted, darting around the counter and running out of the shop.

He caught Yuri right before he pulled out of his parking spot. Putting the car in park, he rolled the window down and waited for Otabek to reach the vehicle.

“Would it be possible to get your number?” Otabek asked, “Number one, I need to put it in my client record and number two, if something changes tomorrow I would want to let you know.”

“Sure,” Yuri replied, grinning from ear to ear as he took Otabek’s phone and entered his number into the contacts, “I don’t do phone calls, but text me anytime. Doesn’t have to be just to let me know about tomorrow.”

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tip for easing driving anxiety when you're learning: big, empty parking lots. seriously. find a place that's closed on sundays & just go drive around in the parking lot. give yourself goals using the parking spaces as guides like "okay, I'm going to drive along this row until X parking spot, at which point I will slow my speed and turn to the next row" - it'' help teach you better pedal control. practice figure 8's to help your steering, etc. No stress from being on a roadway, just learning.

Thank youuu :D tbh I’m probably gonna end up doing this alot im so anxious ;^; just hoping it won’t turn into a Bob’s Burgers episode 

Highlights of the Voltron Wondercon panel:
•Jeremy Shada screaming “Let me have this Lance is Altean!” when Tom Hendrick tried to point out a flaw in a fans logic
•Tom Hendrick saying lances skin care consists of food goo and fermented food goo.
•"Lance is as beautiful as he thinks he is"
•There was legit irl hunk who actually majored engineering and minored in culinary arts and offered Tyler Labine a cinnamon role.
•Finding out in the original story idea in space mall Shiro was supposed to be looking for a parking spot the entire episode
•Lance was supposed to park in a handicap spot
•Also Shiro and Allura were supposed to bathe the mice together
•Lotor’s beautiful voice

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I'm going through a real rough patch and if you want to write something cheerful you have no idea how grateful I'd be.

Flash sidled up to Superman on one of the Watchtower’s mezzanines, leaning against a rail. They looked at each other sidelong, then away.

“Wanna hear my new time?” Flash asked sideways, swaying as he alternated which foot held his weight, hands on his hips.

“There’s no way you beat my time,” Superman muttered, his arms crossed over his chest. His eyes were in the other direction, and both men went silent as the Lanterns walked too close. Superman and Flash gave them a nod of acknowledgment, then waited for them to be at a safe distance.

“Nine seconds.”

“What!” Superman dropped his arms, whipped his head around to where Flash was grinning and bouncing on his heels. “No way.”

Flat,” Flash said.

“There’s no way.”

“Check my heartbeat if you don’t believe me,” Flash said, tapping his insignia with his thumb. Then he frowned. “Actually, don’t, I’m pretty excited about this so my pulse is probably crazy.”

His heart always sounded like an angry hummingbird trapped between his lungs, but Barry was also a notoriously terrible liar, so it wasn’t as relevant as it could have been.

Dangit,” Superman said, crossing his arms again. He leaned back to scope out the area around them. No one seemed to be paying them much mind. “What time?”

“Eleven on a Saturday,” Flash said, looking even more smug. “You know I don’t mess around.”

“Tch!” Superman made an irritated sound, licking his canines. Then he snapped his fingers. “You forgot about–”

“Nnnope,” Flash interrupted. “I’m including the new ones in that, that’s the whole reason we had to reset our times, otherwise I’d still be at seven-point-four.”

Tch.” Superman drummed his fingers against his bicep. “Nine seconds,” he repeated, torn between irritation and awe.

“You know what that means,” Flash said, waggling his eyebrows.

Superman sighed. “Alright, where are we going?”

“I want soup.”

“Uh-huh.” Superman waited. Flash was waiting for him to ask. Superman was not going to give him the satisfaction.

“… in Saigon.”

“You’ve been watching Bourdain again,” Superman accused.

“It looked like really good soup!” Flash said, defensive.

“Fine,” Superman said, “but I am going to beat your time, and when I do–”

“Beat what, now?” Wonder Woman asked, having managed to approach them while they were distracted by negotiations.

“Nothing!” Flash and Superman said at once.

“We were just talking,” Superman said.

“About stuff,” Flash added unnecessarily. “Private, personal, man stuff.”

Wonder Woman’s eyebrows shot up. She was close enough for her lariat to hum on her hip. She looked Flash over. Flash started to turn red.

“Okay bye!” Flash said, and he was gone in a streak of red.

“Superman?” Wonder Woman asked.

“I should, uh. Hal…”

He wasn’t actually making any definitive statements, just stringing words together, and yet somehow it still managed to ring false. She watched him go, putting her hands on her hips.

She could practically sense it when Batman came up beside her, even quiet as he was.

“Do you want to know what they were talking about.”

“Do you know?” she wondered. He said nothing, so she turned to look at his face. It was as expressionless as ever, but she got the impression that he did not consider the question worthy of dignifying with a response.

He was Batman. He would never be so rude as to say ‘of course’ – but of course he knew.

“I wouldn’t want to invade his privacy,” Wonder Woman said cautiously.

“He’d tell you if you really asked,” Batman said. “They just like feeling like they have a special thing.”


“Flash, especially.”

“I see.” She tapped on her lower lip as she watched Superman talk to one of the Green Lanterns. “So what’s the special thing?”

“Pick me up in the plane on Saturday and I can show you.”

She froze. Slowly, she turned to look at him. As always, being able to see him helped not at all. “Like a date?” she asked.

The corner of his mouth twitched. “More like a stakeout.”

“That could be like a date.” She was mostly saying it to tease him. Sometimes if she did it right, he turned pink and had to find a shadow to hide in.

“It’s usually not.”

“Why not?”

“I’m usually with the kids.”

“Oh!” Her eyes widened. “I didn’t mean–”

“It’s fine.”

She put her hand out to rest on his shoulder. “I would never imply–”

“I know.”

She took her hand back. “I’ll behave,” she assured him.

“You don’t have to,” he said, and she grinned.

“I’ll pick you up at ten,” she said, and she gave him an exaggerated wink as she walked away.

“It’s a date,” he murmured.

Why,” Wonder Woman asked, “are we in Florida?”

Batman was sitting beside her, and the plane was in a low hover. “Because as far as anyone can tell, this is the single biggest and busiest Walmart in the world.”

“I don’t think that explains as much as you think it does,” she said.

Batman held up a phone. A clock took up most of the screen. 10:59. “Watch,” he said, and he pointed out to the parking lot, vast and terrifying and teeming with people. She watched, and she had no idea how she was supposed to see anything in the crowd.

Finally, she spotted it. The motion too quick to be anything mortal. Would anyone on the ground notice anything more than a strong breeze?

“Oh! It’s the–” She snapped her fingers, couldn’t remember the word.

