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[Dispatch] When Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk meets their friends…? 

Warning: Lots of pictures and I don’t approve of papparazi per se. -__-

When Park Shinhye meets her “guy friends”…

Hugs are a basic.

Doesn’t hide her personal car.


How about when Park Shinhye meets her “boyfriend”?

Firstly, she hides her car secretly in his parking lot.

Walking at a fast pace, GO!

Gets in the apartment elevator.

Leaving separately afterwards.

If the guy comes down to prepare the car first, she usually looks around cautiously before getting on.

How about if the date has ended?

Secretively. Secretive.

Carefully getting back to her own car.


How does Lee Jongsuk go meet his “girlfriend”?

Lee Jongsuk used to live in Oksu-dong, but moved to Hannam-dong in June.

However, Lee Jongsuk went to the new house with Park Shinhye in May. 
We’re talking about this house that he hasn’t even moved into yet.

Yes, to Lee Jongsuk, Park Shinhye is the first priority.

Most of the time, he waits for Park Shinhye in front of her apartment building.

He would pick her up to go out for a drive.

But!! The security is absolute!

He would use his Benz CLS350

and Porsche 911 intermittently (to avoid suspicion).

Her carefulness is also amazing.

“Is it Dalpo?”

They return from their drive.

It is past 1am.

This is their date three days ago.
On June 28th.

Lee Jongsuk and Park Shinhye said that they are friends.

Your friendship…

We hope it will last forever.

(T/N: Dispatch is so sassy.)