Paris est un nombre_001 : Il est un certain livre qui ne se laisse pas lire…

“On a dit judicieusement d’un certain livre allemand : Es lasst sich nicht lesen, — il ne se laisse pas lire. Il y a des secrets qui ne veulent pas être dits…”

“Paris est un nombre” est une ballade parisienne contemporaine et surréaliste à-travers les yeux de “l'homme des foules”, la nouvelle d’Edgar Poe .

How to travel cheap in Paris

Here are some tips on traveling cheap in Paris:

  • get plane tickets with credit card miles (winter flights from the US to Paris for the most is the cheapest while summer flights from the US to Paris are the most expensive)
  • use the subway and not taxis (get either a monthly pass or a book of subway tickets - the Paris taxi drivers are known to rip off people, we used a taxi found online to get to the Paris train station and the man tried to charge us 70 euros when it only cost us $25 euros to get to our apartment when we arrived, if you must use a taxi ask for the price before your step in the taxi cab)
  • get a sim card for your cell phone, turn off your US cell phone to save on roaming charges
  • eat at patisseries and have sandwiches and gyros/kebabs - the cheapest food around
  • get food from grocery stores and eat at the park rather than eat at sit down restaurants
  • instead of getting a hotel, consider a home swap or home exchange - make sure your insurance covers this, speak to the person over webcam/skype, get referrals from their previous swaps, try to get a place closer to the city center or metro stop, have a detailed contract
  • some museums offer discounts at certain days and times
  • avoid credit card / ATM charges – my my blog post on Money in Paris