“Carts,” Batman supplied.


In almost no time at all, every cart in the parking lot had been returned to one of the designated corrals. Batman pointed to something that he must have been using technology in his mask to see, because otherwise his eyes should not have been good enough. Wonder Woman was much better equipped to see Superman, standing beneath a tree and checking a stopwatch and scowling. He did some kind of motion with his arms and one leg that suggested he’d have thrown his hat to the ground, if he’d been wearing one.

“They introduced new carts,” Batman explained. “They don’t fit with the other ones, so it slows them down. Ruined their whole system.”

“They had a system?” she asked, giggling.

“No, here,” he said, tapping her arm to point again. “This is the best part. He’s frustrated.”

That’s the best part?”

“Watch what he does.”

She watched. Superman was gone again, more impossible-to-follow motion through the crowd. Things were moving. Large things.

“He’s fixing the cars!” she said, clapping her hands together.

“He’s fixing bad parking jobs,” Batman confirmed. “Because he’s mad.” There was a brief crooked curve to his mouth.

“He moved that one to a different space!”

“Illegally parked in a handicapped spot.”

“How fun.” Wonder Woman watched the people wandering through the lot, wondered how many of them had noticed what was happening and how many had disregarded it as nothing worth noticing. “Flash is the winner of this contest, then?”


“Is there a prize?”

“Clark buys him lunch. Usually somewhere he saw on a food show, since he can’t normally do that.”

“Why not?”


“Barry can run anywhere, can’t he?” she asked. “I see no reason he couldn’t run to these places on his own.”

“He doesn’t like being alone in foreign countries,” Batman explained. “It makes him anxious.”

“Oh.” She returned her gaze to the parking lot. “How nice, then, that it all works out.” She frowned. “Is this weird?” she asked. “Spying on our friends like this.”

“I don’t think I’m the right person to ask.”

“Do you do this often?” she wondered. “Watch people have fun without you?”

“Define 'often’.”

Wonder Woman held up a finger in warning. “Zatanna taught me a trick.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“She says that if you ask me to define the parameters, it means the answer is bad.”

Before he could respond, there was a thump.

Superman was standing on the nose of the invisible jet.

He tapped a knuckle on the glass, until Diana opened the hatch. “Hello!” she said cheerfully.

“What are you two doing here?” Clark asked.

“We’re on a date!” Diana said.

“We’re not on a date,” Batman said.

“If you’re not on a date, can you give me a ride?”

“You’re out of our way,” Batman said.

“Nah, just drop me off in Gotham,” Clark said, slipping inside the plane, awkwardly floating between the two front seats into the back.

“You don’t even need a ride,” Bruce said, having to fit himself as far as possible into the edge of his seat so that Clark would have room to get by. “You can fly.”

“Yeah, and you can walk, but I don’t see you giving up the Batmobile.” Clark made himself comfortable in the back seat as Diana closed up the plane. “I’m craving Dimitri’s.”

“You’re too sober for Dimitri’s,” Bruce said.

“I’m always sober. You’re lucky I can tell this wasn’t a real date, or I would be really creeped out by the whole spying on me thing.”

“Don’t tell Barry we know about your special thing,” Diana said, pulling the plane out of its hover to ascend. “I don’t want to ruin it for him.”

“I won’t,” Clark assured her. “Hey, you know where we should go while we’re here?”

“No,” said Bruce.

“Where?” asked Diana.

“No,” said Bruce.

“Disney World!”


Diana gasped.


Clark put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. “You can’t have come all the way to Florida just to see me,” he coaxed.

“I’m banned from Walmart, strongly discouraged from visiting Disney parks, and my parents are dead. I have no other reason to visit Florida.”


New Girl Rewatch Party: 2 x 17 - Parking Spot

I just love this episode so much it was really, really hard to choose the scenes to gif. So this post will have bonus gifs :)

  1. They are clearly uncomfortable next to each other, but are trying to show they are okay with it. These scenes of everyday moments are my favorites. It’s been a long time since they brushed their teeth together, right?
  2. This staring contest is very funny. Schmidt and Jess know that Nick will give up easy, so they come together to end “the weaker side”. Episodes with the three of them together are very good (I’m really looking forward to Rumspringa. Not just to see Nick and Jess, but I really like episodes with the 3 together).
  3. I think this is the first episode that shows Nick drawing, something nobody comments on the show, but he’s really good at it.
    Zooey is very pretty in this episode. Her hair is amazing, just like the makeup and the clothes. Jess seducing Nick and he asking her if she got hit on the head is very funny. And then Jess doesn’t know how to deal with Nick wanting to hug her and does a purple nurple. Poor guy.
  4. The way Nick looks at Jess when she sits super close to him is so like a teenager in love. I find it very cute. Schmidt’s reaction is priceless. “You think that I’m blind? You think I can’t smell it? You think I can’t hear it? The stench of filth and lust is all over this room. Smells like fricking Tijuana.
  5. This scene reminds me of this video (x) and I laugh everytime!
  6. ALWAYS.
  7. I forgot this. The Winston plot was a bit weak (imo) but has some good scenes. This in Cece’s apartment is one. It’s funny to think they were not friends one day.

      8. The box of condoms that Jess bought on Valentine’s day of the year
      before (1x13)! Back when the writers were still worried about continuity. I
      love Winton’s reaction to the empty box.
      9. Nick pretending to be sorry he kissed Jess to see if things were back to
      normal between the two of them. Jess looks so disappointed, I feel sorry for
      10. Classic scene. There is not much to say.

       11. I once read a really good fanfic about the creation of the no-nail oath. I
        was trying to find it to post here, but couldn’t. If anyone knows what I’m
        talking about and can help me with that, I’ll be really thankful and make
        you a gif of your choice :)
        I love the Jess that it’s in this episode - and especially this scene. I miss  
        her and I want her back.
        I hate Schmidt’s reaction to finding out about Nick and Jess. I’m still waiting
        for Schmidt to redeem himself for wanting to break them up.
        12. Schmidt and Jess kissing will forever be weird (and they know it). But I
        made this gif because of Nick’s face. He can’t see what’s happening right
        there, but he thinks that has to happen so things will be ok again. So

This was longer than I thought it would be…sorry for that, if anyone read all this. :)

Prophetic Dream Spell

This was actually an accident, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I used Mugwort (can I get a huzzah for discovering spells by accident?!). Combining Mugwort with the other three ingredients listed is basically asking for visions. Anyway, I wanted to cast a very simple little spell before bed, hoping that it would induce a deep, restful sleep, but not only did I get an deep, uninterrupted sleep, I also ended up receiving prophetic visions that came to fruition the next day (once again, because my sleepy butt added Mugwort).

