I was tagged by violethotchki to do this tag. Thank you <3

1. What was the last movie you saw?


2. What was the last song you listened to? 

Miss Fame - Solid Gold

3. What was the last show you watched? 

Face off

4. What was the last book you read? 

i dont remember. i dont have time to read because of school :(

5. What was the last thing you ate?

ice cream

6. If you could be anywhere right now where would you be? 

paris(guess why) or tokyo 

7. If you could pick a decade to travel back in time what would it be? 

1770s, i really like that Marie Antoinette fashion style

8. If you won the lotto and won millions in cash what would be the first thing you would do?

buy a big house and throw a huge party and book my favorite queens to perform <3 wouldnt that be awesome?

9. Which fictional character would you want to hang out with for a day?

The Doctor(preferably 10th)

10. What’s the last fandom you joined? 

The drag fandom

i tag matteltrixie violetchachkiswaist pearlfection elsainthecrowd fla-zeda rusical and whoever else wants to do it :)


Okay so Sakura, Iris, and Sumire showed up and now everyone is fighting. Sakura and Erica are arguing about whether Ogami is staying in Paris or returning to Tokyo. Coquelicot and Iris are fighting because Iris is angry that Coquelicot doesn’t use an honorific when referring to Ogami. Also the two of them arguing is basically the most brilliant image ever. And Sumire and Glycine are fighting about being rich because of course why else would they be fighting. Meanwhile, Hanabi is distressed and is attempting to throw herself into the Sumire/Glycine fight to try to stop it and is convinced she will lose her life in the process. And Lobelia is having a great time because she thinks the Iris/Coquelicot fight is hilarious. The two casts meet for the first time and this warzone is the result.


Eerily Realistic Photos Show What Our Cities Would Look Like If ‘Star Wars’ Invaded

In a galaxy not far, far away, an artist created a series of photos showing “Star Wars” battleships crash-landing on Earth. The results are startling realistic.Nicolas Amiard, an art director at an ad agency based in Paris, created the photos as part of his “Star Wars” series on Behance.