Park Lane

Try to cut in traffic? Enjoy my music!

So, for a little bit of setup. I drive for Uber downtown on weekends. There’s one main street for downtown where all of the clubs, bars, music venues, etc. are. During normal daytime hours, this is a two lane street with parking on the right. After around 8PM, the leftside lane becomes a parking lane. Further down the street, there is a turn lane in the ‘normal’ lane, and the next street turns into a one lane. For that block, the leftmost lane is a driving lane, and the parking is on the right, immediately in front of the turn lane. Here’s a handy diagram of sorts.

So, as I’m coming down this street, I get to the intersection. A guy in a large blue lifted truck with spinners and all sorts of fun things on it drives down next to the line of cars in the turn lane. I think he’s turning.

Oh no.

This genius decides to use the turn lane to attempt to cut in traffic. He can’t pull through the parking area in front of him because there’s a food truck blocking him. I pull up, bumper to bumper with the car in front of me. He tries to turn in front of me, but can’t due to the inch of space between me and the other car. He turns to me with his window rolled down, like he’s trying to say something.

I roll my window down slightly, and cup my hand to my ear, and say “What?” He tries to yell louder. I reach down to my volume knob to turn my music down. OOPS! That’s not the right way. Music volume goes up. “Huh?” Again, I can barely hear him. Music must be too loud. Oh, clumsy me, I seem to have turned the volume up again instead of down.

Eventually, we repeat this back and forth until my music is at it’s max. At that point, I just glare at him and keep my car bumper to bumper with the one in front of him. Unfortunately, it didn’t matter, because the car behind me ended up letting him through. I still felt good.

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James Norton about period drama

Daily Mail

Dashing actor James Norton, now filming the new series of ITV period drama Grantchester, has hit back at BAFTA-winning director Ken Loach for claiming the genre indulges in ‘fake nostalgia’.

‘It’s not fake nostalgia, it’s just nostalgia. I don’t even know what fake nostalgia would be,’ Norton, 31, tells me.
‘One reason people love period drama — like Grantchester, which is set in the Fifties — is that a lot of them can remember that time. They can look at the toaster and the washing machine and have a fondness for them because it reminds them of their past, and allows them to engage with the story emotionally.’
Speaking at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane launch party to celebrate the hotel’s new facelift, Norton adds: ‘In this country we’re so lucky to have an incredible cultural heritage and it would be mad not to celebrate that.
‘We’ve a lot to be proud of and a lot to question, which is something period drama should do’.


You literally GLANCE at Jimin and your lane is fucked forever.


David Lane  Astrophotography

They are pictures that seem almost impossible to take - the Milky Way glowing over the haunting beauty of America’s National Parks.But one photographer has managed to capture the immense majesty of the star-studded David Lanenight sky, with all the detail of the Milky Way as it stretches above some of America’s most iconic landscapes.Astrophotographer Dave Lane, 58, has been capturing images of disk shaped galaxy - which cannot be distinguished properly with the naked eye - since early 2011 and has been obsessed with snapping the phenomenon ever since. Txt Via 

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We’ve all seen parody trailers involving nostalgic characters from our childhood. From Daria to Hey Arnold! But what if you mixed all of the 90s cartoons that were considered “bad eggs” and add a little magic? Magic School Bus, that is! Well, my team and I did just that in this Magic School Bus/90s cartoon cross-over. We worked really hard to bring on those *feels* and would love to spread it across the interwebs so that everyone can partake in said *feels*.

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre vs. Free! Eternal Summer

Can I just take a moment to appreciate

This is SOPAC. This is a real place. I have swum in this pool. I’ve raced in this pool.

They’ve got this place down to a T. My google maps screenshot doesn’t quite do it justice, but theyve drawn the entrance almost exactly right. The trophies and plaques are on your left as you walk in through the front doors. The layouts of the pool complex are spot on. The blocks, the scoreboards, the little yellow SOPAC symbol next to the diving tower, the colours of the lane ropes, the most minute details, heck, even the roof is almost exactly as it is in real life. I’m beyond impressed.