Here’s what you’ll need (all herbs were dried):

  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Lavender
  • Mugwort
  • Sage
  • A small dish or bowl
  • A red candle with Ansuz carved into it (because I work with Odin, but if you’re not a religious witch or you use a different pantheon, you can substitute Ansuz for whatever fits your liking).

Take a few pinches of each of the ingredients and add them to the bowl. Place the bowl on your window sill next to the lit candle, and crack the window open, so the night’s fresh air and energy can enter in. Close your eyes, feel your energy, and say the following three times (I always speak my ingredients):

“Hibiscus, Lavender, Mugwort, Sage

Take away all the day’s rage

Wanted dreams and wanted sleep

The night’s rewards shall I reap.”

Keep your intentions in mind as you speak, remembering to focus on building and moving your energy (and if you bring a deity into the mix, keep your deity in mind as well). Once you’re done, blow out the candle, give thanks, and you’re good to go! (I always leave my window cracked open when I have a spell sitting on it over night, but only do so if you live in an area where it’s safe to leave your windows open overnight).

*Remember, you can always tinker with the ingredients or the words or whatever you want! Magic isn’t something that’s set in stone, and it works differently for every person. If you feel better adjusting something to do it differently, by all means, do so! :)

**Also, for those who are curious, the vision I received was of me parking in my normal lot on campus, only to get a parking ticket, then becoming very frustrated because I shouldn’t have gotten the ticket. The next day, I parked in my normal spot, and lo-and-behold, got out of class to find a ticket on my windshield (I should not get tickets, because I paid for a parking pass for the entire quarter). I was understandably irritated, so I logged onto my student parking account, only to find that the system had glitched and kicked my car off the pass earlier that morning.

Imagine finally getting a really good parking spot close to the doors of your apartment building only to come home one evening and see another car there. Angered, you leave a note on the windshield. ‘Don’t park here, this spot is taken by 507.’ The next morning there’s a knock at your door and the person says they wanted to apologize for using your spot. You look through your peep hole to see the hottest guy ever but still use the chain when opening the door. 

“Hello. My apologies about your spot. I just moved in a few floors up and was told it was free.” You can’t help but stare at how stunning he is and are tongue-tied. He smiles. “Sorry to have caught you at a bad time. Your spot is now free, enjoy your day.” He turns to walk away then stops. “I’m Loki by the way. Will I see around?” 

“Uh, yes and thank you.” He winks before walking away and you close the door and lean against. “Oh, my. I think I just woke up in heaven.” What you didn’t know, was Loki heard you.

Behind The Towel

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You’re at your mom’s house with your kids when your husband sends you a very NSFW photo while he’s away.

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: children (because apparently that needs a warning), a stubborn toddler, NSFW photo under the cut, embarrassment, sexting, implied smut

A/N: @wayward-girl sent me this photo and my brain just kicked into overdrive so… here ya go. This is also my (very late - I’m so, so sorry) submission for @frickfracklesackles‘s 1,000 Followers Celebration Challenge. My prompt was “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.” and is bolded below.

Jared was in Los Angeles, shooting some promo shoot for something he wouldn’t tell you about. It seemed sketchy, but you shrugged it off for the most part. Packing up the kids, you headed for your mom’s house, knowing she’d listen to your worrying about there being another woman while also helping you with Jake and Lauren. 

Day two without Jared, and you were missing him. You woke up that morning and shot him a text, just saying, “Wish you were here,” with a kissing emoticon. After laying in bed for ten more minutes with no reply, you sighed and planted your feet on the floor. Trudging to the kitchen, you clutched the warm black mug between your hands, savoring every single sip of the holy liquid you were taking in.

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Nerves - Smut

Originally posted by redstringbughead

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,414
AN: Hey look! I’m not dead! Thanks for being patient with me these past few weeks, I was in a weird place and it’s just been hard for me to get into the mood to write, but it seems as if I’m back in the groove. Yay! This was written for @sarcasticallystilinski and @rememberstilinski‘s lacrosse week, so make sure you watch their blogs for some more of our favorite team, the Beacon Hills Cyclones! Also special thanks to those of you who have been encouraging me like @celestial-writing, @ninja-stiles and @thelittlestkitsune. And thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me when I got stuck, I love you all!!

“I’m so nervous.” Stiles said quietly from beside you, his knuckles white from his grip on the steering wheel.

It was his first lacrosse game, the first one where he’d actually be playing on the field, and he was extra fidgety. You reached out to rub his shoulder soothingly as he drove the familiar route to the school. “You’re gonna do great, babe. You and Scott have been practicing so much, you’re not a bad player.”

He sighed. “I’m gonna get out there and choke, I know it.” He pulled into a parking spot, turning off the ignition and sitting back, his hand over his eyes. “Maybe I’ll just fake sick.”

“No way.” You unbuckled your seatbelt and slid closer to him, your hand moving to grab his wrist and uncover his eyes. “The team needs you. You can do this, I know you can.”

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26 maybe

Thank you for requesting! I hope you’re well. xxx 

prompt: ‘That isn’t appropriate’ or alternatively Part 2/2 of ‘giving Harry a blowjob in front of his friends.’ I want to first say that I KNOW that this one isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m fully aware of that. That’s why there’s this disclaimer. With that said, I hope you like it. Thank you SO MUCH for being patient. I know I was a fucking spazz with this so thank you. I’ll repay you all somehow. Probably with a smut concept night. Or would that be more for me…

[27] Do you want to show them love? [MATURE.] 

It snowed the day before Harry landed back at home. And she was really cross about it because she wanted him here to watch it fall. And maybe she was just as cross because Harry was spending his days in the sun while she was avoiding muddy puddles.

But Harry is back at home after it felt like months when it had actually been two weeks. Which is actually, quite the same thing in both of their eyes.

He’d barely left the house. Not even when his body had gotten used to the London cold. Not even when he should have been somewhere else. There is no somewhere else or any other pressing place to be. He should only be here. At home warming himself up by laying right beside her as they catch up on episodes they’re not paying attention to anymore.

‘House is nearly all furnished.’ He grins playing with her fingers. He’d finished where they left off when she had left. ‘S’ready for you, you’re the only thing missing.’ He brings her hand to his lips.

They managed the furnishing after arguing about paint colors from across the globe.

It looks like sick!’ She argues into the phone, loud enough just to be sure her opinion of the color is carried effectively.

That peach color just won’t do.

‘Does not!’

‘Does too! Looks exactly like my 22nd birthday did in the toilet! You were there!’ She explains.

‘s’fucking disgusting.’ He groans at the image she’s instilled in his head.

‘S’what I’m saying!’

Harry liked falling back into this routine. The one he has with her, the one they share. He likes matching his routine to hers and not the other way around. Feels less guilt this way.

