Paris - Streets

Paris is a muse.

She is best experienced in the rain.

With her slick streets and her wild eyes framed by a well-kept exterior, she sweeps you off your feet.

And you know immediately that you have fallen for her.



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The Statue of Liberty under construction in Paris, 1883. The statue arrived in New York Harbor today in 1885. 

Source images (1, 2, 3) from The New York Public Library.


Christian Tagliavini

From his series Voyages Extraordinares

Swiss-Italian, born in 1971, educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he lives and works as a photographer.

This blog has presented Tagliavini’s work before. He returns with a new series, just in time for the prestigious Paris Photo Art Fair, the most important photography fair of the year. Voyages Extraordinaires is a homage to Jules Verne’s most well-known novels, “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, "Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “From the Earth to the Moon.” Small sets and tightly-shot frames give the images a claustrophobia appropriate to the subject matter. 

Tagliavini is represented by the highly respected Galerie Camera Work from Berlin, Germany. 

Paris: mid-afternoon looking out over the rooftops of Montmartre towards the Eiffel Tower from a room at TimHotel - Montmartre.

So many chimneys…

I return to New York City in 2 days. Paris has been an amazing journey. I have been doing the bulk of my updates (photos) to my Twitter. I am looking forward to going back home to make many substantial posts about my month in France.


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Photograph by Viviane Sassen—Courtesy of Stevenson Gallery

Launching this week at Paris Photo is Viviane Sassen’s latest monograph, Etan & Me, from oodee, November 2013:

In a remote village in the jungle of Suriname, [Viviane Sassen] took portraits of this young man called Etan and combined them with blurred and scattered self-portraits,  reflecting on the ancient myths of Narcissus and the Origin of Painting by Pliny the Elder.

ETAN & ME is a story of love and loss, of Eros and Thanatos. It’s a story about the exploration of the Self and the Other. Are we ever able to truly know someone, to truly know ourselves?

For more photography events beyond the web in November visit The Guide on LightBox.