It’s Okay To Let Go
28 June 2017

Yesterday I talked to Charlotte about how warm the winter has been, with blue skies and golden sunshine. I told her how the leaves were still holding on, all russet and orange. She responded with a shuddering breath. She let go this morning at 5 o'clock and I picture her spirit releasing its grip and soaring free.

My whole head felt tight. I did a 4km walk in the sunshine with Mitzy to relax (I forgot to start my Garmin yet again), and a 14 minute meditation (which Mitzy interupted with a couple of nerve-shattering barks). It’s been an emotional couple of days. At work I was offered an extension of my position to cover a new cancer clinic just opening - basically doubling my hours - so that was a positive thing today.

Hearty steak, paprika baked veges and a guac topping were on the menu tonight. My Boy dropped over to see if My Girl & I were ok but he was terribly out of sorts himself - so many set-backs this year; it’s tough embarking on indpendent life - so we ended up bolstering (and feeding) him. Keeping a positive attitude is so important; being upbeat is self-perpetuating, as is being glum.

On the children’s climbing frames,

Young people playing adult games.

Clique groups,

Male youth saunters and stoops,

A flouncy flopping off in a strop.

James Dean ‘Cool’ -

As if they knew,

Giggling girls fliting to and fro,

Bee’s to the hive,

So very naive.

Sometimes a pure note of laughter,

For a silly thing,

Spreads and peels merriment as a church bell ring,

- Lisa Lopresti - extract from the poem ‘Young Adults(Almost)’