He likes making her tea in the morning instead of just for him, likes eating breakfast with her instead of on his own, likes planning meals to cook for dinner and likes taking a bath with her instead of running one just for him.

He fits. Fits really nicely into this routine they’ve created for themselves. He’s found a place in her life and she’s found a place in his.

It’s half eleven and gloomy, the sun is struggling to come out but it’s getting there.

‘I think you’re growing up.’ She grins peeling back her banana.

‘You think?’ He grins.

‘A dinner party at home for a birthday party? No club? No lads holiday in Jamaica? Should start checking for grays.

‘I should.’ He agrees taking his phone off the charger. ‘That’ll be your job then.’

His birthday isn’t until tomorrow and they will probably still go out. His mum is throwing him another party tomorrow night for family as well. But Harry is looking forward to this party the most. He’s seen enough clubs, they’re more of the same after a while. And his group of good friends has narrowed down over the years to the very best ones. He doesn’t need the large groups and loud outings anymore. But he wouldn’t mind laying out in Jamaica, he could use the tan he thinks but he’d much prefer staying here with her than a bit of color.  

‘They know,’ She sits back on the kitchen island. ‘About tonight?’

‘They do.’ He replies and she nods looking down at her phone when it vibrates. She wonders how that conversation sounded like. She’s glad she wasn’t around to hear it. ‘Having second thoughts?’ He asks. ‘Won’t be mad if you are.’

‘Oddly no,’ She laughs. ‘I want to give this to you.’

She’s warmed up to idea now. She’s had two weeks to make sure. She still thinks it’s crazy, it is crazy but she’s curious. And her curiosity has overtaken her hesitation. ‘I’ve got to practice now don’t I?’ She grins looking down at her banana realizing the innuendo. She brings it to her lips, slips it passed them before hollowing her cheeks theatrically.

‘Jesus—don’t start this now.’ He groans. ‘None of that, we’re late.’

She grins sliding off the kitchen island to grab her bag, ‘was just practicing for tonight.’

‘Don’t need any practice.’ He urges her along. They always seem to run late together. ‘Fortunately for me, you’ve got enough practice.’ He says completley serious before answering his phone.

And she laughs sarcastically as she throws away the banana peel and follows him to the front door. ‘Good one, s’funny. You’re funny today.’

She’d hoped they’d go on a run like they usually do on some mornings but it’s too cold and rainy and he doesn’t want her slipping on the wet pavement. And they hardly leave each other alone when they have so little time. So she’ll join him at the gym, he’ll do his thing and she’ll do hers. He uses that time to think anyway. Maybe she’ll do a few bouts in the ring as well.

‘You’ll tell me when it’s time for it?’ She asks once they’re both in the car. ‘Because—’

‘Of course.’

‘M’just gonna be on my knees right?’ She asks gathering her hair to tie it up.

‘Just how you would any other time. However you choose to, S’up to you.’

She nods but her stomach churns a bit, but then it tightens at the thought. And the more she pictures it, the more bothered and flushed she gets.

She’s shaken out of it though when Harry’s phone rings inside the car. And it’s no help at all that it’s his mum about lunch tomorrow for his birthday. It’s their thing every year. She fans her red cheeks as she greets his mum as well. She doesn’t stop either as she answers her questions about what their plans for tonight are.

She’s practically begging him to step in and help her. Harry bites on his lip as he tries hard not to laugh. Her cheeks cool off only slightly when the call ends and Harry finally releases the laugh he’s kept in.

‘That was terrible of you.’ She glares.

‘I can’t lie to her! I’ll just start mumbling and muttering! So I had to keep quiet.’ He grins as he pulls into the parking spot. She nods sarcastically at his reasoning.

They walk from the car to the gym quickly as the rain starts to drizzle. Harry didn’t miss the rain, even just this pretentious drizzle. But he did miss walking side by side with her so what’s a few rain drops?

‘Can’t believe you’re doing this.’ He wraps his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him as they walk. It is in fact, quite chilly.

‘I can’t believe it either.’ She replies and he laughs into her neck. ‘Must be just as crazy, must love you a lot too.’

‘Love you.’ He pulls up the hood of her jacket so she doesn’t get too wet. ‘A lot.’ He says. ‘Love you too much.’  

‘Too much, really?’ She grins. ‘Sounds excessive.’

‘Mhmm, isn’t good. Haven’t got anything left for anyone else.’ He kisses her cheek, does so a few times too until she’s struggling out of his hold trying to escape the attack.

‘You could easily just split it up evenly between me and—’

‘I can’t! Not when you’re taking up all of it!’ He whines. ‘Took it all. Every drop.’

She accepts that it’s her fault. Because she too has a hard time not giving him everything she has.

She lets him get to it, get to whatever training day it happens to be. She’s lost count and can’t keep up with his work out schedule.

She leaves the gym earlier anyway, to pick up his cake. He doesn’t know there’s a cake but there most definitely is. She got them sparkler candles too. She figures because Harry doesn’t like all the bells and whistles or anything over the top for his birthday, she’ll be the one to make sure he gets them anyway.

He tries his hardest to keep away from sweets, more so now when he’s at the gym everyday. But he’ll just have to make an exception this time. Because this is his favorite cake and it’s his birthday.

When she gets back she inspects the house to make sure he’s still at the gym. She puts the cake in the fridge with a note on it warning him about possible consequences if he takes a peek. And she knows he won’t because he can’t afford consequences, not today when there’s a lot on the line.

‘Is that a bloody cake—’ Harry calls as he walks into their bedroom as she showers.

‘Did you peek at it!’

‘No, I followed the threatening note.’ He leans against the glass. ‘When did you manage to pick it up?’ He smiles widely.

‘When you were busy stretching,’ she leans back into the stream to wash off the suds from her shampoo. ‘And you’ve got to have a piece, none of that no sugar nonsense tonight.’ She warns. ‘Now close the door birthday boy, it was all steamy before you waltzed in.’

She shoos him away when he tries getting in on her shower. Ignored him shedding his clothes and arguing about how he needs to get clean too because she knows what he’s looking for. And she wants him to hold off until tonight, wants him needy for her touch.

‘I’ve got a whole month ahead of showering alone.’ He tries. ‘And m’the birthday boy.’ He has every intention of milking that until he can’t anymore.

‘M’not touching you though.’ She warns and he nods smugly getting in.

They take turns under the stream of water, she watches him and he watches her. He finds this so silly and he just needs to touch her. Because like he said, soon he won’t have her to touch.

So he finds a loophole.

‘Didn’t say I couldn’t touch you,’ he backs her into the glass that’s steamed over. ‘Gotta be more clear love.’ He lifts her arms, pins her wrists above her head. ‘There, keep ‘em there.’

