Parker Posey


“In its final moments, Columbus subtly plays with perception by revisiting a series of stark facades and polished, gleaming interiors that we have glimpsed throughout the film in shots that resonated with a hushed reverence. At first glance, they were alien and formal, as are most new objects and areas. But in the evocatively reworked montage that closes the film, they have shifted in our minds without necessarily changing at all in their appearance. Instead, they now brim with recollections of the characters who have lived and wandered among them for one fleeting period in time, characters who passed through their halls and shadows but who now spiritually shadow and suffuse the structures themselves. They have made these manmade spaces their own and quietly answered the question that once seemed irresolvable: Do we define spaces or do spaces define us? In Columbus, spaces are defined by those who build them but also, inevitably, by those who inhabit them.” — Matthew Eng

Columbus is a thing of beauty and one of 2017′s most distinctive film debuts