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What’s this? I actually wrote a ficlet? Must be hiatus madness. Post Chapter 19: disposing of the body. Sangwoo is only somewhat of an asshole. 

Sangwoo had made this trip dozens of times. Until recently, he’d never imagined someone would accompany him. In the cold midmorning, the sunlight that peeked through the gray autumn clouds filled him with a strange euphoria. He’d always assumed he would go through life completely alone. Or rather, he would go through the parts of life that actually mattered to him completely alone. But now he had someone with him. 

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anonymous asked:

So, on your post about whitewashing, I just would like clarified-if there is a POC character that I like, since I'm white i should not cosplay them, right? Can you explain why? (If I'm being a dick please say so-sorry)

You’re not a dick, don’t worry. I like to use the handicap parking spot example…

In this case, POC are the handicap person. You have your very specific parking spot ( POC characters) that you use that make things easier for you. But you, an able bodied person ( NOS ) thinks it’s unfair that handicap people can park in my spot, but I can’t park in theirs. Forget them I want that spot and I deserve to have it. Why should I walk farther? THAT’S not fair. 

…Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?

going to a cello concert and ending up being a chauffer for people at the last minute..

spends 20 minutes trying to find parking because by the time I get back from picking people up last minute there’s no street parking…
finally finds a secret underground garage…
tries to find stairs out of garage….finds what I think are the stairs but no its a landing platform to go from the ground level UP.


me: puts purse on landing….puts shoes up on landing….. then just jumps climbs up.

Like I was going to waste MORE time trying to find the way out.

…….and when I walk back to the concert hall there’s a damn parking spot open right in front of the door. Because of course NOW IT IS.

Whooo is that? A baby Mexican spotted owl at Zion National Park in Utah! National parks aren’t just for people to enjoy – they also preserve important habitat for wildlife like the Mexican spotted owl, found in Zion’s slot canyons. It’s one of the largest owls in North America and is listed as a threatened species by both the U.S. and Mexican governments. Protecting parks helps ensure these owls have a home for years to come. Photo by Sarah Stio, National Park Service.



“Y/n, you need to go and rest,” Tom ordered, looking down at your slumped over form.  You had been struck down with a cold and hay fever at the same time, which resulted in you sneezing, coughing up phlegm, sniffling, rubbing your itchy eyes and nose all at the same time. The problem was that your agent had sent you a couple of movie scripts and offers to read over, and since you were extremely stubborn, you had rolled up your sleeves and insisted that you were ‘perfectly fine’, while snot dripped down from your nose.

“Go away, Tommy, I’m fine,” you said, waving away your boyfriend’s attempts to get you off your desk. “I’ve just got to read over this last script-”

“Y/n, you have been reading that same script for the past fifteen minutes,” Tom leaned over your shoulder, squinting at the papers that sat, spread out wildly, in front of you. “And that’s not even a script, that’s Tess’ dog papers.”

You peered down at the paper you had been hap-haphazardly skimming over for the past quarter of an hour, before smacking your head against the desk. “Oh my god… are you kidding me? I’ve been memorising your dog’s details for the last fifteen minutes? ‘Tess Holland is a grey, female, short-haired Staffordshire Bull Terrier’,” you recited miserably.

“I hope you’re not going to do all those stupid cliché things couple are meant to do when one of them are sick,” you said, your voice slightly muffled from your blocked nose. “Like tuck me into bed and cook me chicken noodle soup and watch me as I slowly fall asleep.“

“I’m not so sure about the last one, love,” Tom replied, wondering if you were starting to go a little delusional. Perhaps now was a good time to tuck you into bed, in case you started saying weird shit.

’I’m not so sure about the last one, love,’” you repeated, copying Tom’s British accent. “You’re so posh. Posh little boy. Like… like Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Are you a maze runner?”

“Okay, let’s get you to your bed,” Tom asserted, shaking your shoulders. “You’re obviously tired, and going slightly crazy.”

“Go to sleep, Jimmy,” you murmured, face lying flat against the surface of your desk. Tom frowned, confused for a moment, before shrugging it off as you being weird.

You’re the one who needs to sleep,” he said firmly.

You sneezed into your elbow, grumbling. “No.”

“If you go to sleep, I’ll let you babysit Paddy next week.”

You perked up. You loved Tom’s little brother, and his adorable, freckled face. “Seriously? Oh, hell yeah. I’ll go change into my Iron Man pyjamas right now.”

“Your what now?” Tom asked, raising an eyebrow.

“My… nothing,” you muttered,before outstretching your arms towards you boyfriend. “Carry me?”

“Ew, no way, you’re all gross and sweaty,” Tom laughed, watching as you rolled out of your chair.

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This has to be about the most atrocious thing I’ve ever made


Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) by Brendon White
Via Flickr:
This is one of three very curious pups we had investigating our car. I didn’t manage to capture it too well but there was a steady drizzle coming down at the time.