‘You’re very spoiled you know that?’ She whispers. ‘Very greedy as well.’

‘Mmm,’ he hums kissing at her chin then down to her neck softly. ‘Love it when you name call.’ He looks up at her with grin from where he’s biting down on her neck. She isn’t amused.

‘M’gonna suck the life out of you in a few hours and you can’t hold off until then?’

He grins widely, shaking his head. ‘If you could see what I’m seeing now…’ He bites the wet skin of her chest, then grazes his teeth along each breast. ‘You’d already have your answer.’

She tries to ignore the way his wet body feels pressed against hers. His wet lips on her skin, the way water runs down his body and the way his hard cock is standing away from his body so beautifully and waiting for her.

‘It’s my fault then?’ She pants and he nods rapidly against her wet skin. She takes her hands down, in need of something to hold onto, his hair preferably as he sucks on her sensitive peaks. He bites down softly in response, she moans loudly as he brings her hands right back to where they should be.

‘You make me greedy.’ He presses his lips hard against hers. She moans against them whether she’d like to or not. He tugs at her bottom lip with his teeth before releasing it and going in for more. She knows what he’s about when he kisses like this. This type of kiss would only be appropriate here, with no one around. It’s hungry, desperate, and raw.

‘A terrible excuse.’ She whimpers as he hoists her up around his waist. But she forgets how bad it is when she feels his hard cock against her thighs.

It’s a few hours later when Harry’s laughter echoes through their home. They’re both cleaned up then, her in a dress and him in her favorite shirt of his. She smirks at how desperate he’ll be to get out of those black jeans when they become too tight.

She smiles wide too, at him laughing and smiling around his close group of friends. In addition to Harry, they all haven’t seen her for some time.

They know what they’re here for as well as his birthday. That makes her as settled as she can be in a situation like this one. It’s only a dozen of his closest friends. There could have been three times that and she’s wondering if he kept it intimate for her.

It isn’t a normal birthday activity like drinking games or karaoke but she knows their friends are the bunch to go along with this. And drinking games are only fun if you remember the rules and karaoke with Harry is quite pointless.

She rolls her eyes with her lips against the champagne flute when the longevity of her red lipstick is questioned, if it’d stay put during.  

It won’t, she’s already tested that. But she knows how much Harry likes that look on her, ruined and messy, might as well wear a sign that says she just blew him.

‘We’ll find out soon enough.’ She grins and Harry nearly chokes on his drink.

She’s having fun with this now.

And she doesn’t remember laughing this hard, maybe it’s because of the champagne, she hasn’t drank in a while. He’s got funny friends, funny just like him.

Sometimes she just likes watching. Loves watching his eyes light up when they all talk, about music especially. She likes watching him shy away when the upcoming Oscar’s are mentioned more specifically, his respected nomination. She also very much enjoyed watching him react to the endless phone calls and messages when the news had spread.

He didn’t know what to say anymore. Just kept saying thank you over and over again. He still can’t comprehend it either, but she made sure he knew very quickly that he was deserving of it. Because he did at some times, before bed wonder how this all happened. It happened because he’s brilliant at what he does and that’s that, is what she said and made him go to sleep. Because he is more than capable of letting these thoughts race through his head for hours and days.

Harry has his hand on her knee as they all eat. A habit of his he doesn’t even notice but she does.

She’s heard all of this teasing before about school and work. It’s understood and comes with the territory. Because if not them, Harry teases her about her never ending schooling.

‘Been five years now hasn’t it?’ They tease.

It certainly feels that way.

‘Close, three.’ She plays along.

‘Just until May right?’ Harry grins. He’s more ready than she is at this point.

She’s only got a bit more left. And when she’s throwing papers around, furiously typing and highlighting like mad woman he reminds her. Reminds her that in a few months time, she’ll graduate, all of this will be behind her and he’ll be there watching in the crowd. And he’s so looking forward to being in the crowd for once and cheering her on. That’s why they bought the house in Los Angeles, he wants them both in one place. Wants them to settle somewhere because he’s so very sure of her.

‘A proper scholar.’ He smirks.

Later when Harry busies himself with showing off the new but antique record player he got recently as a gift, she gets his cake ready.

She’s getting antsy now, she will admit. He told her when it’d be time. But she’s just waiting anxiously, guessing and on edge. She knows he’s thought of a proper time or maybe he hasn’t and he’s just going to surprise the both of them.

‘Fuck!’ She gasps. For someone as tall as him, with boots as heavy as his you’d think he wouldn’t be so good at sneaking up on people. But he is.

‘Been rock hard since you deep throated that banana this morning.’ He laughs into her shoulder.

‘Go,’ she fails at hiding a laugh as she takes the cake out from the fridge. She doesn’t need him peeking. He walks off looking back at her with a grin that takes up just about all of his face.  

Harry smiles shyly when his cake is brought out, with the right amount of candles, one for good luck and pretty sparklers as well. It’s odd really she notices, how he celebrates everyone but recoils when it’s his turn.

‘Make one with me.’ He pulls her onto his lap as the singing ends.

‘No it’s your wish.’ She struggles in his hold but he keeps her. ‘M’not gonna hijack your—’

‘I haven’t got one.’ He chuckles. He really can’t think of one. But if she’s got one than it’s his as well.

‘He hasn’t got any left, he’s already getting his.’ She hears and tries not to laugh as everyone else does.

But she thinks properly about a wish, looks at him and thinks really hard. Not wanting to waste it. But the wish that comes to her is quite simple really.

‘Ok, I’ve thought of one.’ She says.

‘Go on then.’ He kisses her cheek. ‘On three.’

He counts for them, until three. She notices that boyish grin on him that she’s seen in so many childhood pictures of his. He looks the same now, blowing out his birthday candles just how he did when he was a child. The candles all go out together, and the sparklers die down soon after.

‘Happy Birthday.’ She kisses his cheek, his dimples deep as ever as she traces them before kissing him sweetly.

It’s fun watching him eat cake, he hardly ever touches that stuff. That’s why she got him his favorite. He wasn’t going to have a birthday without a birthday cake, she’d made that clear.

She’s permanently smiling now. She surprises herself each time, with how obsessed she is with him. How warm she feels watching him, how content and comfortable he is. ‘Is it good?’ She asks wiping the frosting from his lips and he nods before kissing her back. He gets goosebumps from her too, really he does.

Harry nearly tries to avoid the toasts dedicated to him but everyone insists and so does she. She doesn’t let him move. They’ve moved to the sitting room, much more comfortable and spacious as everyone goes around in their turns saying something about him.

