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Relationship status: Single pringle
Favorite color: Red, black
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick
Last song:  Kanaloa from Oxenfree OST
Last movie:  It’s still Rogue One… I’m too busy watching let’s plays and playing video games to watch any movies whoops
Top 3 shows:  Leverage, Psych, Scrubs
Top 3 ships: I don’t really ship anything… but I do support some canon relationships though, like Nate & Elena (Uncharted), Parker & Hardison (Leverage), Tony & Pepper (Iron Man), etc.

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Let me tell you this is very mean cause how am I supposed to pick only one??

favorite male character: Hardison & Eliot (don’t force me to choose between my babes)

favorite female character: Parker (and Sophie and Tara and Maggie)

least favorite character:except for all the mean people, it’s totally that filming guy from season 4 the office style episode

prettiest character: ALL OF THEM? Dunno Sophie and parker

funniest character: Hardison&parker&Eliot

favorite season:1-5 (season 5)

favorite episode: 1-77 (dunno probably the rundown job or how the fandom calls it “the ot3 job)

favorite romantic ship: Eliot&parker&Hardison

favorite family ship:Eliot & parker & Hardison & nate & Sophie. They are such a great family!

favorite friend ship: Sophie and Maggie are so funny as friends together

worst ship: I luckily haven’t heard of any ships that make me cringe yet. We all pretty much ship the same things but probably if anyone would ship someone from the crew with one of the bad guys!!

Thanks for asking I love talking about leverage!!

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Btw I'm Team Machine + Team Leverage could save the world anon ;) 2 of my most favoritest shows ever. I cried so hard in the Leverage finale omg. Now THAT was a fucking brilliant series finale.

Ahhhh hi, you exposed yourself haha! ^.^ but yesss I love your taste, Leverage and POI are two of my favorite shows ever also and the fact that they’re so similar definitely makes it better lol; I’m usually picky about shows getting compared to POI because lbr shows these days could never compare BUT Leverage is the exception. I welcome the comparisons between them tbh.

I’ve only seen the series finale once but !!! It was great from what I remember, very satisfying. I can’t wait to rewatch it. And we deserved a spinoff with Eliot, Parker & Hardison. God that would’ve been perfect I mean they got passed the torch, it’s only right.