Parker Jackson

I just read a fanfiction I wrote 2 years ago and didn’t finish and it was a lot better than I remember it being so after the two chapters I was like what the fuck me I need to know what happens


A very peculiar screening

Wish I was there sooooo much you don’t understand

Pros and Cons of this being a Side blog

Because this isn’t my primary personal junk blog, I can’t comment on/ like anything under the name imagines-hoarder. It always pops up as my primary account no matter if I want it to or not. 

 Pros: Y'all can’t see me creeping through your accounts as you reblog and like stuff 😅😬 

 Cons: You can’t see me liking an supporting your blogs and writing which is really sad cause I have so many blogs and bookmarks i read through on a daily basis. 


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Spider-man AU

(aka my baby)

  • Percy Jackson is a high school student who works for the school newspaper and lives with his mom and stepdad.
  • He’s on a field trip when he gets bitten by a radioactive spider.  Which he’s not sure is a blessing, because the cute girl from his Calc class is terrified of spiders.
  • He was right to be worried, because the first time she sees him as Spider-man she screams. It takes her awhile to get used to it.
  • (Avengers!7 works with this too!)
  • Iron man!Leo
  • Captain America!Jason
  • Black Widow!Piper
  • Scarlet Witch!Hazel
  • (Hulk!Frank? Bucky!Frank? Where does Frank fit? VISION!FRANK???)
  • (Annabeth, though more similar in appearance to Gwen, is definitely MJ.)
  • Leo shows up at his house one day to get his help to fight Jason and Percy goes for it because “It’s the Avengers”
  • (Leo calling him Underoos)
  • just peter parker!Percy Jackson is my favorite thing