‘…and m’really lucky to have you.’ She grins and everyone’s glasses clink and he smiles widely pulling her back onto his lap. She traces her finger over his dimples again that have gone so deep from smiling so wide and laughing so hard.

Harry can’t think properly sometimes when it comes to her. How he’s managed to find someone who feels so lucky to have him and he feels equally the same about her. He really does feel so lucky.

Not just because she rubs his back when it’s feeling achey. And it’s not just because she puts up with his sleep restlessness, his sleep mumbles and soft snores. And it’s not even because she’s willing to blow him in front of his friends.

‘Do you want to show them love,’ he asks her softly. ‘How lucky I am?’ She nods subtly against his neck,  ‘How good you are?’ She nods again and he kisses her forehead softly. She’d be nervous if she wasn’t this aroused. She’s been picturing this moment for quite some time now, getting hot at the thought so she’s running on adrenaline and her own arousal now. ‘Go on angel, on those knees.’ He encourages her before finishing what’s left of his drink.

She gets off his lap as he keeps his eyes on her. The look in his eyes reassuring, trusting and reading hers. Checking or waiting to see if maybe she changes her mind. She hasn’t.

She thinks she wants this just as much as he does now. Her heart racing as she finds her place on her knees between his legs. This bit here isn’t different or new, she’s done this many times over just not for more sets of eyes. But for now, there isn’t anyone else in the room. She’ll get used to the idea once she gets started she thinks.

She laces her fingers over his belt, unbuckling it slowly. Harry doesn’t know why just that is painfully erotic but it is. Now especially, he’s sensitive to everything she does. He’s been this way the entire day, wired, tense and knowing. He sets his glass down to help her with the buttons of his dress shirt as she pulls it out from his painfully tight jeans.

He was right, he is rock hard. He’s always ready for her and in turn her mouth starts watering at one of her favorite sights. He hisses before she even gets her hands or mouth on him, just from the loss of the constrained fabric. The tightness of his jeans unbearable when he gets this hard for her.

Harry knows they’re all looking at her, that was the point of all of this. He’s looking at her too. She only remembers that she’s being watched, that she’s the show when she hears drinks being tipped back around her.

She wants to feel him first, get him even harder than he is now. She wants him to start leaking out, she wants to see those first few drops ooze from him from his now red and needy head.

So she brushes the tip of her finger across him, across that mouthwatering vein that wraps around his thick length. She exhales slowly, feeling herself getting wetter every cruel second that passes by. She admires him as she continues up just below his tip to where she knows he he gets fidgety and squirmy from her touch.

He inhales sharply when her fingers graze over him, she knows right where. Her eyes stay on his as she wraps her hand around the length of him. The skin of him is soft despite the hardness, he glides under the skin of her palm. He’s a pretty color too, pink and blushed, red and waiting at the tip.

She pushes her hair back behind her shoulders as they sit with their elbows on their knees, getting comfortable watching her.

‘Pretty girl, it’s all for you, all yours.’ He says and she nods as he tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear.  

He groans softly, almost painfully when she slides her thumb over the tip of him. He’s already breathing heavy when he watches her bring her lips to the wet and extremely sensitive tip of him. She wants to taste the first few drops, she’s missed the taste.

‘Go on Angel, suck on me.’ He says grazing his thumb across her jaw line, calming her.

He stops breathing for a second there when she does, when she sucks around the head of him as her fingers trace down lazily but with purpose over his balls.

She doesn’t think about stoping either. Thinks about nothing else but opening wide for him. She calms when her lips glide down the base of him. Her breathing controlled and slowing as she manages him further.

‘There’s my good girl, fuck—there she is.’

He isn’t easy to get down, her lips have to stretch around the thickness of him and the length of him is a job getting as deep as she possibly can. But she’s learned over time, how to get him down further, stimulate all of him. How to make him make those noises, make that face…the face she has to try hard not to think about when she’s out and about.

Harry lets out a winded exhale as her throat closes around the tip of him. Her throat closing around his throbbing cock startles and awes him. How has she managed to take him down that deep—and that fast.

‘Love—’ He doesn’t know what she’s doing or how the fuck she’s managing to take him so deep but he’s losing it. He can’t be this close this early. ‘Shit!—’

She stills, breathes slowly before taking more of him down.

He grunts loudly as his knuckles turn as white as a sheet from the tight hold they have at her hair. He’s, whether he consciously knows it or not, guiding her onto him. Getting her on him and she’s taking it. She’s taking him so good and he’s nearly shaking.

‘Christ! Are you even breathing!’ He hisses. He’s genuinely worried for her but she looks up at him, settles him with her shiny eyes that spur him further. He can’t stop looking at her. He can’t stop looking at her mouth then down to her throat where he’s sure he is.

She hears the whispered curses of his friends and that only spurs her further. To pull off of him, pull her lips back only to take him back to the same deep place he’d been.

‘Fuck me,’ he groans as he looks down at her. The sight of this alone, her wet lips gliding over him, her cheeks hollowing when she takes him back down…her tongue licking over his slit…the sight of all of those, he’s sure could get him off. He knew this would be filthy he just didn’t think it’d look this filthy.

‘Maybe next time,’ she smiles up at him while running her tongue back over his slit. He chuckles softly, slightly out of breath as his friends do the same. She’s sure he’ll be bringing up that after a drunken night out soon. About fucking her in front of people. But for now she’s gliding her tongue back and forth over his slit tortuously slow as he fists her hair tighter at the thought of that too, being watched.

He doesn’t think he can do it, doesn’t think she can handle it either. But his hips lift up towards her mouth, with a mind of their own as she takes him down again. She does that purely unfair thing where once he gets visibly tenser, groans louder she pulls off of him to lick at his head. But then she hollows out her cheeks ready to take him all in again. She does that three times and it takes him just the second time to understand what she’s doing. She’s teasing him, edging him painfully.

He can’t properly punish her for it now, they aren’t at that point of comfort where he could spank her and discipline her in front of others as well.

‘Please,’ she looks up at him. She takes his hand from the back of her neck to tangle into her hair. ‘Just like you would my cunt.’

He sighs deeply at her word choice. He’ll scold her for that later.

He knows how much she likes this, having him fuck into her mouth. He knows what she’s asking for, the type of thrusts into her mouth she’s looking for. As if it was her cunt.

So he tightens his hold on her hair, fists a good bit of it around his hand as he guides her back down on him, pulling her back and forth across him. She moans as he keeps tugging on her hair as he rocks into her mouth. The one he swears was crafted and sent by the gods themselves.

He’s thrusting his hips forward on purpose now, and not just because it’s uncontrollable. But because she asked.  

‘Look at you.’ He says in amazement. His stomach stirs and tightens just looking down at her. ‘Taking me down so nicely.’ He praises and she’s driven by it.

