Park Seyong

Why I love 2Young on WGM

I swear these two are meant to be together. Jang WooYoung and Park Se Yong, hence 2Young. I love how awkward these two are together. I can’t help but laugh at all the mistakes that Woo Young has made so far. Not looking when she first came in. Not looking at her. Playing a song written for his ex girlfriend. Telling her about the flowers he gave his ex girlfriend in the second grade. Taking her ice-fishing. But they’re so darn cute. All their similarities like how blue is their favorite color, eyes are the most notable part to a person for them, they were both born on the 30th, both have been in beauty pageants and won. She’s his ideal type with the short hair. They both like indie music and are both artists. As awkward as they are together right now, they still understand each other and are starting to get along well. I can’t wait to see more of this awkward couple called 2Young. Hopefully this will keep me sane until We Got Married Global Season 2 airs in April.