Green Sky City Garden Parkroyal Hotel in Singapore

“Designed to be more than just your average Singapore hotel suites, this built space was conceived as office space mixed with hospitality for the ultimate green roofed garden and city garden experience.”

“With a beautiful idea that architecture should bend its parameters to the city and culture…”

Photo Credit to Patrick Bingham-Hall

Staycationgraphy - part 1

I finally got the chance to have a staycation at Parkroyal Hotel! All thanks to Ben and Jerry who had some special deal for it. Yes, it has the infinity pool with the bird cage like thingy where you see in so many instagram photos. Ben and Jerry invited the gang (total 5 of us) to enjoy their suite and the facilities.

We spent the afternoon by the pool then taking turns to enter the lounge for the snacks and drinks. After exploring the facilities, we went out for dinner in one of the Korean restaurants nearby. The 5 of us downed 3 bottles of soju and before we were reminded that we have more alcohol in the room.

Ben and Jerry had prepared all sorts of alcohol consisting of champagne, red wine, vodka, whisky and some mixers. Plus board games to keep us entertained. By 11pm, we have finished nearly 6 bottles of liquid. Everyone was rather tipsy at this point, I decided to soak in the bathtub and relax. Ben and Jerry said they will finish up the leftovers, and the other 2 headed to Taboo to join their friends.

I was probably enjoying myself in the bathtub till my skin got wrinkled. While I was drying myself, I heard some moanings from the room. Ben and Jerry must have gotten horny and started their act. I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped out to see their live performance. Ben was fucking Jerry doggy by the glass window and they are probably on it for some time already. 

They were obviously ignoring the fact that their friend (me!) is watching them having sex. Anyway, it is not the first time I have seen them fucking. When we shared rooms on some of our holidays, they will do it every night next to me. By the time I got dressed, Ben has already switched to spooning Jerry on the bed. I headed over to the sofa and laid down to watch these 2 hot guys’ live show.

I like watching these two lean fit guys fuck each other as they are always like energizer bunnies and could go on for hours. They are well versed in all sorts of positions, some which I have tried after watching them do it. And most importantly they are not shy to moan and express their shiokness.

Not long after I laid down, Ben came over to me and asked “Can you do us a favour?”