She holds tightly to his knee, leveraging it to get him deeper with every push of his passed her lips. Her dress has ridden up some to the top of her thigh, she knows so. And she enjoys the different sets of eyes watching.  

Their sitting room, where they watch films and argue about triple word scores during scrabble is now filled with the filthiest sound they’ve ever heard. Wet, sloppy and whispered curses.

The sound she’s letting out with his cock that deep in her mouth is lethal to him. She’s letting out a mixture of content hums, like he’s a sweet ice lolly and moaning whimpers when he slips passed her lips down to her throat.

‘All mine aren’t you Princess?’ He tugs at her hair, making her look up at him and she manages a nod. ‘All mine.’

She hears ice cubes rattle in glasses as they’re tipped back by their friends as they lean closer to watch. They didn’t know what to expect from this either but this feels so filthy and sinful it’s captivating.

She braves it, looks to the right of her to watch them all watch her. Her stomach tightens, her body tenses as she feels herself pool in her panties. Her eyes catch their blow out ones, one by one as her lips slide up and down slowly. Their gaze shifts from her eyes down to what she’s doing with her mouth.

‘Watching them watch you Princess?’ He asks.

It’s not daunting anymore. How she’s there to be watched. Because he was right, right about it all. How much she likes this now. How it all makes her feel, like the main attraction, like a proper show piece.

'Do you like being watched love?’ He asks stroking her hollowed cheek as he watches her watch them. ‘Putting on a nice show for everyone?’

She nods softly, bobbing on him. If only she knew how she looked right now. He won’t be able to get this picture out of his head ever, it’ll run through his head like a movie. He’ll be doing nothing, sitting in a meeting and this right now will dawn on him and he’ll feel so filthy at the memory. How willing she is right now, how determined and the way her cheeks go pink every time she hears someone curse whilst watching her take him in deep again and again.

He can’t wrap his head around it nor is he even trying to. How her lips are gliding over him, matching his rocking thrusts. Her full lips redder and puffier now, glistening wet wrapping around him from the tip of him until her throat closes around it.

‘Look here Angel,’ he brings her back to him with his thumb at her chin.

Her jaw is slowly starting to ache now, but in the type of way that makes her want to keep testing herself. How much she can take of him and for how much longer. She’s the one who decided on her own that tonight she’d manage to get him that deep and deeper each time she pulls her lips back over him. So she keeps going, she needs to.

‘That’s it,’ he groans. ‘Right fuckin there.’ He praises.

She tightens her lips around him, making this all the more torturous for him. She wants, needs him to come now. She’s been torturing herself with this thought for weeks. Him spilling into her mouth for people to watch. She’s desperate for it now just like he is.

So she presses her lips tighter, mimicking just how her cunt tightens around him. And he’s familiar with this tactic of hers. She can tell he remembers by how tightly he suddenly clutches and tugs at the hair at the crown of her head. He can’t get the thought out of his head now, her mouth and her cunt and just how warm and wet they both are. He’s close, much too close to come back from that now.

‘Eyes on me love, want to see you when I spill into your pretty mouth.’ He pants. His eyes seem to be watering too, just as blown out and wet as hers now as she keeps sucking him. ‘Fucking Christ—Angel!’ He groans.

Before he realizes it either, and with a tight fist at her hair he’s coming down her throat. His head falls back, as he groans and his chest heaving. She moans around him, thankful and needy for it. His harsh grip on her hair only tightens and she’s moaning at that too. The vibrations of her mouth jolting him further, emptying all of him between her lips. It’s a lot, more than she’s used to but she’s taking it all down. His stomach tightens and releases as she sucks everything from him. He’s nearly whimpering by then as she keeps sucking him until she’s sure she got everything and lets him fall from her lips.

She wouldn’t have known what to do then if he hadn’t pulled her back up to him. She’s breathless too as he pulls her back to sit on his lap. He nearly groans at the sight of her. Some of his release had ended up on her bottom lip when she got her lips off of him.

‘Was that good?’ She asks quietly and he nods still speechless and amazed as he wipes his thumb across her bottom lip. Lets her suck what’s left off of it. He kisses her hard then, he wants her now, to himself this time. She can tell, he’s kissing her like he always does when he has to have her. Just like he did this afternoon in the shower that was supposed to be a shower for one. She pulls back, seemingly telling him ‘later’ with her eyes and he understands.

‘Didn’t see you guys there.’ She grins turning her head away from him. ‘How much of that did you guys see?’ She asks. Harry laughs with them as he kisses her forehead.

Harry’s made to open some of his gifts even though he hates getting gifts. Except for the one he got a few minutes prior. He doesn’t hate the blender either.

She isn’t done yet. She knows he’s taken the next week off for his birthday but he didn’t plan anything for the week. He wanted the exact opposite of planned. But it’s much too cold in London, Harry could use a holiday and she won’t refuse one either. It isn’t a lads holiday in Jamaica but it’ll be theirs.

She watches him contently as he laughs at the silly cards, laying her head against him as she hears laughter erupt from him, his chest vibrating.  

It’s hard to get him something, because if he wanted it he’d get it. Which is why the biggest tip she gives everyone about her boy is get him something he can’t buy at a shop. Make him something. Harry much prefers things like that.

It’s a quarter passed twelve when things die down.

Even considering all that had happened not an hour ago, she still flushes when they’re thanked for the the ‘dinner and the show.’

She downs the last of her champagne before putting what’s left of the cake in the fridge. Harry will pick away at it despite his great restraint against sugar. And she certainly doesn’t see why it can’t be their breakfast tomorrow.

She jumps for the second time that night when she feels his arms wrap around her waist. ‘Genuinely thought you were gonna choke on me.’ He shakes his head recounting the event. ‘Got worried—’

‘Wanted to surprise you.’ She grins. ‘Birthdays call for surprises.’

‘You’re dripping.’ He guesses, chuckling against her neck.

‘For a while.’ She shudders when he kisses up the back of her neck.

‘Yeah?’ He grins. 'Being watched made you that wet?’

She nods, it really did. ‘Thought about touching myself while I had you in my mouth but I wouldn’t have heard the end of it from you if I had.’

‘You’re so disciplined.’ He bites into her shoulder. ‘So well behaved.’ He wraps his hands around her waist, throwing her over his shoulder. ‘Taught you well.’

He’s been needing her all night, wanted to be close to her, properly tangled into her. But he takes all that he said back when he feels her bare bum as her dress rides up.  

‘Take everything I said back.’ He shakes his head swatting at the bare skin. He’s got easy access from how he’s carrying her and her dress has already folded up to her waist.

‘Was just gonna soak them anyway!’ She yelps. She’s getting wetter now too, always does when he spanks her.

‘Thought you were my little angel,’ he spanks her again and then another. ‘Was gonna reward you for it.’

‘Fuck—Harry.’ She cries. ‘Your mum’s gonna wonder why I won’t be able to sit properly tomorrow!’  

He laughs as he gets to the top of the stairs. He hadn’t thought about that, usually enjoys watching her struggle to put jeans on or sit like she said. He still gets an earful about that one time she couldn’t put her bathing suit on because there were visible hand prints all over her bum and she couldn’t go swimming properly without her cheeks getting as red as her other ones.

‘What’d you use my wish for?’ He throws her onto their bed.

‘That I’d be able to take you that deep,’ she pushes the hair from her face. She’s properly needy now, soaking between her thighs and panting.


‘No,’ she scoffs. ‘Wished for you to be happy always.’

’S’abit boring.’ He smiles hovering over her.

‘Sorry.’ She grins.

‘Did you mean what you said?’ He asks.

‘About what?’

‘Bout being fucked and watched.’ He bends her leg so he can get her shoes off for her one by one.

‘I don’t know.’ She shrugs as her heels fall to the floor.

‘Don’t hide on me now.’ He finds the side zipper of her dress before zipping it down.

‘M’not hiding anything.’ She pulls down the straps of her dress so he can tug it off of her. She kicks the fabric off and that too falls to the floor.

‘Are too.’

‘I just….’ she starts.

‘C’mon, spit it out.’ He teases and she glares. ‘Finish the sentence.’ He grins widely.

‘I like being watched.’ She admits, looking back up at him after getting his jeans down.

‘You did put on quite the show this evening.’ He kisses her.

’S’not like I don’t enjoy taking you down my throat, got a really good looking cock.’ She grins.

‘You’d let me to fuck you in front of people?’


‘Christ—’ He nearly wheezes into her neck. ‘Where has that been hiding?’ He mumbles into the warm skin.

‘In a sock drawer, what do you mean hiding—’

‘You didn’t tell me that bit! I thought I knew all of your—’

‘What was I supposed to say about it? S’not like it can easily be accomplished or arranged? ‘How would—’

‘There are places.’


‘Places for that.’

‘You’d let someone else watch me come?’ She asks already knowing the answer. He thinks on that for a moment. He did say that at some point. How he wouldn’t ever share that with anyone. ‘Didn’t think so.’ She laughs.

‘Don’t think I’ll ever like the idea of someone else knowing how you look like when you come—’

‘I know.’

‘Let me look into it,’ he thumbs over her bottom lip. ‘Gotta think about it.’

‘Alright one step at a time,’ she laughs. ‘Can’t do everything all at once.’

He nods, agreeing with her as he hovers back over her, kissing her again. His mind is doing so much at once. He’s overwhelmed really. By her and all that she is and that she’s a part of his life, a good chunk of it. He thinks he’d really like to spend the rest of his birthdays with her and not just because she’s generous with gifts.

‘Happy Birthday,’ she smiles. ‘And I do really hope you’re happy always.’

It was a good wish to wish.

‘M’really in love with you, s’disgusting.’ He wraps her leg around him tighter.

‘Mmm that’s nice,’ she wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him closer.

‘Actually can’t see my life without you, can’t go an hour without thinking about you.’

‘That is disgusting.’ She agrees and he nods. His fingers have trailed down to her wet folds, gathering the wetness that had been waiting there for him.

She exhales into his neck, shuddering at the contact, finally. She whimpers when he tastes her from his fingers, widens her eyes at him when he moans in satisfaction. She’s properly needy now, stirring underneath him, looking in between them for his nearing cock impatiently. He kisses her then roughly, wet lips meeting, making her taste herself. Just like she did for him.

‘Spend good chunks of time thinking about marrying you, mother of my children, all that gross stuff.’ He says quietly guiding himself to her wet slit.

‘Really?’ She shakes slightly. ‘And you don’t get ill thinking about all that?’ She whimpers against his lips when the head of him stretches her.

‘No,’ he shakes his head, bringing her hand to lay beside her head so he can lock his with hers. ‘Just really happy.’ He pushes into her.

We Are Young: Chapter 1

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Coach is going to kill you.”

Aelin had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. She glanced over at Nehemia, but the dark skinned beauty was too busy backing into a parking spot of the school parking lot to pay her any attention.

Uncle Orlon,” The car came to a stop and Aelin sent Nehemia another pointed look - “Isn’t going to kill me for added a little extra sugar in my coffee.” A pause. “Uncle Weylan might though.”

“There are several things wrong with your statement,” Lysandra spoke up from the back of the car. She leant forward to look at herself in the rearview mirror, fixing her hair as she spoke. “One, you got a gingerbread latte and added three extra packets of sugar. I wouldn’t call that ‘a little’. And two,” Lysandra turned, sending Aelin a deadly smile. “Coach Weylan will definitely kill you when he finds out.”

If he finds out.” Aelin smirked, taking a big sip of her over sugared drink.

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It was supposed to be an innocent trip to the movies– a date night because the two had been horribly busy over the last two weeks.

Keith picked Lance up around seven and was surprised to see the latter looking incredibly pale and bundled up in a coat despite the early fall temperatures.

“You’re sick,” Keith said flatly as Lance eased himself into the passenger seat. His hands gripped tightly around the wheel, but he kept his eyes trained on the brunet.

“I’m okay,” Lance said, but seconds later, he had to turn away to cough harshly into the crook of his elbow.


“I said I’m fine,” Lance muttered out tiredly as a few, weaker coughs slipped past his lips. “Yeah I’m a little sick, but I haven’t seen you in two weeks, Keith. I want to spend time with you.”

Sighing, Keith leaned toward Lance and brushed a hand against the brunet’s too warm cheek. “We can spend the night in. We don’t have to go out.”

Lance shook his head. “We agreed on a proper date night. Let’s just go. I’ll be fine.”

Keith was reluctant, but he couldn’t counter Lance’s stubbornness. He put the car in drive and pulled out of the parking spot he was in.

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Going with Harry to tape the BBC Radio 1 interview with Grimmy (Fluffy af)

Or when you have to keep secret that you filmed a video question for Harry…

“Nervous?” you ask before taking a large bite of toast with butter and jam.

“It’s just a normal chat with Nick,” he wipes the crumbs from your lip before you can swat his hand away, adding, “I’m just nervous for it to air.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t be on the beach with Nicky when that happens,” you smirk from your perch on one of the tall stools by the breakfast bar.

Harry smacks your thigh lightly from his seat next to you, nearly spitting out his tea. “You know he hates when you call him that,” he tilts his head to the side as his body shakes silently with laughter.

“‘S’why I call ‘im that,” you say with a mouthful of jam.

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